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Hybrid CBD Disposable Vape Pen

As more and more manufacturers start producing vape pens and competition becomes intense, better products are being introduced to the market. The CBD market is continually progressing and getting better. Thus, customers have greater access to safer, purer, and more beneficial products. One such offer is a hybrid cbd disposable vape pen.

When CBD vaping became common, two kinds of vapes became pretty common. Those were vaping pens created using CBD isolate, or full spectrum CBD added to PG (propyl glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerine). Such kinds of vapes are still widely sold and are quite good. However, they have a few drawbacks, like CBD isolate is less potent, and some people dislike THC containing full spectrum CBD. Further, PG and VG, though relatively safe, are disliked by many. However, hybrid pens have overcome these issues.

Understanding Hybrid Vape Pen

A hybrid vape pen is a better way to enjoy CBD vaping. Most such vapes contain full-spectrum CBD due to its potency, more intense flavour, and much greater health effects. However, newer hybrid pens ensure that they are still THC-free so that most people can use these pens without any worries. Therefore, people want to know, how To vape CBD oil?

The second thing that is unique about hybrid pens is that they avoid using PG and VG as carrier liquids or liquids to produce the cloud. Instead, they use terpenes, which result in greater health effects, higher entourage effects, and many unique health benefits like a CBD pen can boost energy. This also helps produce vapes with some unique qualities.[1]

These vape pens are called hybrid since manufacturers are adding terpenes to these pens to imitate the flavour of cannabis sativa, indica, or other hybrid varieties. What is good about terpenes is that they are naturally volatile aromatic compounds derived from cannabis or other aromatic plants. Since terpenes are natural compounds known for their health benefits, adding them to hybrid vapes enhances their flavour and boosts their health effects. For example, hybrid vapes may taste much more like smoking cannabis, and yet terpenes in them may result in greater anti-inflammatory action.[2,3]

So, adding terpenes is an excellent strategy. The hybrid vape liquid produced this way is still natural, as nothing synthetic is being added. However, it results in a better vaping experience and greater health benefits. Terpenes helps create hybrid or designer CBD disposable vape pens.

Which CBD Vape Pen is Hybrid?

If you are interested in a hybrid vape pen, then the best choice is the Full Spectrum CBD Disposable Vape Pen by Aztec. As the name of the pen suggests, it contains full-spectrum CBD, thus preserving all the benefits of pure natural CBD. However, manufacturers have used unique manufacturing technology to ensure that it is still almost free of THC. Hence, these vape pens have non-detectable THC levels.

As it should be with any good hybrid vape pens, these pens do not contain PG or VG. Instead, they are enriched with terpenes. These natural terpenes are responsible for their intense aroma and many health effects.


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Dr Preet Pal Singh Bhinder

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