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CBD For Psoriasis: What You Need to Know

Psoriasis is one of the poorly understood skin disorders. In this condition, the skin becomes scaly and inflamed, especially affecting areas like the elbow and knees, but it can affect just any body part. It is a significant aesthetic problem. It responds poorly to most treatments, causing much distress. So, it is fine to explore natural remedies. Hence, it is good to ask if CBD oil is good for psoriasis or not?

Another issue with the condition is that even if remission occurs, it tends to reoccur. Flares are pretty common in the condition. There are many things poorly understood by science, like why flares often occur after periods of stress.

immune system. There is increased macrophage immigration in cells, which are a kind of immune cells. Hence, there is an increased immunoglobulin E activity and histamine release. Skin cells multiply too quickly in the condition, which is why there are thickened skin rashes.(1)

It is vital to understand that psoriasis is not just about skin. Like many diseases with allergic and autoimmune components, it can affect joints and increase heart attack and stroke risk.

Doctors would often treat the condition with medications like antihistamines. However, many patients need more toxic drugs like steroids and immunosuppressants.

Drug therapy frequently fails to relieve symptoms. Moreover, drug therapy does not cure the condition.

CBD Oil for Psoriasis

There are very few studies asking, is CBD oil good for psoriasis? Or can one use CBD oil for eczema? Of course, CBD will not cure the condition. However, it can be helpful in managing the condition in many ways. There are some scientific grounds for using CBD in these conditions.

One of the primary reasons why researchers think CBD has a role in psoriasis is its ability to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress. CBD can alter autoimmune responses. Sure, it would not cure psoriasis. However, it may be a bit helpful. Considering that CBD oil is safe for prolonged use, why not consider it?(2)

Another reason to use CBD oil for psoriasis could be symptomatic relief. CBD may help reduce skin inflammation and itching. It may also enhance sleep quality.

Further, using medications to maintain disease remission results in many side effects. However, CBD is safe. One can use CBD oil for psoriasis remission maintenance, or one can even consider CBD vape pens. Even if CBD does not help much, it will not harm you. Moreover, it would have some indirect benefits.

Additionally, it is worth remembering that psoriasis flares are common during periods of stress. However, stress is quite unpredictable. There are no medications that can help reduce stress. CBD has a mild calming effect and may help counter stress and reduce psoriasis flares.

Some CBD products work quite well; a person may even use them when and as needed. For example, during periods of stress or panic attacks, one may take a few drops of CBD oil sublingually. Alternatively, a few puffs of CBD vape pens may help abort panic attacks.

We are not saying that CBD is a cure or treatment for the condition. When living with psoriasis, one should always follow doctors’ advice. However, it is no secret that doctors are often helpless. Even some of the latest medications fail to help in many instances.

Using natural remedies like CBD oil is fine for psoriasis. Moreover, some high-quality CBD vape pens and oils contain terpenes – a factor that cannot be neglected. Terpenes are quite good for skin health. They make CBD oil for eczema or psoriasis even more effective. Terpenes work synergistically with CBD.

The Bottom Line

Psoriasis is a severe skin condition with an unpredictable course. In some, it causes a few rashes now and then. Moreover, there might be sudden remissions and abrupt exacerbation or reoccurrence later. In some, the condition is pretty constant, causing much distress and systemic effects like joint pains and even cardiovascular complications. That is why people are considering CBD for pain relief.

But, perhaps the biggest worry is that medical treatment fails to help in many instances. Patients simply do not know how to counter this skin problem in such cases. Considering CBD for psoriasis may be a good idea. It might help a bit in resistant cases and is also good for maintaining remission and preventing flares in the future.

There are different ways of using CBD in the condition, like taking CBD oil sublingually daily. Another way could be CBD vape pens, which are only recommended for those who smoke or vape.

Of course, one must know the limitations before using any of the natural remedies. CBD is not a treatment but can support people living with the condition. Hence, always follow the doctor’s advice and take medications regularly. It is important to share information with the doctors about all the supplements a person uses, including CBD, vitamins, and more.

So, use CBD for psoriasis, eczema, and other skin issues. It is generally accepted to be good, and it helps keep people calm and lowers stress.


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Dr Preet Pal Singh Bhinder

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