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How to Add CBD to Your Workout Regimen

CBD has been shown to offer many potential pre and post workout benefits. For this reason, athletes, exercise enthusiasts, and health-conscious individuals around the globe are starting to include CBD in their workout regimens. There are many different ways that you can incorporate CBD into your exercise routine to help you physically and mentally.

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Use Topical CBD for Faster Muscle Recovery and Help with Aches and Pains

Many of those that are embracing CBD in their workout and exercise regimens are doing so through the use of topical products both before and after workouts. CBD transdermal and topical products, many of which also include ingredients such as menthol, can provide a cooling sensation and provide potential muscle relief for those post-workout aches and pains. Additionally, many are choosing to incorporate daily doses of things such as CBD oils or CBD tinctures to help promote faster muscle recovery by nourishing the endocannabinoid system from the inside out. Thus many wants to know, What is the best time to use a CBD vape?

Infuse Your Workout Hydration with CBD

Staying hydrated while you are exercising is key to the success of your workout routine and will ultimately make it more effective. Consuming CBD beverages such as CBD water or CBD juices can be a great way to hydrate yourself before, during, and after your workout sessions. You can turn any beverage that you desire into a CBD beverage by infusing it with CBD isolate or CBD oil, depending on your preference and the specific beverage. There is also a plethora of different CBD-infused beverages on the market available for purchase.

Take CBD to Aid Sleep

Obtaining the healthiest body requires getting a good night's rest. If you are not sleeping well and exercising, the results of your workout will be less productive in comparison to the effects they would have if you were also well-rested. Luckily, CBD extraction methods in higher concentrations has shown to be very beneficial in helping people obtain a good night's rest in many different ways, even if you find the taste of CBD unacceptable then you can try healthy CBD pens. While sleeping isn't a part of a workout routine, it does play a direct role in its effectiveness.

Other Ways CBD May Support an Effective Workout Regimen

For those that are shy or may have anxiety about going to a gym, CBD may help to take the edge off and relieve some of the anxiety allowing you to get past those barriers and embrace a workout routine for all it has to offer. For those that suffer from chronic pain that wishes to exercise due to its exceptional benefits, CBD may help to achieve your goals, allowing you to exercise more frequently and for longer periods of time.

As you can see, there are many benefits to adding CBD to your workout regimen and many ways in which it can not only help increase the effectiveness of your workout but can also help you to develop a healthier relationship with exercise in general.

Chief Editor Casey A

This article is authored by Dr Casey Abrahamsmen. Dr Abrahamsmen is a board certified physician with over 13 years of experience in internal medicine and pain management. He practises Palliative care at a hospital in Venezuela and is a strong advocative for CBD and believes CBD has a major role to play towards healthy non addictive pain management habits. You can read more about Dr Abrahamsmen here.

This article was peer-reviewed by Dr M Mansoor Siddique (PhD). Dr Siddique has over eight years of experience working with CBD and CBD products.

Disclaimer: All of our products are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. It is recommended to check with doctor before starting a new dietary supplement program. All CBD products sold have less than 0.2% THC content and abide by both EU an UK law.



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