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CBD Oil And Autism: Benefits, Usage, And Where to Buy

Autism of rather autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental condition diagnosed in children. Here, neurodevelopmental means that there are issues with brain development. The term spectrum is often added to the diagnosis, meaning the disease presents in various ways. In some, it is very mild, and in others more severe. In this article, we will explore the role of CBD oil in kids with autism.

Before we continue our discussion, we will clarify a few more things. Autistic children are quite intelligent, and the condition does not cause significant disability. Most autistic children would grow to live more or less healthy adults. The condition occurs due to development in specific brain parts, resulting in poor communication skills and low social interaction, which may ultimately result in poor learning. Its causes are not fully understood but appear to be due to genetics, low birth weight, and perhaps other factors.

Children with the condition avoid eye contact, are slow to respond, and have trouble communicating. They struggle to socialize. They often have repetitive behaviour. However, keep in mind that these children can excel in learning science, math, art, and more. In autism, learning abilities are not compromised.

One can understand that such a disorder requires special treatment. It is generally best treated by providing special attention to a child and helping them cope with certain issues. Using medications for the condition is a bit controversial. Medicines used to reduce aggression, irritability, and attention deficit might cause much harm. That is why exploring CBD use in the condition makes sense.

CBD Oil for Autism

Before we continue our discussion regarding the role of CBD in managing autism, there are a few things to understand. Although CBD oil is quite safe in different groups, there isn’t sufficient long-term safety data. Hence, the Food and Standards Agency (FSA), UK, is hesitant to recommend CBD for kids. This is a vulnerable group.

Thus, FSA says that CBD use must be avoided in those below the age of 18. One should only use CBD in the age group under medical supervision.(1)

But, things here are not as simple. Since CBD oil for autism is not approved for use in children or in autism, doctors would be highly hesitant. They would avoid recommending CBD. Even worse, they might still opt for more toxic drugs simply because those drugs are approved for medical use. So, there are some legal issues that might serve as hurdles in using CBD for kids with autism.

Moreover, the FSA’s recommendation is based on a lack of data. This means it does not have sufficient data to say if CBD is safe. It is a bit regretful situation where doctors are authorized to prescribe drugs known to cause toxicity. Yet, they cannot recommend something that is not shown to cause severe toxicity in children or compromise their mental well-being.

It is even more interesting to note that doctors can use CBD at high dosages in conditions like epilepsy and multiple sclerosis since those products are approved for medical use. However, doctors are not encouraged to recommend low-dose CBD. Thus, for example, they might recommend Epidiolex or Sativex containing 100 mg or more in a dose and also containing mega dosages of THC. However, doctors may hesitate to recommend 5-10 mg of CBD a day for autism due to a lack of clear guidelines.(2)

Possible CBD Benefits in Autism

So, as now we know where we stand regarding CBD use for autism, it is time to explore its benefits.

CBD is known to have a relaxing effect. Thus, it may help reduce irritability and aggression in an autistic child. Moreover, it works very gently and does not cause sedation. It means that the child stays alert and, over time, becomes less irritable.

Since it can calm down nerves, it has other benefits, like reducing hyperactivity and repetitive behaviour. A child may also become more receptive to instructions, which may boost learning abilities.

What is good about CBD is that it can help prevent and manage more severe mental health issues in ASD. It can help counter anxiety and depression. These issues are best prevented in their early stages through lifestyle interventions and without the use of medications. Moreover, medicines used to treat anxiety, like benzodiazepines or antidepressants, are highly toxic for young brains.

So, definitely, there is a role for CBD in managing autism. Moreover, there is a clear benefit of preferring CBD over medications. Medications, though known to help, they are highly toxic. Moreover, most medications may cause significant harm in the long run. On the contrary, CBD oil is gentle. Moreover, most CBD oils sold online without prescription have very low dosages.

When choosing CBD for kids with autism, perhaps it is better to use CBD isolate. It has an excellent safety profile. However, if a child is more aggressive and hyperactive, full-spectrum CBD may be considered for the short term. Needless to say, vaping is not recommended for children and adolescents. Moreover, vaping is more likely to damage the lungs in young adults.

The Bottom Line

So, let’s sum up what we have learned so far. CBD is a gentle and safe remedy to keep your child calm. It may help manage autism in many ways. It can promote brain reprogramming and make a child more receptive to instructions. Hence, CBD may be considered in children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. However, keep in mind that CBD pens are not for kids or adolescents, and their use is not legally permitted in those below the age of 18.

However, there are some challenges. CBD should only be used under medical supervision. FSA does not recommend using CBD without medical supervision as children are classified as a vulnerable group. However, this might create some issues as there are no clear guidelines regarding CBD use in the condition. Thus, doctors might be hesitant to approve its usage.

It is a bit regretful situation. CBD oil sold online contains cannabidiol only in small amounts, making it a safe and gentle product relative to pharmacological drugs. However, due to certain regulations, doctors might be hesitant to recommend CBD for autism.


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