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CBD Oil For Anxiety: How to Use, Dosage, Benefits, And Safety

FSA recognise CBD oil as a Novel Food. Which means kind of food that people in the UK have not consumed much traditionally. Additionally, it means that those who sell CBD products cannot make health claims. However, this does not mean that Novel Foods do not have health effects. Thus, it is right to ask “can CBD oil help for anxiety?”

Here the short reply is “Yes.” One of the most common reasons why people use CBD oil is to overcome stress and anxiety.

In this article, as a healthcare specialist, I will discuss how it can help? What is the evidence? And what to expect from CBD oil?

Understanding Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most common emotional issues people face. Hence, understanding anxiety is important. Here we are not essentially talking about severe generalised anxiety disorder (GAD), which is a severe mental disorder. Here we are discussing anxiety caused due to stress on a daily basis.

Anxiety comes in many different forms. Like some fear losing jobs, others fear meeting deadlines, some panic for almost no apparent reasons. Many people are living with social anxiety, and they fear being judged by others. Then there are phobias.

Anxiety is excessive worry or fear, often due to a perceived threat. Such reaction does not essentially occur to some realistic threat. In some cases, it may be so debilitating, that it may interfere with normal functioning. Hence, to succeed in life and stay healthy, one must counter anxiety.

It is best to counter anxiety using lifestyle interventions. Medications are of little use in mild to moderate anxiety. Instead, methods like deep breathing, and using CBD can help.

These methods can help reduce stress, heart rate, and keep person calm. Natural ways like dietary measures, exercise, and CBD may also enhance sleep quality and reduce panic attacks.

What Makes CBD oil a Good Choice to Overcome Anxiety?

CBD oil is a hemp oil extracted from the plants stalk, leaves, or flowers. This oil is naturally rich in many cannabinoids. However, cannabidiol (CBD) is most abundant in this oil. Such an oil has many health effects.

Apart from CBD, CBD oil contains minor cannabinoids, and THC in legally permitted amounts (not more than 1 mg in a single product pack). THC is a potent cannabinoid, with mind altering properties. However, in small amounts, THC is safe, and it may boost CBD oil’s health effects. CBD oils made using isolate are THC free. However, full-spectrum CBD oils contain THC in minute amounts.

One should not confuse CBD oil with hemp seed oil, which is naturally CBD free, until or unless CBD has been added to it.

Alternatively, or even more often, producers might procure purified and concentrated CBD extracts (like CBD isolate, broad-spectrum, full-spectrum) and add it to carrier oils. Such CBD oils are also good for managing anxiety.

One of the significant reasons for choosing CBD oil for anxiety is that it works fast. People take CBD oil sublingually. Active ingredients in CBD oil, that is various cannabinoids, are absorbed quickly this way, providing almost instant relief.

What does the Science Say – Is CBD oil Good for Anxiety Control?

Of course, people use various lifestyle interventions to control anxiety like exercise, deep breathing, meditation, and practicing mindfulness.

People prefer CBD oil among natural remedies due to its excellent safety profile. Moreover, there are many studies showing that CBD works, and can lower anxiety.

Although health supplements are not meant to treat anxiety, but they can relieve anxiety. It is always good to use them to prevent anxiety and panic attacks and stay calm.

Thus, for example, one of the survey studies in 2409 CBD users found that 62% of people use CBD to manage some health condition. Out of them, half of the users said that they found CBD quite good and helpful.(1)

In one of the studies published in the journal of the American Psychiatric Association, researchers analysed eight studies regarding CBD benefit in managing anxiety, mood issues and PTSD. They found that generally using CBD for 4-weeks resulted in modest improvement in mood. They concluded that although CBD may reduce anxiety or improve mood, but more studies are needed to understand if it can be used to treat severe anxiety disorders or PTSD.(2)

Yet, another study done in the US and UK CBD users found that some of the most common reasons to use CBD by people were anxiety, sleep issues and stress. Since, people were frequently using CBD products for these issues, they must be benefiting from its use.(3)

How Could CBD Possibly Help?

Although commonly sold CBD oils might not be for medical use, but there is much research happening. It means that doctors are testing CBD for various health conditions, they are exploring its mechanism of action.

It is well-known that CBD works due to its influence on endocannabinoid system. Further, neuroimaging studies show that it might also help reduce stress due to increased blood flow in certain brain centres. They also found that when people use CBD oil for anxiety, it increases blood flow to brain areas that play important role in emotions like limbic and paralimbic brain areas.(4)

The Bottom Line

So, let’s sum up what we know about the role of CBD in managing anxiety. It would be right to say that CBD reduces anxiety, and stress. It may help alleviate worries. Of course, it is not a remedy for severe mental health issues, but it is good for managing daily emotional issues.

CBD oil is one of the good ways to overcome stress and anxiety. However, alternatively, one may also consider CBD vape pens. But, be clear that if you do not smoke or vape, we do not encourage you to do so. It is always better to use CBD oil sublingually. For those who vape, CBD anxiety pens are a good choice.

People often want to know how to take CBD oil? Why do people take CBD? Usually, it is enough to take few drops (4-5 drops) of 5% CBD sublingually. If you want to learn more about how to take CBD oil or about CBD dosage research, you can find more detailed information here.

Finally, remember that anxiety is a chronic health issue managed through prolonged and consistent efforts. It is best managed by combining lifestyle interventions like exercise, practicing mindfulness, with other efforts like using CBD oil.


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Dr Preet Pal Singh Bhinder

This article was authored by: Dr. Preet Pal Singh Bhinder.

This article was peer-reviewed by Dr M Mansoor Siddique (PhD). Dr Siddique has over eight years of experience working with CBD and CBD products.

Disclaimer: All of our products are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. It is recommended to check with doctor before starting a new dietary supplement program. All CBD products sold have less than 0.2% THC content and abide by both EU an UK law.



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