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Cannabidiol Isolate Benefits and Uses

August 23, 2021
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Cannabidiol Isolate

CBD isolate in the UK is extremely popular. The versatility of this type of CBD product puts it in high demand. The CBD industry in the UK has seen substantial growth since 2018. Moving forward into 2019 the CBD industry in the UK reached the £300 million mark. Surveys conducted by YouGov and Dynata also suggested that somewhere between 8-11% of the adult population in the UK had reported using a CBD product within the last 365 days. The legal CBD industry in the UK is one that is cultivating success under strict guidance and tight regulations regarding CBD product sales, marketing, and distribution.

Is CBD Isolate Legal in the UK

CBD isolate is only legal in the UK if it comes from EU approved industrial hemp cultivars that contain 0.2% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) or less. The strict regulations were put in place to protect the UK CBD consumer market. During an investigation of CBD vaping products and entourage effect being sold in the UK at pharmacies, corner stores, and high street markets back in 2018, regulatory authorities discovered an abundance of issues with multiple CBD products. Issues like full spectrum CBD products being sold that did not contain any CBD.

Many products did not contain the ingredients listed on their label and one product was even alcohol. Consumers were being sold snake oil. CBD products aren’t exactly cheap. Consumers should be able to trust that they are getting what they pay for and not being sold cheap filler ingredients disguised as CBD. This gave birth to the strict regulations on CBD isolate in the UK today. These regulations have helped the legal CBD industry in the UK flourish. Full spectrum  CBD in the UK is currently projected to achieve £690million in total sales for 2021.

How big is the CBD Market?

Some projections say that CBD in the UK will be worth an estimated £1 billion by as early as 2025. The total European CBD market is estimated to be worth around £3.2 billion by as early as 2025.You might say the CBD is like a coat of many colours, as there are many different ways to use CBD. A big contributor to the success of CBD isolate is its versatility. Just like a coat of many colours has many colours, CBD has many different ways of being consumed. When it comes to full spectrum CBD in the UK, consumers can enjoy CBD oil, CBD oral oil, CBD drops, CBD edibles, CBD beverages, CBD e-juice, CBD vape juice and more.

How to use CBD Isolate?

Thanks to the versatility of CBD isolate and entourage effect, consumers can create just about anything infused with CBD. CBD isolate is a great way to get your CBD on! People like you are making smart lifestyle decisions every day. They are reading and learning about what they are putting in their body. Today's consumers are making a shift to become happier and more confident about the things they choose to buy and what goes in their body. CBD isolate gives many people a piece of mind because they can craft their favourite full spectrum CBD products at home.

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What is CBD Isolate?

CBD isolate is quite possibly the purest form of CBD available in the UK marketplace. Many people consider it the gold standard for CBD as it is 99.9% pure CBD isolate. It normally comes in the form of crystals or powder. Through many different processes the CBD extracted from EU approved industrial hemp cultivars has all terpenes, waxes, cannabinoids, and plant lipids removed. The end result is CBD isolate.

In order to effectively make full spectrum CBD isolate, the first step is extraction. One of the most popular extraction methods for CBD is super critical CO2 extraction. This is a process that utilizes a closed loop extraction machine. The solvent used is CO2. In this case CO2 is placed in a chamber where it is subdued to extreme pressure and temperature in order to achieve a supercritical state of cannabis plants also known as hemp plants. Once the CO2 has achieved this state a pump pushes the supercritical CO2 into a holding chamber where EU approved industrial hemp awaits. Once the supercritical CO2 comes in contact with the hemp material it begins to dissolve the solid plant matter turning it into a liquid.

This liquid is then refined utilizing a process known as winterization. During winterization, the liquid material extracted is exposed to extreme cold. During this time exposed to the cold waxes, fats, and chlorophyll separate from the extracted material. The winterized material is then filtrated to separate the wax, fats, and chlorophyll before undergoing a decarboxylation process of cannabis plants with cannabis compounds with extraction process. During the decarboxylation process the material is activated by removing acid from cannabinoids. Basically, converting CBDA into CBD.

After the decarboxylation process the CBD material into cbd crystals is further refined through short path distillation. During this distillation process the winterized, decarboxylated material is exposed to precise temperatures. These temperatures separate compounds due to each one having a different boiling point. When the process is complete full spectrum CBD isolate moves on to the crystallization process. During the crystallization process of cannabis plant CBD oil with right carrier oil is placed into large vats where it is introduced to heat and consistent stirring.

After a certain amount of time both heat and the speed of stirring is reduced. The mixture will start to reach nucleation upon cooling. This is the very beginning of the crystallization. At this point the stirring rate is increased immensely which separates the crystals from the rest of the material. These crystals are then rinsed using a chemical solvent such as pentane to remove any other impurities. The end result is a CBD isolate crystal and entourage effect which can easily be grinded into a fine powder from cannabis plant or hemp plants.

What is CBD Isolate Used For?

CBD isolate can be used for many different things. You can pretty much infuse CBD from cannabis plant into anything using CBD isolate. If you have something you genuinely enjoy and would like to add CBD to it there are many different recipes available online and in forums. Utilizing the information you find at one of these locations you can begin to craft all kinds of things using CBD isolate. 

They get a piece of mind knowing what goes into what they make. They also typically save money making things themselves versus buying things already made. CBD products can begin to get to be a little expensive. By making them yourself many people find they save money. What they don't save is time. It's a stiff compromise but if you have the time on your hands, you could stand to save hard-earned money by making CBD products yourself at home using CBD isolate.

How To Use CBD Isolate Powder?

CBD isolate powder can be used in the same manner you would add sugar or flour to any recipe. You will want to have a way to measure your CBD isolate powder such as an electronic digital scale. Anytime you purchase CBD isolate or any kind of CBD product for that matter in the UK, the product will come with multiple certified independent lab results. These results certify many things about the CBD isolate. One of the most important is its potency. If you are unsure about what type of product to get a safer option will be to build your own CBD Vape kit, or a premade cbd vape pen. 

Upon knowing the potency per gram, you can convert the CBD isolate powder into the proper dosage for what you are making

A great example would be purchasing 1 gram of CBD isolate powder. If the CBD isolate powder tests at 90% CBD, that means you have roughly 900 mg of CBD per gram. If you were to use the entire gram and bake a small cake. You would then divide 900 by the amount of pieces you get for a total estimate on your dosage. For arguments sake let's say you cut your cake into 10 pieces. At 900 mg that would make each piece 90 mg. Baking isn't the only thing you can do with CBD isolate powder. CBD isolate powder can also be added to beverages, topicals, made into CBD oral oil or hemp oil, and even turned into CBD vape juice.

To turn your favorite beverage into a CBD infused one simply add the desired amount of CBD isolate powder and stir. Sometimes you may need to add the CBD isolate powder to a little bit of warm water to dissolve it before mixing it in with your favorite beverage. Making a CBD topical can be done almost the same way. Find your favorite lotion, cream, salve, or balm and simply and CBD isolate powder to it.

You can even make your own CBD e-juice or CBD Vape juice using CBD isolate powder. Simply make a CBD oil to the desired potency you wish to give the right cannabinoid receptors from cannabis sativa. Once you have achieved the potency, simply add the CBD oil to your favorite mix of pg/vg and you're ready to start vaping CBD.

CBD Isolate May Be Just What You Have Been Looking For

CBD isolate powder like any other CBD product is something that every consumer should do their homework on before purchasing. Companies that sell CBD isolate in the UK are required to provide access to all testing for both retailers and consumers. It is important to make sure that you have access to multiple independent lab testing results when you ask for them. Most of the reputable CBD companies in the UK have all of this information easily accessible online.

There are a lot of places that put a lot of effort into making sure the CBD capsules product that reaches consumer shelves in the UK is everything it is supposed to be. Much of the CBD in the UK is imported from the United States of America. The CBD isolate industry in the UK is the second largest in the world behind the United States. Hemp farms in places like Colorado, California, Washington, and Kentucky, all cultivate EU approved industrial hemp cultivars. They adhere to the 0.2% THC which is considered trace amounts or less. In the United States, industrial hemp is classified as hemp containing 0.3% THC considered as not trace amounts or less. Firms that cultivate industrial hemp for the UK go the extra mile to do so. They make sure that the use CBD isolate lives up to its name.

These brands have been developing relationships with consumers across the UK for several years now

People from all walks of life embrace full spectrum CBD. The effectiveness of use CBD isolate, there are also no documented health benefits the market for this product continues to explode. As people become more aware about what goes into their body, they are looking for healthier alternatives to ways of the past. 

Professional athletes such as MMA fighters, hockey players, and golfers are embracing CBD gummies. Celebrity actors and actresses are embracing CBD. Everyday people just like you are embracing CBD isolate. They are incorporating CBD powder into their daily lives as part of a smart lifestyle choice. With the CBD industry in the UK poised to reach the £1-billion mark by as early as 2025 and to be worth roughly £3.2 billion for the European market in whole, it shows that CBD must be doing something right.

The only real way to know for sure how effective CBD oil UK might be and if it is the right thing for you is to try it. Do your research on the best CBD isolate brands in the UK.

Read up on recommendations such as those put forth by the EU regulatory authority recommending adults consume no more than 75 mg of CBD in a 24-hour period.

Also, it is a great idea to read reviews on any CBD product you are considering purchasing

Disclaimer: All of our products are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. It is recommended to check with doctor before starting a new dietary supplement program. All CBD products sold have less than 0.2% THC content and abide by both EU an UK law.



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