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CBD Vape Dosage Chart

Although CBD seems everywhere, there is one challenge in using CBD products – its optimal dosage is unknown. There appears to be nothing like a perfect CBD dosage due to differences in individual sensitivities. Some may feel CBD’s influence just by vaping a few puffs, and others may need mega dosages. Thus, here we propose a CBD vape dosage chart that may be good for most people.

However, as we have already said, one should interpret CBD vape dosage chart cautiously. Remember that CBD is a highly safe product, and people react to CBD at varying dosages. Hence, some may feel its relaxing effect by inhaling a few puffs (a few mg of CBD). In contrast, others need a few hundred puffs or a few hundred milligrams of CBD to experience its health effects.

People often ask if can you vape too much or Can Vapes Make You Dizzy? Here again, the reply is that chances are slim. The truth is that most people just cannot vape too much. It is practically not possible to overdose on CBD through vaping, as you will discover later in this article. But first, let us try to understand what is the optimal dosage for most people.

How Much CBD Vape Should You Smoke

As there are so many different recommendations, we would better recommend people follow the Food Standards Agency (FSA) guidelines. The agency recommends that a typical adult should avoid exceeding a CBD dosage of 10 mg per day.[1]

How much CBD to Vape Safely:

How Much CBD Vape Should You Smoke

As there are so many different recommendations, we would better recommend people follow the Food Standards Agency (FSA) guidelines. The agency recommends that a typical adult should avoid exceeding a CBD dosage of 10 mg per day if taken regularly.[1] However, since individual sensitivities differ, one should start with lower dosages.

CBD Dosage in Milligrams Expected Effect
10 mg (FSA Regular Daily Max) Mild relaxation and stress relief
20 mg Reduced pain sensation and anxiety
30 mg Moderate relaxation
40 mg Enhanced relaxation and reduced pain
50 mg Stronger stress reduction
60 mg More intensive effect
70 mg (FSA Previous Max) Max. daily dosage.

Well, the above table is pretty clear. However, it has one limitation. FSA’s recommendation is in milligrams, while those who vape would like to understand how much to vape in puffs since counting puffs is easier.

Calculating in puffs is a bit challenging due to individual differences. Some may inhale longer, others less long. Nevertheless, there is some consensus among the experts.

Most experts agree that 1 ml of CBD vape juice is about 300 puffs. Smaller vape pens generally have 2 ml vape juice with CBD or just about 600 puffs. On the other hand, larger ones have 8 to 10 ml capacity, which is for 5000 to 6000 puffs.

The most common concentration is about 250 mg/ml.

Based on this, we can say that about 100 puffs would provide 70 mg of CBD or the maximum amount of dosage as recommended by FSA. It means that most people can safely start with about 20 puffs and gradually increase to experience the desired effect.

How much CBD is too much?

Those who have been vaping for some time know their optimal dosage. However, beginners are worried. They want to know if they can overdose on CBD and what is the maximum dosage. Here, we repeat again that we do not recommend exceeding the dosage as recommended by the FSA. Previously that is, 70 mg a day or roughly 100 puffs a day. However, FSA have added a caveat and updated their recommendation to 10mg per day if taken regularly.

If someone follows these limits, chances are slim that one would experience any side effects. Remember that there are many clinical studies into CBD these days. It is proven that CBD is safe and helpful even at dosages much above FSA’s recommendation. Thus, clinical studies show that a few hundred or milligrams of CBD is also safe and helpful.[2,3]

Although CBD is safe even at mega dosages and is not likely to cause toxicity, we do not recommend going beyond what is recommended by FSA for a reason. Remember that your vape pen contains other ingredients, too. It is not just about CBD. You would not like to overdose on flavours, terpenes, and other additives.

Finally, remember that those who vape, such people do it daily. FSA’s recommendations are not for those who ingest CBD casually but for those who intend to intake CBD daily. FSA says that there is sound data that if one limits CBD intake to 10 mg a day, then it is very safe.

How Much CBD Should I Add to Vape Juice

Some people like to do things their way. They want to add CBD to their favourite vaping juice. They can buy CBD isolate and then add it to a vape juice. But then the question arises of how much CBD to add to vape juice.

To calculate the amount of CBD to add to your vape juice, use the following formula:

  • Amount of CBD (in mg) = Desired CBD Dosage (mg/ml) x Volume of CBD Vape Juice (ml)
  • For example, if you want to make 10 ml of vape juice with a concentration of 20 mg/ml:
  • Amount of CBD (in mg) = 20 mg/ml x 10 ml = 200 mg of CBD
  • So, you would need 200 mg of CBD to make 10 ml of vape juice with a concentration of 20 mg/ml.

Of course, the above is just an example. If you are making your own vape juice, you have greater freedom. It means that you can start with lower concentrations, but if you are experienced, you can add much more CBD. For example, commercially available vape pens contain 200 to 300 mg of CBD per ml.

Preparing your CBD juice is not easy, but it also has some benefits. In this case, one knows what is going on in their vape juice. This may help ensure higher safety. Such strategies are better for experienced users.

Making your own vape juice or adding CBD to vape juice could be an option for those looking for something more potent to control anxiety or pain. Since, in some health conditions, a person may need higher dosages. However, kindly note that we do not recommend vaping more than what is recommended by FSA (70 mg a day) or other health experts, nor do we recommend exceeding 10mg per day if taken regularly.

The Bottom Line

The ideal dosage of CBD is not established. Hence, most people would need to find their ideal dosage. Nevertheless, some recommendations do exist. Following these recommendations would ensure that you can enjoy vaping safely for a long.

It is vital to understand that some effects of vaping are felt by regular vaping. Therefore, do not rush. Do not try to vape too much on a single day. Instead, just continue to vape in smaller and safer dosages regularly. If you vape periodically, some CBD effects may last for days. To sum up, follow the guidelines and enjoy vaping responsibly with Pre-Filled CBD Vape Pen.


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