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CBD Edibles

Buy CBD edibles from only £8.99. We stock a wide range of edibles from high strength CBD gummies to hemp oil lollipops.

What Are CBD Edibles?

CBD Edibles are products infused with CBD that you can eat, drink, take on top or under the tongue. Any product that you can consume through the mouth is an edible.

CBD edibles are growing in popularity across the UK. It is becoming the favourite method of consumption of CBD. At least 11% (est.) of people in the UK have already tried CBD.

At CBD Oil King, we have put together a selection of the best and compliant CBD edibles available in the UK.

What Are The Different Types of CBD Edibles?

There are various types of edibles CBD, and the list continues to grow. Here are the main types of CBD edibles on the market as of today:

Some manufacturers have formulated radical ideas on what foods to infuse CBD into. We now see CBD-infused chewing gums, CBD honey sticks and more!

The majority of CBD edibles are infused with 99% pure CBD powder. But, there are many that are infused with broad-spectrum or even full-spectrum CBD.

CBD Gummies

As the name suggests, CBD gummies are CBD edibles that contain CBD. You can buy various types of gummies from us. We stock cola bottles, CBD gummy bears, neon worms and many more. They come in various sizes and strengths, such as grab bags with 12mg of CBD in each gummy right up to 48mg per gummy.

We stock the affordable and effective Dr. Edibles Vegan CBD Gummies range. Their cola bottles are to die for and each 400g tub comes packed with a very generous 2400mg of broad spectrum CBD.

We also stock Orange County CBD gummies. Ranging from small grab bags right upto a super strength tub of 100 gummy bears.

Our CBD gummies range starts from as little as £11.19.

CBD Capsules, Tablets and Soft Gels

CBD Capsules

CBD capsules is a popular form of CBD edibles. They come in both vegan and non-vegan versions. The typical two-halve capsules are usually vegan. Customers are most accustomed to capsules.

We highly recommend Dr. Edibles' Vegan CBD capsules range. They are among the highest strengths on the market providing incredible value. They also have a super strong CBG infused capsules. Giving you a massive cannabinoid hit that you need for your desired effect.

Some manufacturers have introduced pressed CBD tablets. These are like those refreshers sweets which we all had as kids. But they are not sweets of course! These are powder form tablets of which some may prefer over capsules.

Finally the third type of 'medicine' like form are soft gels. Unfortunately CBD soft gels are not suitable for a vegan diet. Some may be suitable for vegetarians but please check the label before buy.


CBD oil sits in its own category. But, it is taken sublingually or on the tongue. Thus we have included it here in our CBD edibles category.

CBD Oils are typically MCT oils infused with CBD extracts. We sell a wide range of CBD oils. From flavoured CBD isolate oils to super strength full spectrum infused CBD oils. Prices start from as little as £18.99.

CBD Chocolates

What better way to relax than to enjoy a good chocolate bar infused with CBD. You can enjoy the benefits of chocolate along with the benefits of CBD at the same time.

CBD chocolates range from mini dark chocolate balls to milk and white chocolate bars. Most are isolate based chocolates. But there are some chocolates that are infused with broad spectrum CBD extract.

CBD Soft Drinks

Manufacturers are rushing to sell CBD infused soft drinks. We have seen a plethora of fizzy drinks ranging from plant flavoured through to typical cola.

Drinking fizzy drinks is not the healthiest option but it is a way to get CBD into your system. CBD soft drinks are affordable. The competition between manufacturers is what is keeping the prices down.


Tea used to be the most popular drink of choice in the UK until recently. But it is still a one of the most consumed hot drinks. Now your tea bags can also be infused with CBD.

CBD tea is a great way to enjoy your English tea and reap the benefits of CBD. Prices are affordable and does not cost much more than your high quality teas available.

CBD Coffee

The nations new favourite beverage is now infused with CBD. CBD and caffeine may seem counter acting, but when they work in unison you can be calm and awake at the same time.

You can buy coffee beans infused with CBD or buy pre-ground coffee. If you are the instant coffee type, then there are options available for you too.

But, for best doses each time we recommend buying ground coffee as opposed to beans. This ensures you do not lose any CBD during the grinding process.

Other Edibles with CBD

There are many other CBD edibles on the market including honey sticks, CBD chewing gums etc.

We stock the most popular CBD edibles so you get the best of the best. The most popular CBD edibles are CBD gummies. We stock them from only £11.19.

What Are The Different Extracts in Edibles CBD?

There are 4 main types of extracts manufacturers use to make edible cannabis:

  • CBD Isolate
  • Broad Spectrum Distillate
  • Full Spectrum Distillate
  • CBG Isolate

CBD Isolate Based Edibles

This is currently the gold standard ingredient to make any product a CBD edible. Majority of manufacturers spray on CBD isolate onto an existing edible. The pharmaceutical industry use the same method to coat cannabinoids onto products.

Majority, if not all the CBD soft drinks, teas, coffees are made with CBD isolate. A lot of CBD oils are also CBD isolate based. These are usually for two types of consumers:

  • Beginners to CBD products
  • High strength CBD users

Those who are new to CBD will find low strength isolate based CBD edibles to be the go to set of products. It makes it easy for you to test how much CBD you need and also how much you can tolerate.

And of course, those who need high strength CBD will find isolate based edibles to meet that need. Isolate means there is no room for other cannabinoids so you will get pure CBD and in much greater amounts. Majority of manufacturers use 99%+ CBD isolate as their ingredient.

Broad Spectrum CBD Distillate Based Edibles

More and more manufacturers are turning to broad spectrum CBD distillate. This is because broad spectrum distillate contains other minor cannabinoids and terpenes. These are not filtered out during the extraction process of the hemp plant.

The advantage of broad spectrum is that the consumer experiences the entourage effect. This is when each of the cannabinoids interact with each other to boost the effect of one another.

Most of the CBD gummies are made with broad spectrum CBD. An example is the Dr. Edibles' CBD Gummies range. They are all made with broad spectrum CBD distillate. Each 400g tub consists of 2400mg of broad spectrum CBD. Thus, making it one of the strongest CBD gummies on the market per gram and. They are all £39.99 and come in 3 different types and flavours. Making it one of the most affordable large tubs on the market.

Broad spectrum based CBD edibles are recommended for both beginners and regular users. Especially, those who have tried CBD isolate based products without the desired outcome.

Full Spectrum CBD Distillate Based Edibles

Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD distillate-based edibles are very similar. The only difference between the two is THC content.

Full-spectrum CBD edibles contain at most 1mg of some combination of THC and CBN. In most full-spectrum CBD edibles, there are only trace amounts of THC. THC vape juice and CBN are controlled substances in the UK and the EU. EU stipulates that products should not contain more than 0.2% THC. Hence in the UK, a legal  THC vape pen technically contains less than 1mg per container, and that is perfectly fine. The UK Misuse of drugs act has a different stipulation. Each product container must not contain more than 1mg of the controlled substance.

We are very strict with the products we stock. You can rest assured that we only stock and sell products that are legal in the UK. You do not have to worry about breaking any laws when purchasing from us.

It is very unlikely you will find full-spectrum CBD edibles in the UK. This is due to the strict regulations surrounding controlled substances. But, full spectrum CBD oil like CBD vape pen is available. And is probably the only CBD edible that is full spectrum that you can get your hands on. We have you covered, we sell Orange County's Full Spectrum CBD Oil range at discounted prices.

CBG Isolate Based Edibles

CBG isolate based edibles are not yet very popular. Yet, it is graining traction in the market as more consumers become aware of CBD. CBG or cannabigerol is another cannabinoid. Some suggest that it is the 'premium' version of CBD. Alluding to the idea that CBG is more effective than CBD.

Many manufacturers combine CBD and CBG into edibles. The combination can vary from a 50:50 split all the way to 90:10 split.

Dr. Edibles have told us they are soon to produce a CBG range. They are confident this range will out perform every CBD edible on the market. Keep a look out!

What Are The Most Popular Edibles with CBD?

CBD gummies are the most popular type of CBD edibles on the market today. That is if we discount CBD oils and put them in their own category. It will likely remain so for many years to come. You can buy CBD gummies from us from as little as £11.19.

How To Choose The Best CBD based Edibles?

The answer depends on what you are looking for. We have broken this down for you to make it easier to choose:

  • Taste
  • Strength
  • Dosage tracking
  • Effect

Best Tasting Edibles with CBD

Our best tasting CBD edibles are the Orange County CBD gummies and Dr. Edibles' CBD Gummies range.

For a bitter less experience we recommend sticking to Orange County CBD gummy bears. Available from only £11.19 for a grab bag. But if you like the slight kick then we highly recommend Dr. Edibles' Vegan CBD Gummies Cola Bottles. Only £39.99 for a whopping 400g tub.

Highest and Lowest Strength

If you need the highest strength then we recommend Orange County's CBD gummy bears. Each gummy bear contains 48mg of CBD. Prices start from only £29.99 for a small tub of 25 gummies and £64.99 for a large tub of 100 gummies.

If you require very low strength, then we recommend CBD honey sticks or capsules. Some start at only 5mg per edible.

Easy Dosage Tracking

The best product to ensure accurate dose are CBD capsules. We recommend Dr. Edibles' Vegan Premium Capsules. They contain both broad spectrum CBD and CBG. You benefit from the entourage effect and a huge boost from the added CBG. Every capsule has the exact amount of CBD and CBG stated.

CBD gummies are not a poor choice, however, the gummies are typically coated in CBD in big batches. This means that on average each gummy will contain a set mg of CBD. But, choosing 2 random gummies could mean one has a little more CBD and the other a little less. There are some brands that state every single gummy has an accurate amount of CBD. They infuse each gummy with an exact amount. These are brands you need to look out for should you need CBD gummies with accurate dosage.

Best for Effect

We make no medical or health claims here regarding the CBD edibles we stock. They are food supplements only.

Broad spectrum CBD is far more effective as it has the advantage of the entourage effect. Dr. Edibles' CBD gummies range has the hardest broad spectrum CBD kick with great taste. So we recommend their range. Their gummies are an affordable £39.99 for a whopping 400g tub of 2400mg of broad spectrum CBD.

Best CBD Edibles

Dr. Edibles Vegan CBD Gummies - Cola Bottles

Our best overall CBD edibles by a long shot are Dr. Edibles' Vegan CBD Gummies. We really like their cola bottles, but they also have great tasting sour CBD gummy bears.

They sell large 400g tubs packed with a whopping 2400mg in each tub. You get 100 cola bottles and 120 gummy bears in any tub. These are the smallest numbers, so you might get lucky and bag a few more for free!

They sell at £39.99 each making them the most affordable high strength CBD gummies on the market today. They taste great and have a very slight bitter kick due to the broad spectrum CBD. They are not sickeningly bitter like many other brands. But they are not completely bitter less either. If you need bitter less gummies then we recommend Orange County CBD gummy bears. From our staff's personal experience they taste great and work well. But they find Dr. Edibles' gummies to kick in much earlier and work really well.

Make Your Own Edibles with CBD

You are not limited to buying the CBD edibles we stock. You can make your own using CBD extracts such as our CBD isolate.

Just remember to dissolve your isolate or distillate in an oil such as MCT. CBD is not water soluble so will not readily be digestible or enter your blood stream. So it needs to be 'carried'. MCT oil is the most popular carrier for CBD as it can dissolve a lot of it. You can make low or high concentrations.

With CBD extracts, you can make anything. You can make your own CBD brownies or cakes. You can make your own CBD shakes or add it to your dinner. Possibilities are endless.

Our consumer sized CBD Isolate range starts from only £9.69 for 1g all the way to £99.99 for 25g.

CBD Edibles - FAQs

The following are the most frequently asked questions regarding CBD edibles by our customers:

Are CBD Infused Edibles Legal in the UK?

Yes, the CBD edibles we stock are legal in the UK. They all contain less than 1mg of any combination of controlled substances. They also contain less than 0.2% THC as required by the EU. And the extracts used were derived from industrial hemp.

Do Edibles with CBD Help With Anxiety?

All our CBD products are not intended to treat or diagnose medical or health conditions. We make no health or medical claims and benefits for any of the products we sell on this site.

How To Take CBD Infused Edibles?

Start with a low strength or dose. Wait 45 minutes to an hour to see how you feel or what impact it has on you. Decide whether you need more or not.

It is best to use CBD edibles that have accurate dosing such as CBD capsules or CBD gummies. These typically have a per capsule or per gummy CBD strength or dosage.

How Long Do CBD Inside Edibles Last?

CBD taking orally can take upto an hour to have an effect. The effect can be short lived or last a few hours depending on the strength of CBD taken.

CBD can stay in the body for a few days, but this does not mean it will continue to have an effect for that period.

How Much CBD Should You Consume?

Always follow the FSA's advice. They recommend an average adult to consume no more than 70mg of CBD per day.

Will Eating Products with CBD Make Me High?

No. CBD edibles we stock do not make you high as they do not contain any psychedelic. Zero THC, zero CBN and zero controlled substances.

Will Taking CBD Infused Edibles Make Me Fail A Drug Test?

In short no. Most drug tests look out for THC. None of the CBD edibles we stock contain any. If you are in a country where CBD is banned, you are likely to fail a drug test and potentially face prosecution.

Can Children Take CBD?

No. The FSA states that CBD is an adult product and should only be consumed by those above the age of 18. You should only give products containing CBD to a child if your Doctor advises you to do so or prescribes CBD.

Are Edibles Infused With CBD Safe For Beginners?

Yes. Anyone new to CBD should start with CBD edibles as low doses are available and tracking dosage is a lot easier.

Disclaimer: All of our products are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. It is recommended to check with doctor before starting a new dietary supplement program. All CBD products sold have less than 0.2% THC content and abide by both EU an UK law.



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