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Vape Pen Glass Replacement

Vaping is now a popular activity. It is healthier than traditional smoking. Vape pens are quite economical and made to last. Nonetheless, accidents happen, and part of the vape pen may become damaged or cracked. In such cases, one may need a vape pen glass replacement. 

It is vital to understand that before seeking vape pen glass replacement, it is essential to ensure that the glass is replaceable. In some vape pens, glass might not be replaceable. However, it would be replaceable in most high-quality refillable vapes, as it is one thing prone to cracks or damage.

In most cases, vape pen glass is made of Pyrex glass held within a stainless-steel frame. This glass is quite robust and does not interact with vaping liquids. Additionally, there would be some other sealing elements. So, vape pen glass replacements require some understanding and skills.

Replacing the cracked vape glass at the earliest is always a good idea as it poses some risk. If not replaced, it may cause leakage and even some other issues. So, do not wait for things to get worse. Either replace the vape pen glass yourself or seek professional help.

Things to Know Before Getting Started

Perhaps the most important thing to understand is that there is nothing like universal vape pen glass that may fit just any vape pen. It means you would need to buy vape pen glass that is right for you. It is always a good idea to buy genuine parts.

Once you have bought the right kind of vape glass, having some tools is vital. Remember that vape pen parts are quite small. Thus, it is good to have tweezers or pliers, paper towels, steady hands, and some skills.

Fortunately, vape pen glass replacement does not require much skill and is relatively easy to do. If you are unsure what needs to be done, it is good to look at some YouTube videos. YouTube videos are an excellent learning source. It is better to search for videos that specifically show glass replacements for the model you own instead of watching generic ones. There are some minor differences in various devices.

Replacing Vape Pen Glass

Once everything is ready, you can get started. First, you need to disassemble the vape pen. Always make sure that the pen is turned off. Next, remove the battery and coil, and any other component attached to the glass.

Next, remove the old and cracked glass using tweezers. Do it carefully.

The next step is to install the new glass carefully. Ensure that it fits perfectly and everything is aligned. After this, just reassemble the vape pen.

Once you have replaced the pen, it is time to test the device. Fill the tank with e-liquid. After that, let the vape pen sit for a few minutes. Finally, turn on the vape pen and have a few puffs. Congrats, you have done it. If there are still any issues, you better seek professional help, as they can help revive your favourite device.

Dr Preet Pal Singh Bhinder

This article was authored by: Dr. Preet Pal Singh Bhinder.

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