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CBD Oil vs Xanax

Key Takeaways

  • Xanax is the most popular anti-anxiety prescription medication. Although useful in many instances, it may also cause many side effects.
  • CBD oil is not medication, but it is known to help with stress and anxiety, and it has an excellent safety profile.
  • CBD may interact with anti-anxiety medications, so only use it after consulting a doctor when on medical treatment.

People are often looking for safer alternatives to pharmacological drugs, especially for chronic ailments. Many drugs taken for long might cause many side effects. Anxiety is on the rise, and thus, there is a need to find a safer way of coping with anxiety. There are many studies showing that CBD may be a good and safe way of controlling anxiety.

My medical experience shows that anxiety is best controlled by combining medications with other lifestyle changes. Thus, I would recommend considering other options like practising mindfulness, yoga, taking herbs or CBD oil, along with the prescribed treatment. Of course, I recommend patients talk to their doctor before taking any measures.

Understanding Anxiety

What is anxiety? Anxiety is both an emotion and a disorder. It is normal for people to worry and have fears. Excessive worry is often described as anxiety. Since CBD can help calm nerves, it may help overcome this excessive worry.

However, suppose one worries too frequently, and the concern is so severe that it starts interfering with life, causing physical signs like gut issues and affecting relationships. In that case, it is an anxiety disorder. Anxiety often occurs in response to perceived threats rather than real threats.

So, mild anxiety is not a disease, it is just a type of emotion. Hence, CBD may be quite a good choice for managing such issues. After all, mild emotional distress is best managed using lifestyle interventions.

However, if anxiety becomes severe, it becomes important to talk about anxiety with a healthcare provider. Doctors may often prescribe medications and provide psychotherapy to manage the condition. Xanax is one such drug commonly used to manage anxiety.

CBD Oil Vs. Xanax

Since both CBD and Xanax might help with anxiety, people often ask if CBD oil like Xanax or is CBD oil similar to Xanax.

Well, Xanax and CBD are quite different things. Xanax contains alprazolam, a kind of benzodiazepine with strong anti-anxiety action with mild sedative effect. It may help with generalized anxiety disorder, panic attacks, and more.

CBD, on the other hand, is not a medication. It is a novel food, a kind of food item that may be seen as a dietary supplement with many health effects. It may help stabilise mood. It is not for treating medical conditions. However, it may help prevent anxiety, help people relax, sleep better, and thus may even have a role in managing and preventing anxiety-related issues.(1)

Since Xanax is a clinically approved medication, it works. However, it is a highly toxic solution to the problem of anxiety. Some people may develop severe side effects like serious mood disorders, hallucinations, and other mental health issues while using Xanax.(2)

So, surely, Xanax is not the best way to treat or manage anxiety. Moreover, anxiety tends to be chronic. Hence, it is better to look for safer options to reduce anxiety.

These days, some newer kinds of problems are also emerging, like social media and anxiety. However, in such instances, Xanax is not a solution to the problem due to greater health risks. Thus, using CBD for such common anxiety issues makes sense.

CBD and Anxiety – How to Use?

So, how to use CBD oil for anxiety? When starting to use CBD, it is always good to start slow. Thus,  start with a low dosage. Generally, it is good to have a few drops of CBD oil daily, or about 10 mg of CBD. Of course, one may also use higher dosages, but only for a short term, like a few weeks. FSA does not recommend using CBD at dosages greater than 10 mg per day for long.

Further, it is vital to understand that anxiety is a chronic issue. CBD might sometimes take time to start helping. Thus, consistency is more important than the total daily use when considering CBD for anxiety.

If one plans to use CBD for anxiety, it is also vital to understand that some medications interact with CBD. This means that one should always consult a doctor when starting CBD, especially when using medications. CBD may interact with sedatives, anti-depressants, and even anti-anxiety drugs like Xanax.

The Bottom Line

Anxiety is a chronic issue. Exploring natural ways of managing the condition before opting for medications is always good. If anxiety is not managed, it may progress and become a health disorder. So, for those experiencing frequent anxiety bouts, it may be good to consider using CBD oil. Those who smoke or vape might also consider CBD vape pens for anxiety control.

My experience shows that, generally, food supplements and herbals are safe for use along with Xanax, so CBD must not cause any issues and may help control anxiety. However, it is not a treatment, so never abuse CBD or use it without medical advice.


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