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Vape Pen Side Effects

Of course, vape pens are very safe, and they rarely cause any side effects. However, they are not completely safe and sometimes may cause certain health issues. It is vital to know all about CBD vape pens side effects to stay safe and enjoy vaping responsibly.

Before we discuss more about vape pen side effects, keep in mind that vaping is much safer than smoking. It is not known to cause severe health issues. There are sporadic reports of more severe health issues due to vaping. However, such reports are declining as vape pens become increasingly safer.

Vape Pens and Lung Health

We would like to repeat that although vaping may cause mild lung inflammation, high-quality vapes are not likely to cause any severe lung damage.

It is true that there were some outbreaks of lung disorders in the US. However, now studies have shown that these issues were due to some additives. After discovering what additives cause lung issues, manufacturers have stopped adding those chemicals to vape pens.[1]

Since then, researchers have identified a few chemicals that should not be there in vape pens. These include vitamin E-acetate and flavouring agent diacetyl. High-quality vapes should also be free from pesticides and heavy metals.

These days, all legally produced vapes are free from chemicals harmful to lung health. However, one should only buy high-quality vapes to ensure that they are free of impurities, and try to use zero nicotine-free vapes.

Other Side Effects of Vape Pen

There are many minor side effects of vaping. Fortunately, most of these side effects are not life-threatening. Moreover, they do not cause any permanent harm to health. Here, it is only vital to know that such issues may occur.[2]

Vaping is known to cause dry mouth or xerostomia. This may have a negative impact on oral and dental health. That is why people should keep themselves hydrated when vaping.

Some people may experience issues like throat irritation and cough. These issues are more likely to occur due to allergies or intolerances. In such instances, one would need to reduce vaping or give up vaping. Many people may benefit from just changing the flavour or vape pen brand. This is because every vape pen contains a unique combination of organic compounds. If you are intolerant to one vape pen, it does not mean that you are intolerant to all vape pens.

Those who vape CBD may also experience minor issues like fatigue and irritability. These issues indicate that you are sensitive to CBD or other ingredients. In such cases, reduce vaping.

Less common issues are dizziness, headaches, and tachycardia. CBD vapes are not likely to cause tachycardia or an increase in heartbeats. Such issues are more likely to be seen with nicotine vapes. However, on overdosing, CBD vape pens might cause dizziness.

Vaping is safe for the heart. However, remember that some people are sensitive to nicotine. CBD vapes lower blood pressure and do not harm the heart. However, nicotine is not good for vascular health. Thus, if you have heart health issues, be careful with nicotine vape pens.

Although vaping is not additive, but one may get used to vaping – and develop a habit. Thus, it is essential to enjoy vaping responsibly and not overdo it.

The Bottom Line

People often want to know what is the side effects of vaping. We would say that if you do not vape, then you better not start vaping. However, if you smoke, you better switch to vaping, as it is a safer option. High-quality vapes are very safe and rarely cause any severe side effects. Of course, vapes might cause some side effects, but most of them can be prevented.


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