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Nicotine Free Vape

CBD Oil King is committed to providing comprehensive information and guidance around everything CBD and vape related. We would like to welcome you to the Ultimate Guide to Nicotine-Free Vaping, where we will explore the growing trend of nicotine-free vaping as a healthier alternative to traditional smoking and vape options. You are here to learn more about zero nicotine disposable vape options and that is exactly what we are going to explore in-depth within this article. Let’s first start with the basic aspects surrounding nicotine free vape.

Understanding Nicotine-Free Vaping

On the market today, there are many types of vape pens. There are those filled with nicotine vape juice, CBD vape devices are filled with CBD vape liquids, and even THC vape which are filled with THC vape oil from UK. However, did you know there are also vape options that do not include any of these additives allowing people to enjoy a vape without nicotine, CBD, or THC? In this ultimate guide to nicotine free vaping, we are going to cover everything nicotine free vape-related. First, let's explore more about what nicotine free vaping is, the type of products used, and how it works!

What is Nicotine-Free Vaping?

Nicotine-free vape pen options are becoming very popular, especially today as people are becoming more health conscious and are starting to discover that they can still enjoy the feeling of vaping without any of the potentially addictive compounds such as nicotine. Nicotine free vaping is exactly what it sounds like. It is vaping vape products such as nicotine free disposable vape pens or cartridges or pods that are filled with nicotine-free vape liquid. Nicotine-free vaping provides all the thrills and feels of vaping, simply without the nicotine or other additives.

Exploring Different Types of Nicotine-Free Vape Products

Like with CBD vapes and even THC vapes, when it comes to nicotine-free vape UK consumers have access to many different products and options.

Nicotine free disposable vapes that are unable to be refilled or even recharged are among one the most popular ways to enjoy a no nicotine vape. These products, once depleted of 0 nicotine disposable vape e-liquids, are meant to be recycled and must be replaced entirely. While these are considered to be one of the most user-friendly and convenient ways to vape without nicotine, they can become expensive as they must be replaced each time along with their battery component. When it comes to the best nicotine free disposable vape, UK consumers have access to several choices that offer superior quality, performance, and flavour! When you are ready to discover the best nicotine-free disposable vape UK consumers have access to, where our founders went on a hunt to find the best no nicotine disposable vape pens.

Nicotine-free vape cartridges are another option for vaping without nicotine. These cartridges are pre-filled with nicotine-free vape e-liquid and are designed to work with vape batteries, with the most common being 510 thread cartridges and batteries. This setup, unlike disposable vapes, allows consumers to recharge the battery and simply replace the cartridge upon depletion.

Pre-filled nicotine-free disposable vapes are also available for use with pod systems, commonly called vape pods or pod mods. These pods, like pre-filled cartridges, attach to a battery base that does not need to be replaced with each empty cart or pod. Pods are typically smaller than cartridges in capacity and are shorter and flatter in design. When it comes to the benefits of various products, the options of cartridges and pods is more economical than disposable setups considering that you only have to replace the cart or pod and not the entire system.

Cartomisers which are widely popular for vaping can also be utilised to disposable vapes. Nicotine-free vape liquid can be utilised in all the same ways that you would utilise nicotine vape liquid or vape e-liquid with CBD. Cartomisers offer the flexibility of adding your preferred zero nicotine disposable vape with ease.

Speaking of which, on the market today, there are also nicotine-free e-liquids that can be utilised with a wide variety of vape pen setups, mods, tanks, and cartridges. Similar to CBD ecig liquid these e-liquids can be utilised with any cartridge, pod, or vape tank that can be refilled. This is one of the most economical ways to enjoy nicotine-free vape. Once you have made your initial investment in a setup, the only regular product that will need to be purchased for you to enjoy nicotine free vaping is nicotine free e-liquid.

The Science Behind Nicotine-Free Vaping

Many times, when someone chooses to vape, they do so to consume compounds such as CBD, THC, or nicotine. So why would someone like you choose a no nicotine vape? What satisfaction do consumers get from vaping nicotine-free products, and how do they work? Let's explore!

When one chooses to smoke, or vape, part of what they enjoy in the experience is the feeling of inhaling the vapor or smoke. Vaporization and inhalation play a vital role in why people enjoy vaping no nicotine vape products.

When vaping, whether you are utilizing a disposable vape pen, a disposable pod or cartridge, or have opted to utilize a vape liquid, the substance in which you are vaping is the same. Vape liquid is made up of two primary ingredients, Propylene glycol, also known as PG, and vegetable glycerin, also known as VG. Both PG and VG contribute to the feeling that vaping produces upon inhalation, such as the tingle in the throat and the size of your vapor plume. They both also affect the end consistency of and flavor produced by vape e-liquid. Let's explore how these ingredients uniquely affect your vaping experience.

Propylene glycol or simply PG is a transparent and odorless liquid. It is also much thinner than VG, which allows you to enjoy a strong but pleasing hit. Vape juices that are higher in PG than VG will produce smaller plumes of vapor but tend to provide a stronger effect in the throat when inhaled.

Vegetable glycerin or VG for short is also odorless and transparent but is thicker than PG. This thickness affects the thickness of your plume of vapor from a vape e-liquid. If you are one that prefers to blow big clouds, you will likely prefer a vape e-liquid that has a higher concentration of VG.

These are the two primary ingredients that are found in vapes of all kinds. To make THC vape juice, a THC additive is infused with PG and VG to produce the end product. The same goes for nicotine and CBD vape juices. When it comes to nicotine-free vape pens and e-liquids, PG and VG are the primary ingredients. The only other additive that you will often find in nicotine-free vape products in most cases is flavoring.

Benefits and Safety of Nicotine-Free Vaping

So now that you know more about how nicotine free disposable vape works and the products available for use, let's explore the benefits and safety surrounding nicotine-free vaping.

Advantages of Nicotine-Free Vaping

Smoking has been proven time and time again to be harmful to one’s health as well as those around them. For this reason, many people have chosen to switch to vaping as it is believed that vaping eliminates the carcinogens associated with smoking making it a healthier alternative to smoking. Vaping allows for a diversity of products catering to cigarette smokers, CBD consumers, and even cannabis consumers through THC Vape option.

This versatility of vaping has allowed many to embrace a healthier alternative to smoking, no matter what it was they were choosing to smoke previously. Some individuals, however, enjoy vaping simply for the feeling and experience of vaping. Additionally, many consumers only smoke or vape socially, and it is becoming more common for these individuals to seek out vape options that do not contain addictive ingredients. These are great scenarios in which a vape with no nicotine option would be an excellent choice. By choosing a nicotine-free vape pen, consumers can still enjoy the experience of vaping without any potentially addictive ingredients such as nicotine, CBD, or THC.

Addressing Safety Concerns

As with anything in life, vaping does not come without its own unique safety concerns and potential side effects. Don't worry, though, as you can still enjoy a vapes with no nicotine safely in most cases as long as certain precautions are followed. So how safe are non nicotine vape products? Are there potential allergies related to non nicotine vaping? Let's explore.

While vaping is thought to be a healthier alternative to smoking because it eliminates the carcinogens being inhaled from the burning of paper and plant material, that does not mean that it doesn’t come without some risks. Below are some of the risks that are associated with vaping, even low nicotine vaping.

  • Research has shown that long-term vaping can lead to a weakened immune system. This is a result of the inhaled vapour effect on immune cells within our pulmonary systems.

  • Studies have also noted that long-term exposure to vaping can result in lung and throat irritation. This is primarily linked to a common flavour additive used in vape e-liquids known as Diacetyl which has been linked to lung irritation and inflammation. This additive is used in low-quality vape products. Luckily, there are many high-quality options available that use other flavouring agents that do not present this risk when inhaled.

  • It is possible to have an allergy to vaping e-liquids. This could be due to an allergy to either PG or VG or to a flavour additive. If you have allergies to these types of ingredients, it is essential that you pay vital attention to the products being purchased.
Now that you know more about the potential risks, let's explore some precautions that you can take to make your experiences with no nicotine vape the best possible!
    • If you are allergic to PG or VG, it is advisable to refrain from vaping, ever.


    • Always check the ingredients and testing related to your 0% nicotine vape products to ensure they do not contain Diacetyl to avoid any associated risks caused by the inhalation of this ingredient that is commonly found in lower-quality vape products.


  • If your throat is sensitive after vaping or in general, it is advisable to choose a vape e-liquid that has a higher concentration of VG.

Nicotine-Free Vaping for Smoking Cessation

Many cigarette smokers have turned to nicotine-based vape options as they are thought to be a healthier alternative to smoking. While this is mainly true, one of the most addictive aspects of smoking cigarettes lies in the nicotine which they possess. Smokers that have been able to utilize vaping to cease smoking cigarettes, may also find that nicotine-free vaping may allow them to eliminate the nicotine entirely from their experience. Nicotine vapes allow you to titrate down your nicotine levels which have allowed many to greatly decrease the amount of nicotine they are consuming. For those that wish to cut it out entirely, 0% vape options may be a great choice, as they will still allow you to fulfill the desire to smoke/vape and provide you with the satisfaction of doing so without the addictive additive of nicotine.

Exploring Nicotine-Free Vape Products

Now that we have explored why someone would choose nicotine-free vaping let's explore some of the most common 0 nicotine vape options more in-depth.

Nicotine-Free Vape E-Liquids

When it comes to nicotine-free vaping, UK consumers highly embrace 0 nicotine vape e-liquids for many great reasons. E-liquids offer substantial versatility in comparison to other vape options of any sort simply because there are a plethora of ways that they can be utilised, with various customisations ranging from the flavour they possess to the experience they will produce.

The flavour options for nicotine-free vape products, like CBD vape products, are nearly endless. You can find carts, pods, and nicotine-free vape in flavours such as apple peach, blue razz lemonade, blueberry, cherry, grape, cola, mango, pink lemonade, strawberry ice, watermelon, banana, Fuji apple, mint, gummy bear, and strawberry ice cream to name a few.

Like with all vape liquid options, you can find a wide variety of concentration combinations of PG and VG within nicotine-free vape mods options. Higher consistencies of PG offer different effects than that of higher concentrations of VG and vice versa. For this reason, many options are a balance between the two, with options leaning slightly in both directions to cater to those with individual preferences for the feel of their inhalation and the resulting cloud from vaping. There are many ways that you can customise your nicotine-free vaping experience to make it exactly what you desire. When choosing to purchase nicotine-free vape products, here are a few things to take into consideration.

Here are a few things to look for when making your purchase decisions surrounding nicotine-free vaping.

  • Look for nicotine-free e-liquids that do not contain additional harmful ingredients, such as Diacetyl, to help eliminate potential health risks from vaping.

  • Only purchase vape products and nicotine-free vape liquid from reputable sources that provide full transparency concerning the ingredients which their products contain.

  • Read the reviews! Reviews can give great insight into what other consumers just like you have to say about the nicotine-free vape products you are considering.

Nicotine-Free Pods & Cartomisers

Without going fully customizable and building a mod to vape, nicotine-free pods and cartomizers make for a great option for vaping disposable vapes liquid. However, when choosing to utilize pods and cartomizers, it is important to understand a few aspects pertaining to their use and compatibility.

These options for vaping are both convenient and economical, offering consumers a balanced nicotine-free vape option. However, there are a few things that should be considered.

    • Not all cartridges or pods work with all batteries. For this reason, it is essential that you ensure that the components that you are looking to purchase are fully compatible with one another.


  • Based on the design of the cartomiser you are utilising, it will likely work differently with different consistencies of nicotine-free vape liquid. If you prefer a higher concentration of PG or VG in comparison to balanced vape liquid options, it is important to take this into consideration when purchasing a cartomiser to ensure it will work best to meet your needs.

Choosing the Right Nicotine-Free Vape Kit

One of the first factors you will want to consider when selecting a vape kit for nicotine-free vaping is your experience level with vaping and vape product components. If you are new to vaping, you will want to refrain from purchasing a complex vape kit from the start unless you have a trusted source to guide you in its use. In this case, a nicotine-free disposable vape mods may be the best option. If you are familiar with vaping, however, making the initial investment in a customizable mod from the start could potentially save you a lot of money in the long run if you plan to consume nicotine-free vape products long term.

Getting Started with Nicotine-Free Vaping

Ready to get started with nicotine-free vaping? Let's look at some aspects that will make your experience as smooth as a good vape, such as maintenance, battery care, storage, and safety guideline aspects.

Tips for a Safe and Enjoyable Nicotine-Free Vaping Experience

Vaping can be a safe and enjoyable experience for consumers of all experience levels. To help make your experience the most enjoyable, it is essential that you maintain, care for, and store your vape products and devices properly. Be sure to refer to your user manual for the operational aspects of your nicotine-free vape product of choice and adhere to the recommendations provided. In general, it is advised to keep your battery charged but to remove it from the power source once it is charged, to clean your vape coils and tanks regularly, and to avoid storing your vape pen, e-liquids, and devices in direct sunlight.

Exploring Nicotine-Free Vaping and Wellness

Removing nicotine from your life is a great achievement and one that should be celebrated. By choosing to vape nicotine-free products and eliminate this harmful and addictive substance from your life, you are bettering your health in many ways. By having the option to continue vaping without nicotine, many consumers find it to be a very relaxing and enjoyable experience that they highly embrace.

FAQs: Answering Common Questions About Nicotine-Free Vaping

Still, have questions regarding Nicotine-Free vaping? Check out some of the most commonly asked questions regarding this subject below.

Is Nicotine-Free Vaping Safe?

Nothing is entirely safe; however, with that being said, nicotine-free vaping is a safer alternative to both smoking and to vaping nicotine-based vape products. This is because nicotine-free vape products take out the risks of carcinogens from smoking and the inhalation of burnt plant material and paper, and by eliminating the nicotine aspect, you are removing the addictive ingredients as well.

Can Nicotine-Free Vaping Help Quit Smoking?

Yes, according to many anecdotal stories, it seems that nicotine-free vaping can help people to quit smoking. Most often, this is first done by titrating the amount of nicotine in the vape slowly until they can eliminate it entirely.

Legal Considerations for Nicotine-Free Vaping

Vaping is not primarily regulated based on the ingredients in which it contains in most cases. Because of this, the legal age requirements to vape are typically in line with the regulations surrounding the age to purchase cigarettes. Be sure to check your local laws.


Vaping nicotine-free vape products offer many benefits, including a healthier alternative to smoking and traditional nicotine products. These vape products come in a variety of products that help to cater to the preferences as well as flavor palettes and needs of individual consumers. When you are ready to purchase nicotine-free vape products, UK markets offer a wide range of high-quality products to help you achieve the nicotine-free vape experience you are after. Whether you are new to vaping or a seasoned vape consumer, we hope that this information will allow you to feel empowered when it comes time to make informed choices and explore nicotine-free options. Here’s to enjoying a healthier vaping experience without nicotine through nicotine-free vape!

Disclaimer: All of our products are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. It is recommended to check with doctor before starting a new dietary supplement program. All CBD products sold have less than 0.2% THC content and abide by both EU an UK law.



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