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What Does Vaping Do to Your Brain?

Vaping is unlike smoking. It involves inhaling vapour, not smoke. There are also different kinds of vapes. Some vapes are bad for the brain, and others might be even good. So, what does vaping do to your brain?

Well, there is no straightforward reply to this question. Everything would depend on the kind of vape. There are vapes that might be harmful. Then, some vapes might even be beneficial to brain health.

Does Vaping Affect Your Brain?

Legal vapes do not cause a high, but this does not mean they do not affect your brain. Most vapes affect your brain in one way or another. Some vapes may stimulate your brain, while others cause brain fog.

Vapes that would be harmful to health are those containing nicotine. Nicotine has almost no benefits for brain health. Of course, it does appear to stimulate the brain, but this stimulation comes at a cost. In the long run, nicotine changes brain impulses. It can harm control, attention, and learning.[1]

But, then, there are safer vapes that are not likely to cause any brain issues. It only shows the importance of choosing the right kind of vapes and healthy vapes.

Studies suggest that almost all kinds of vapes might cause headaches. Why vapes cause headaches in some individuals is unclear. Generally, headaches caused by vapes are not severe. This is evident from the fact that people do not seek medical attention for the condition. Instead, people seek information about the issue online.[2]

When it comes to CBD, it also influences the workings of the brain. Of course, it does not cause a high or euphoria, unlike marijuana. Even if vapes contain THC, a compound known to cause euphoria, they contain it in small amounts. This amount is insufficient to cause a high.

When it comes to CBD’s action on the brain, it is generally good for brain health. Of course, even CBD vape pens may cause some adverse effects. CBD vaping is known to cause mild headaches and dizziness. These issues are more likely to occur due to poor quality vapes than due to vaping.

When it comes to CBD vaping, it is known to help overcome stress and anxiety. In fact, people use CBD vapes mainly to overcome stress. Studies show that CBD vaping is quite good in most instances and may even help manage more severe brain issues. Of course, there is still a need for more extensive studies.[3]

What is good about CBD is that it may even help manage severe migraine headaches. It may help prevent such headaches and may also abort them. Thus, those who frequently experience various kinds of headaches may consider CBD vaping.[4] But keep in mind, if you do not vape, do not start vaping, as vaping is still harmful to health.

Does Vaping Affect Your Brain?

So, yes, vaping does affect your brain. However, every kind of vape would act differently. Nicotine vapes might make you feel great but ultimately damage your brain cells. Nicotine-free might cause some dizziness or mild headaches.

CBD vapes affect your brain in multiple ways. They influence various brain receptors, including endocannabinoid receptors. CBD is good for the brain in multiple ways. It may help overcome migraine headaches and reduce stress and anxiety. It may also help improve mood.

CBD is even known to help overcome seizures and relax muscles. There is even CBD-based medication approved for treating rare kinds of epilepsy. Medication Epidiolex has been approved by different nations.[5]

Of course, CBD vapes are not for diagnosing or treating medication conditions. Nevertheless, these vapes contain CBD. Approval of CBD-based medications means that there is some sound evidence that CBD may help with brain disorders.

The Bottom Line

As a rule, vaping is quite safe and would not cause significant harm to brain health. However, different vapes have different effects on the brain. Though nicotine may be a stimulant, it is known to harm the brain. CBD-based vapes, if used wisely, may help overcome migraine headaches, improve mood, and help relax. CBD even helps lower the risk of seizures. Paradoxically, if you abuse CBD, it may also cause headaches. Therefore, it is vital to enjoy vaping responsibly. Also, buy high-quality products, as they have higher purity levels.


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