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Does Vaping Affect Testosterone?

Globally, male sperm count and male potency are declining. Therefore, this topic is highly relevant. It is vital to understand “Does vaping affect testosterone?”. Here, we are particularly interested in understanding how CBD hemp vape may influence testosterone levels.

However, a few things about testosterone production and its role in the body are vital to understanding the topic fully. For those who vape CBD, it may be good to know that vaping CBD would not affect testosterone levels adversely, though abusing CBD may have unpredictable effects.

Understanding Testosterone

Testosterone is quite an important hormone with various functions. Many people do not realize that testosterone is even present in females in minute amounts.

Testosterone plays a vital role in the development of males. It is vital for sperm production. It also plays an important role in libido or sexual desire. It also influences energy levels, increases muscle mass, improves mood, and much more.

Testosterone production is controlled by various brain centres that send signals to the “pituitary gland” via the hypothalamus. The pituitary gland secretes FSH (Follicle-stimulating hormone) and LSH (Luteinizing hormone) to boost testicular sperm production and regulate testosterone production. This means that the brain has a lot of say in regulating testosterone production, which is vital to understand.

CBD Vaping & Testosterone

First, let us start with good news. CBD does not have any direct negative influence on testosterone production. It does not influence brain centres that regulate testosterone production and does not affect the working of the pituitary gland significantly.

Further, there is no evidence that CBD significantly affects the working of testicles. Thus, CBD vaping does not influence testosterone production by testicles nor affects sperm production when used at regular dosages.

In fact, there are small clinical studies that confirm the fact that CBD, when used moderately, helps relax and improve sleep and does not have any negative influence on testosterone levels. In older adults, it may help normalize testosterone levels by reducing stress levels and enhancing sleep quality even on long-term use [1].

However, remember that substances, including CBD, have very different properties at higher dosages. It may become a toxic substance at extremely high dosages (like a few thousand of puffs a day). At such toxic dosages, it can negatively influence the working of the brain and is toxic to every organ [2].

CBD can adversely affect testosterone production only at toxic dosages, which is several times higher than recommended dosages. It may influence testosterone production at toxic dosages due to its negative effect on the brain and organ toxicity.

So, should you be worried?  or it is right to ask, “Can vaping make you sleepy?” Not really. Until or unless you have decided to start abusing CBD regularly. CBD vape liquids or vape pens have only small amounts of CBD, which is enough to experience CBD Vape benefits. Therefore, only significantly abusing CBD vapes can cause testosterone-related issues.

So, to stay healthy and enjoy all the good things about CBD vaping, always follow the recommendations and vape responsibly and in moderation. Also you can follow guide for vaping with temperature control.

The Bottom Line

CBD vaping is quite safe and would not considerably influence testosterone levels when used in the recommended amounts. However, at extremely high dosages, it may cause organ toxicity,  which is altogether a different thing, and it is bad not only for testosterone production but also for overall health.


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Dr Preet Pal Singh Bhinder

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