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Can CBD Help Treat PTSD?

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a severe health disorder that some people develop after experiencing some scary or shocking event. It is a severe mental health or psychiatric disease. Anyone can develop this issue [1]. It is not a rare disorder affecting millions of adults worldwide. Thus, there is a need to find novel treatments for the condition. Hence, people often ask: can vape with CBD help treat PTSD?

Role of CBD in PTSD Management

PTSD is quite challenging to treat. Those who have developed this problem continue to experience symptoms like nightmares, terrifying flashbacks, anxiety, and many others. Doctors find it quite challenging to treat. No single treatment may work for all—some benefit from medications, and others from cognitive behaviour therapy and different lifestyle interventions.

Since CBD can influence the working of the brain, has a calming effect, can reduce agitation, and improve sleep quality, many researchers think that it may have a role in managing the condition.

Before we explore the role of CBD in PTSD, a word of caution, remember that CBD is not an approved medication to treat PTSD. Thus, this article does not propose using it to treat medical conditions like PTSD. Instead, we are exploring whether CBD can help manage the condition. you can also know about, how CBD affects the brain

At present, there is weak evidence that it may help. It might not cure PTSD, but it may help manage some of its symptoms, like anxiety and poor sleep quality. CBD would have greater benefits when used along with other treatment modalities. Best CBD vape juice also can use for more benefits

At present, there have been very few studies to make any conclusion. One of the systemic reviews that analyzed multiple studies concluded that evidence supporting CBD use for managing PTSD is weak [2]. On the other hand, another study examining multiple PTSD cases concluded that CBD may help when used along with other treatments [3].

In conclusion, it would be right to say that, at present, there is very little research into the topic. Hence, it isn't easy to make any conclusions. However, there is some evidence that it may help only when used along with other PTSD treatments.


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