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CBD Oil For Nerve Pain: How to Use And Find the Best Product

Nerve pain may occur for many reasons. The two most common conditions characterised by nerve pain are neuralgia and neuropathic pain. In neuralgia, pain may occur due to nerve damage by injury, blood supply disruption, and even certain toxins. Neuropathic pain usually occurs due to diabetes, cancer treatment, and, in some instances, due to viral infections.(1) This article explores the topic of CBD oil for nerve pain.

Nerve pain tends to be chronic. Here, it is vital to understand that nerves are quite good at regenerating. It means that, in theory, it is possible to recover from nerve pain completely. However, in practice, that is quite challenging as many of the conditions causing nerve pain are difficult to manage, like diabetes, cancer, poor blood supply and more.

Nerve pains can be of varying intensity. In some individuals, nerve damage causes discomfort and tingling sensations. However, in many instances, it causes moderate to severe pain. Overcoming such kind of pain that occurs due to nerve damage requires prolonged treatment and is more challenging to manage than inflammatory pain.

Some Ways to Relieve Nerve Pain

Doctors use different ways to manage nerve pain. They might prescribe painkillers, but they only provide some relief for the condition. Thus, those experiencing nerve pain need to learn to live with it. Hence, doctors also recommend lifestyle interventions like relaxation techniques, psychological treatments, and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) to block the transmission.

Simply said, commonly used painkillers are of little value in managing nerve pains, and even doctors recommend using other ways of managing such pain.

In more severe cases, doctors might use opioids, anti-depressants, and anti-seizure drugs. However, a problem with such an approach is that these drugs are highly toxic, especially on prolonged use.

CBD Oil for Nerve Pain

There are multiple reasons to consider CBD for nerve pains. CBD has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It can modulate immunity and also suppress pain. Moreover, CBD may even promote nerve healing. Further, it is worth keeping in mind that CBD may lower nerve pain associated with anxiety and enhance sleep quality. So, CBD is good in that it helps in many ways.

Additionally, one must remember that CBD oil for nerve pain is safe for prolonged use.

Many studies have shown that CBD can help reduce nerve pains. Researchers have proposed various ways in which CBD may help suppress such pain. This may be both due to its pain-killing properties and also by modulating certain brain chemicals.(2)

Further, it is also worth understanding that there is strong clinical evidence that cannabis may lower spasticity and pain in multiple sclerosis. This shows that cannabinoids are good for nerve pain.(3)

However, one thing is worth noticing: clinical trials use higher CBD dosage, or they use CBD in combination with THC. Some clinical trials used medical cannabis. However, most commonly available CBD oils and CBD vape pens have much lower CBD concentrations. These products are not meant to treat nerve pains or medical conditions. This means that though these products might help, they would only work when used along with other treatments.

On the other side, using low-dose CBD has its benefits, as the chances of side effects are almost nil.

People often ask what kind of CBD oil is best for nerve pain? Well, whether you are planning to use CBD oil or CBD vapes, it is better to prefer full-spectrum CBD products that contain some THC. Studies have confirmed that adding some THC to CBD results in better pain relief due to the entourage effect. Also, ensure that the product you choose has many minor cannabinoids that may boost CBD oil’s potency.

One more point: Choosing CBD oils or CBD vapes for nerve pain containing terpenes is better. Terpenes also boost nerve health. They are potent antioxidants and add to the entourage effect. Hence, any product that contains terpenes would be much better for nerve pain relief.

The Bottom Line

Nerve pains can cause much distress as they tend to be chronic and do not respond well to regular painkillers. Hence, using CBD oil along with medications would result in better pain control. When choosing CBD oils, look for high-quality and high-potency products, as managing nerve pains requires relatively more potent products.

Commonly sold CBD oils and CBD vapes are not meant to treat medical conditions. Nonetheless, using these products along with lifestyle interventions can make a significant difference. One may also combine CBD oil with other traditional remedies and complementary treatments like acupuncture.

Finally, do not forget to use CBD oils and vapes for long. Remember that overcoming nerve pain requires prolonged and consistent effort. It would take a few weeks of regular CBD use before one can experience any significant benefit.


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