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Harmony CBD Vape Pen is the perfect CBD vape pen for anyone looking for an easy way to start vaping CBD. The Harmony brand CBD vape pen is a plug and play pen. This durable, extremely affordable CBD vape pen is designed with durability and longevity in mind meaning it will work for you time and time again. The Harmony CBD vape pen is designed to work with all Harmony pen cartridges. The sleek battery has a modern auto draw system, which means no confusing buttons to push. With some vape pens, you have to push buttons three times to start five times to change temperatures three times to turn off, and it can be confusing. Not with Harmony. This battery stays charged and ready to go for you when you are ready for it. On average, you can expect around 500 puffs from one charge.

This means your Harmony CBD vape pen will be ready for you, when you're ready for it. Kicking the habit of smoking cigarettes or vaping nicotine can be extremely difficult. There are many different ways people go about trying to make healthier lifestyle choices and get away from these products. A popular option for those looking to make better lifestyle decisions is making the switch from nicotine to CBD Vape. Making the switch doesn't have to be confusing or intimidating. There is an abundance of information available online about CBD and what to expect from brands that offer CBD products. Harmony is in the business of making customers for life. Harmony does this by offering products that have been rigorously tested to meet quality, performance, and compliance. Only then does Harmony products make it to stores.

You will find a wide variety of flavoured cartridges available for Harmony CBD vape pens. All of the delectable flavours at Harmony are made using natural quality ingredients. You can rest assured that all Harmony CBD products are nicotine and THC free. Vaping is a trend that has become a lifestyle. Decades ago, traditional cigarettes were the in-trend but not anymore. These days people have opted for an option that is less smelly and has less of a chance of burning you or catching you on fire. Having a CBD vape pen eliminates the need to carry lighters or make frequent stops to the corner store or local street market to purchase tobacco products and accessories. No more smelly ashtrays, no more holes in your clothing, and no more smelly tobacco odour sticking to your skin. These can all be things of the past when you make the choice to switch from smoking traditional tobacco products to vaping CBD.

There's no need to be intimidated by confusing products that are difficult to use at first. Some vape devices can be rather confusing and a little intimidating even. Don't let being new to CBD push your buttons. Get a Harmony CBD vape pen with no buttons to push that's ready to go when you are. To make it even easier for you Harmony offers a choice between two cartridges with their Harmony CBD Vape pen. You can choose an OG Kush CBD cartridge or a Moroccan Mint CBD cartridge. Both cartridges contain 100 mg of CBD. They are pre-filled using top quality terpenes mixed with hemp-derived CBD e-liquid. The hardest decision you'll have to make when buying a Harmony CBD vape pen will be which flavour to choose.

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CBD isolate wholesale options are abundant today. CBD is generating billions of dollars in the global market. Wholesale supply of CBD isolate is essential for manufacturers of various products that contain CBD. There are many reasons why individuals CBD isolate wholesale options are needed. First let's look at what CBD is as well as what CBD isolate is and then we will look further at the various aspects surrounding CBD isolate wholesale.

What is CBD?

Cannabis oil or CBD for short is a compound found in various hemp and cannabis cultivars. This compound is what is known as a phytocannabinoid. It is but only one of more than a 100 phytocannabinoids that have been isolated from this plant species. CBD can be found in a variety of different products. Infusing these products with CBD is where CBD isolate comes into play for many. While CBD isolate can be consumed by itself it is one of the primary ways in which this phytocannabinoid is infused into various products.

What is CBD Isolate?

While many products are made utilizing CBD oil which is typically a CBD isolate infused into a carrier oil such as olive oil, MCT or medium chain triglyceride oil, grape seed oil, or hemp oil, many products instead incorporate CBD isolate and for various good reasons. CBD isolate is exactly what it sounds like. It is CBD isolated in its purest form. Unlike common CBD oils or broad spectrum or full spectrum CBD, CBD isolate does not contain any other compounds, phytonutrients, cannabinoids, omegas or amino acids. Too many people, CBD isolate is considered to be the gold standard of CBD as it is the most natural form of CBD available. This is why CBD isolate wholesale options are essential.

Benefits to CBD Isolate Wholesale Purchases

By buying CBD isolate in wholesale quantities manufacturers typically can get a much better price point in comparison to buying CBD isolate in a small quantity. This allows those that are mass producing CBD products to provide to consumers in large numbers around the world to do so at a much more cost-effective price point.

CBD isolate when purchased in wholesale lots can also provide the consistency of quality and potency within products as the products are not being made from CBD that was sourced from various different crops, sources, or even batches. This can in return also keep costs down on shipping and lab testing.

Most consumers will not purchase CBD isolate wholesale. This option is the way to go for those manufacturing CBD infused products in large quantities. As CBD is showing no signs of slowing down in markets around the world, we can only expect to see the CBD isolate wholesale options to evolve and become even more cost effective in the years to come.

This can easily be seen as true as well when looking at the increase in the amount and types of products that CBD is being infused into today. CBD isolate most certainly has a place in the legal CBD market, and it seems that CBD isolate wholesales options will only continue to grow.



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