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Harmony CBD Cartridge


Harmony offers some of the best CBD products in the UK. All of Harmony CBD products are made using CBD derived from EU certified hemp cultivars containing 0.02% THC or less. All of the natural organically grown hemp used by Harmony is put through rigorous testing to make sure it meets the highest standards. The Harmony CBD pen cartridge is the perfect companion for your auto draw Harmony CBD Pens.

Each Harmony CBD Cartridge contains 100mg of CBD in a 1ml disposable one-time use cartridge. Each cartridge contains approximately 400 puffs meaning a fully charged battery will outlast a one ml cartridge. Four hundred puffs mean you can gauge how much CBD you are consuming as well as how long a cartridge will last. This helps you save time and budget accordingly. Buying a CBD vape cartridge or CBD Vape Kit online from Harmony is easy to do. The hardest part about the entire process is choosing between OG Kush or Moroccan Mint.

Harmony CBD cartridges are available in a fabulous Moroccan Mint and a legendary OG Kush. The Harmony OG Kush 100 mg CBD cartridge is a one ml disposable cartridge packed full of CBD and terpenes. Prefilled and ready to go, this delicious OG Kush cartridge will be ready for you at your next break, social outing, or whenever you're ready for it.

There is also the option of a Harmony Moroccan Mint 100 mg CBD cartridge. Just like the OG Kush cartridge, the Harmony Moroccan Mint CBD disposable vape cartridge is packed full of CBD and terpenes UK. It also comes in a 1ml disposable cartridge containing approximately 400 puffs. No matter which one of these cartridges you choose, you get the same amount of CBD. The only thing to decide on is the flavour that appeals to you most. If you can't decide, try them both.

All Harmony CBD cartridges are third-party lab tested, and they are certified. If you're looking to make better lifestyle choices, a great one would be getting rid of smelly tobacco products. Many people are choosing Vape products over traditional forms of smoking tobacco for some obvious reasons. Obvious reasons such as no more smelly clothes, no more dirty ashes all over everything, and no more having to rummage around your pockets looking for a lighter or match or bumming a light from a stranger.

If you have been considering making the switch from traditional forms of smoking tobacco products to vaping THC and tobacco-free CBD e-liquid or vape juices, then OG Kush or Moroccan Mint CBD Vape Pen cartridges are the perfect choice for you.

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Ben Field
Excellent product

As a blind person this is the ideal pen for me . Easy to assemble as you simply screw the USB charger onto the pen to charge then unscrew when charged . Then do same with the cartridge . The mint flavour is very nice . Can't wait to try the OG kush . All in all very satisfied and it does the job . Would recommend.

Disclaimer: All of our products are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. It is recommended to check with doctor before starting a new dietary supplement program. All CBD products sold have less than 0.2% THC content and abide by both EU an UK law.



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