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Haze Legend Disposable CBD Bar 1000mg 3500 puffs

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Bubble Haze

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Blue Blast

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AK Zkittles

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Appleberry OG

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DISCONTINUED due to the number of duds manufactured!

A brand new legend is born and its Haze Legend disposable CBD bar with a 1000mg of 99.9% pure CBD isolate and a mind bending 3500 puffs whats more you get FREE Delivery with your order!

The Haze Legend disposable CBD bar smashes the total strength and number of puffs for any given disposable!

This is the perfect CBD Vape pen for those who need a vape that lasts a long time, with a mind bending 3500 puffs, this is sure to last you a while! This is the perfect Cannabidiol vape pen for those who vape a lot during the day but need to stay within the recommended daily CBD limit of 70mg. Great way to help beat nicotine!


  • Strength: 1000mg
  • Extract Type: 99.9% Pure CBD Isolate
  • Max Useasge: Upto 3500 puffs
  • Size: 8.5ml
  • Cutting Agent: PG/VG
  • PG VG Ratio: 70:30 for great flavour and throat hit
  • Battery capacity: Massive 1500mAh
  • Flavours: 6 mouth watering flavours to choose from


The Haze Legend comes in 6 tantalising and mouth watering CBD E Liquid flavours that you will enjoy endlessly. Well at least until the vape runs out, but with our multi-buy offer, you can get 2 or more of any flavours of your choice and get 10% off.

AK Zkittles: Did anyone say rainbow?

Appleberry OG: Juicy apples and fresh berries mashed together to give that sweet and tangy aftertaste.

Bubble Haze: Ever tasted a mash up between pink Hubba Bubba and mints? Now you can in a hench CBD vape pen.

Calicola: Just as the name suggests, this is that juicy cola flavour made up of a blend of caramel and spices blend that tastes just like the drink and cola bottles!

Starberry: Strawberries, strawberries and even more strawberries!

Blue Blast: Blueberries, raspberries and blackberries smashed together to bring you a sweet result of blue fruits taste.

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AK Zkittles, Appleberry OG, Blue Blast, Bubble Haze, Calicola, Strawberry



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