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SMOK Nord 2


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SMOK Tech is a name that has become synonymous with vaping and the CBD industry. Their breakthrough technology implemented in the Nord vaporizer has brought them mainstream and they have simply outdone themselves with the Nord 2! The Nord 2 offers extreme battery power in a sleek easy to use device offering consumers options they never knew they needed.

Power and Performance

The Nord 2 is powered by a 1,500 mAh battery that offers much more power and battery life than the 1100 MAH battery capacity of the original Nord. This extremely powerful battery allows for an output wattage ranging from 1 to 40 watts. This is a drastic improvement from the 10 to 15 watt output range offered in the original version.

This enhanced battery power allows for more consistent use and is a major benefit for those that vape on a regular basis. Not only will your Nord 2 be ready to go whenever you are, it will be ready to go with heavy battery powered to give you hits that you’re after! The best part is if you aren’t looking for the big clouds and high power, the Nord 2 allows you to easily manipulate how much power the device is receiving.

User-Friendly Interface and Functionality

The Nord 2 is equipped with an operational interface that displays your battery life as well as your wattage settings. The 0.69-in OLED screen is easy to read and is brightly lit on a black background for easy visibility. The Nord 2 is equipped with one button that allows you to turn the device on and off as well as easily adjust your wattage settings with a click of a button. To power up the Nord 2 simply press the button three times. Upon startup the wattage setting will flash. You can then long press or click the power button to change the power level from anywhere from 1 watt to 40 watts. To turn off the device simply click the power button three times. The ease of use provided by the Nord 2 is an exceptional compliment to the ease of vaping as a whole and is something that is being embraced by CBD consumers that prefer to consume CBD through vaping.

Smart Detection

Smart detection was implemented in the Nord 2 with the protection of your device in mind. Smart detection offers different aspects to help keep your Nord 2 in optimal working condition. Intelligent smart detection implemented in Nord 2 includes an 8-second cut off to preserve battery power, short circuit protection to protect your coils in the event that power is not distributed correctly, low voltage protection, as well as pod detection that prevents the device from heating up when a pod is not inserted. Each of these aspects help to make the Nord 2 an exceptional vaping kit! For individuals that utilize CBD in the form of vape juice or CBD e-liquid having a consistent device that allows them to tailor their vaping experience while also offering innovative technologies that help to protect their investment, makes the Nord 2 a no-brainer.

Various Coil Options

The Nord 2 works with both RPM and Nord coils. The Nord DC 0.80 HM MTL coil and the RPM mesh 0.40 HM DTL coil comes standard with the Nord 2 kit from SMOK. Within the RPM line of coils the mesh .40, triple coil .60, quartz 1.2, SC 1.0, RBA, and MTL mesh 0.3 coils are compatible with the Nord 2. From the Nord coil line consumers can choose between the Nord DC 0.8, Nord mesh MTL 0.8, Nord regular 0.6, Nord mesh 0.6, and the Nord regular 1.4 coil options. Each of these coil options offer consumers a different experience. Depending on the coil that you choose to utilize it can change everything from the time it takes for your vape to heat up to the amount of flavour, the density of the vapor as well as the lifespan of your device. With the RPM RBA coil option which was designed specially by the SMOK engineers to provide you with the tools to help you tailor in your individual vaping style you are able to achieve even more options and with the right know-how design the coil that is perfect for you to use with your Nord 2!

Pod Improvements and Capacity

The Nord 1 kit included only a 3 ml e-liquid capacity pod. With the Nord 2 the liquid capacity for things such as CBD vape juice has been increased to 4.5 ml. The Nord 2 kit includes both an RPM pod which is designed to work with RPM coils as well as a Nord pod that will work with any of the Nord coils listed above.

Colour Options

Not only does the Nord 2 offer you the ability to choose your coil and pod but it also comes in a wide variety of unique color and style designs to ensure that there is one to fit the liking and lifestyle of everyone. From sleek colors such as red, black cobra, and gold to a seven color oil or resin option and options in black and red stabilizing wood that looks similar to an epoxy wood pour, the Nord 2 is not only powerful, reliable, and innovative, but it is also beautiful and available in nine different color options.

The standard Nord 2 kit includes the following:

1 Nord 2 1500 MAH device
1 Nord 2 RPM pod 0.6Ohm Mesh coil
1 Nord 2 Nord pod 0.8Ohm MTL Coil
1 USB cable
1 user manual

Product Specifications
The Nord 2 measures 95 * 30.5 * 20mm and weighs in at only 79g. This lightweight and sleek device is one that is sure to be embraced by both nicotine and CBD vape consumers alike! With power, performance, reliability, beautiful appearance, ease of use, multiple coil and pod options and more backed by a name that is trusted the Nord 2 is at the top of many gift lists this year!

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