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What Is the Safest Vape?

There are hundreds of types of vapes. Therefore, the sheer choice may overwhelm those who vape or those looking to quit smoking. Every CBD pens claims to be better than others. So, what is the safest vape?

To begin with, it is vital to understand that if you do not vape, then you better not start vaping. Remember that vaping is very safe, but it is not entirely healthy. Vaping still causes some inflammation of the respiratory tract. Even the safest vape would cause some lung inflammation.

Those who smoke would generally benefit from switching to vaping. This is because vapes produce vapour and not smoke. There is no combustion happening in the vape pens. Thus, vaping is very different from smoking, and it is a much healthier activity. Hence, the NHS also recommends vaping as a way of quitting smoking.[1]

Of course, it is worth understanding that NHS recommends switching to vaping as it is relatively safer but not entirely safe. Therefore, one must not confuse things. NHS does not say that people should vape.

However, if you want to vape or quit smoking, it is good to look for something safer and even something healthier. Though vapes might have side effects, they might also have some benefits.

What Is the Healthiest Vape?

Being safe and being healthier are two different things. In this article, we will look at both things.

First, of course, if you are nicotine addicted. Most likely, you will go forward with vapes that contain nicotine. Such vapes are several times safer than tobacco smoking since vapes do not produce tar, carbon monoxide, or other toxins. Of course, nicotine still harms health, but not as much as tobacco smoking.[2]

But what if you are looking for a healthier option? In such cases, choosing CBD vapes would be even better.

Of course, CBD vapes also have some adverse health effects. However, CBD vaping is much safer than nicotine vaping. Nicotine is harmful to health, even in small amounts. Nicotine has hundreds of side effects.

CBD, on the other hand, is now accepted as a novel food. It means that CBD is safe for regular intake. Extensive studies have shown that CBD is not just safe. It is a healthier option. CBD has many health benefits.

Undeniably, CBD vaping is not for treating health ailments. However, it is vital to understand that CBD can still help manage health conditions. It is known to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, pain, and suffering. There are now even drugs that contain CBD, and these drugs help manage seizures. CBD is good for brain health.[3,4]

We are not suggesting that one use CBD vape to manage health conditions. However, it is still safe to say that CBD vaping has many health benefits. Of course, it may pose some health risks, but the benefits outweigh them.

There are some worries that CBD vaping may damage the lungs. However, new studies show that such issues are more likely to occur due to impurities or contaminants and not due to CBD. This means that CBD is not likely to cause severe lung issues.

It would be correct to say that vaping is much safer than smoking. Nicotine vaping is a safer option than smoking. However, CBD vaping is not just a safe option. It is even a healthier option. People can use CBD vaping to overcome stress, socialize, reduce anxiety, and enhance sleep quality.

The Bottom Line

To sum up, there are safer vapes, and there is also a bit healthier vapes. When choosing vapes, it would be right to say that CBD vape is the safest of all the choices.

Of course, nicotine vapes are quite popular, as nicotine is a potent stimulant. Thus, those used to smoking find vaping nicotine as a better option. This is because nicotine is an addictive substance.

However, CBD is altogether a different thing. It may help overcome addiction. It has a calming effect on nerves. Moreover, studies show that prolonged CBD use does not cause addiction.[4]

Hence, it would be correct to say that CBD is the safest vape.


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