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Can you take Amlodipine with CBD Oil?

Key Takeaways

  • Usually, one can use amlodipine and CBD oil together safely. However, always consult a doctor when taking medications with CBD.
  • CBD may add a bit to amlodipine’s blood pressure-lowering action; however, any such additive action would be minimal, but you must consult your Doctor prior to taking CBD.

Amlodipine is among the commonly prescribed drugs for lowering blood pressure. Since blood pressure is quite a common problem, it is quite likely that those who use CBD might be taking one or another medication to control their blood pressure.

On the internet, there is much information regarding the use of CBD along with other medications. However, some information is not reliable, while other information is for medical cannabis or marijuana. However, CBD does not share many traits with medical cannabis. It is quite a different thing.

I would generally not be worried about my patients using CBD when taking amlodipine. There are not many scientific reasons to worry about. Both seem to be safe to combine. Of course, never abuse CBD when taking medications, follow FSA dosage guidelines and do not use more than 10 mg of CBD a day when taking other medications. Responsible CBD use with amlodipine may lower anxiety and even help better control blood pressure.

Using Amlodipine with CBD

Understanding that CBD is not medical cannabis is highly important. Medical cannabis is known to lower blood pressure a bit. Hence, the recommendation is that one should use amlodipine and cannabis with caution.(1)

However, using amlodipine and CBD oil is a very different thing. CBD has a very mild blood pressure-lowering action and does not change amlodipine metabolism. Thus, if one uses CBD as recommended, there won’t be much need to change amlodipine dosage. Further, using them does not cause any harmful or dangerous interaction.

Of course, it is worth understanding that these recommendations are when CBD is used responsibly and as recommended by FSA, thus keeping daily use below 10 mg of CBD a day. In such cases, drug interactions with CBD are least likely to occur, and even if they occur, they will have minimal impact.

Of course, drugs might interact with medications in multiple ways. Thus, for example, CBD may contribute to the blood pressure-lowering action of amlodipine by reducing stress and enhancing sleep quality. In most instances, these are not reasons for worry.

However, be aware that there is something called individual sensitivities. Some individuals might be more sensitive to CBD effects. Hence, it is always good to use CBD after consulting a doctor when taking amlodipine, or at least share information regarding CBD use with a doctor.

Heart Health Matters

Yet, another thing important to understand is that doctors are more likely to use amlodipine in those who already have a heart attack or some heart problem. This drug is rarely used as a first-line high-blood pressure treatment. Further, doctors are quite likely to combine amlodipine with other medications for blood pressure and heart health.

Simply said, if a person is taking amlodipine, it is quite likely that such a person is using multiple medications and living with a weak heart. In such people, precaution is always needed.

This is not to say that CBD is bad for such people. Responsible CBD use may even be beneficial as it reduces stress and anxiety and improves quality of life. However, sharing all the relevant information with the doctor is good, as this will help avoid unexpected effects.

The Bottom Line

CBD is good for lowering blood pressure in heart patients. It may interact with some heart and blood pressure medicines, but any such interaction is minimal. Still, one needs to understand CBD safety for heart patients.

Yet, another frequent question is, can vaping CBD lower blood pressure? Well, it may reduce blood pressure a bit, but any such effect would not last long. However, again, individual sensitivities must be kept in mind.

To sum up, amlodipine or heart medications might have a very small interaction with CBD. Medical cannabis and recreational marijuana have more potent interactions, but those are different from CBD significantly. Hence, blood pressure patients can use CBD oil, or they can use CBD vape pen safely.

But, keep in mind that it is always better to take precautions and thus share all lifestyle information with the treating doctor, including CBD use.


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Dr Preet Pal Singh Bhinder

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