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Can Vaping Make You Sleepy?

Vaping, or more precisely, CBD vaping, may help enhance sleep quality. One of the most extensive studies found that enhancing sleep quality is one of the top 10 reasons to use CBD. Some other common reasons include anxiety, stress management, and pain management.[1] Since it has a relaxing effect, it is right to ask, “Can vaping make you sleepy?” and "How much vaping is too much in one day?" 

Understanding Sleep Issues

In order to understand how CBD vaping may help with sleep issues, it is vital to understand the complexity of sleep issues. Adults need to sleep at least seven hours a day. This means sleep and not just lying in bed. Many people may lie in bed for seven or eight hours but sleep much less.

Apart from quantitative, there are qualitative issues with sleep. For example, many may not have problems falling asleep but struggle to stay asleep. They might suffer from frequent awakenings. This may disturb sleep architecture, resulting in light sleep and less deep sleep. Hence, a person may not feel refreshed the next day, though one might be sleeping for a sufficient number of hours.

Further, as people grow older, they start experiencing various physical health problems that may disturb sleep. Thus, many adults are living with arthritis, different pains, Parkinson’s, and metabolic health issues.

It means that one does not essentially need sedatives to enhance sleep quality. Sedatives may help you fall asleep but might not improve sleep quality or help treat the root cause of sleep issues.

Since CBD has a broad spectrum of activity, people are more interested in using CBD or other natural remedies to enhance sleep quality.

CBD and Sleep

As we have mentioned earlier, remember that CBD is not a sedative. Nonetheless, it may help enhance sleep quality due to different reasons. It reduces anxiety, stress, pain, and depression and helps overcome other issues.[1]

In fact, most people who use CBD products regularly agree that it helps them sleep better. Of course, CBD is not a panacea and might not help everyone, but it can help in many instances.

It is also good that it does not cause significant sedation. It means that it is safe to drive when CBD vape oil with terpenes or using other CBD products. All it has is a mild relaxing effect.

Moreover, the lack of sedative action means that it does not alter sleep architecture. It means one is more likely to wake up feeling refreshed after using CBD than sedatives.

People who have used CBD report that after using it:[1]

  • I feel more calm
  • I have decreased pain
  • I feel less depressed
  • I focus better
  • My muscles relax
  • I take less medications

So, as one can see, CBD may even enhance focus. Hence, it would be safe to say that CBD is good for those living with sleep disorders. It may help improve sleep quality. However, CBD vaping does not make you sleepy.

Science Behind CBD and Sleep

Before we discuss what science says, a word of caution: remember that CBD vaping is not a remedy or a treatment. Hence, do not use CBD instead of medical advice.

In recent times, science has shown increased interest in exploring the role of CBD in enhancing sleep quality. It would be safe to say that early reports from various clinical studies are quite encouraging.

Thus, for example, one of the studies done on lab animals found that CBD helped enhance sleep duration and quality. Therefore, researchers confirmed that CBD is good for sleep issues.[2]

In another study in humans, researchers found that eight weeks of regular CBD use may help enhance sleep quality in multiple ways. In a randomised controlled trial (RCT) in 28 adults, 14 were given CBD and the rest placebo. In RCTs, researchers do not tell participants who are taking CBD/medication and who are given a placebo. At the end of the study, researchers found that those who were given CBD had better sleep quality, lower inflammation and enhanced immune function.[3]

Hence, it is vital to understand that CBD does not cause sedation. It enhances sleep quality in other ways. It helps overcome anxiety and reduces pain and inflammation. This may lead to better sleep. Therefore, one can safely enjoy CBD vaping even when driving, and it is not prohibited.

The Bottom Line

Vaping is good for managing sleep issues. It may help you fall asleep and may also enhance sleep quality. Most people who use CBD report sleeping better. However, CBD is not a sedative. It means that it improves sleep quality without causing sedation or sleepiness.

On the contrary, people use CBD to overcome pain and depression and enhance energy levels.

In rare cases, if someone feels sleepy after CBD vaping, it may be due to overdosing. It is vital to understand that sensitivity towards CBD differs among individuals, and people often need to identify the ideal dosage for them.


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Dr Preet Pal Singh Bhinder

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