How Much Vaping Is Too Much in One Day?

Vaping is safe and even good for health in some ways. It is fine to have a few puffs now and then daily. However, there are some issues like individual sensitivities and unknown optimal dosage of CBD. Of course, there are recommendations regarding how much CBD vaping a day is good, but lots are still not known. Hence, it is even more challenging to say how much vaping is too much in one day.

When we discuss how much vaping is too much in a day, we are essentially talking about upper safe limits and not just an optimal dosage. Though this question is quite challenging, let us try to answer it so that people can know when it is more than enough.

How much to vape in a day

Before discussing upper daily limits, it is vital to understand optimal dosage. Here, we would like to bring to your attention that the optimal dosage of CBD is not known to science. Some may experience its benefits at micro dosages, and others may need much higher dosages.

Hence, there are just general guidelines. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) previously said that one should not ingest more than 70 mg of CBD a day but now they say to not exceed more than 10mg per day if you are consuming CBD on a regular/daily basis.[1]

Most common CBD vapes have 500 mg in 600 puffs, and larger ones have 2000 mg in 6000 puffs.

Keeping in mind that less than half of CBD vaped would enter your body, it would be correct to say that each CBD puff would provide 0.3-0.4 mg of CBD. [2]

Of course, these recommendations are for daily vaping. If you vape casually, you can safely vape much more. FSA says that 10 mg of CBD a day is safe even for daily consumption for long.

How much vaping is too much in one day

So, as one can see, 100 puffs are good for just anyone. However, one may even go much beyond it. Thus, even 200 puffs are quite a lot.

On average, people have about 20 puffs in each vaping session. It means that five CBD vaping sessions are highly safe and reasonable. However, even 10 CBD vaping sessions a day would not cause any harm.

However, here we want to explore something different, not just an optimal dosage, but the highest safe dosage in one day.

This question is relatively more challenging. Studies show that even a few hundred milligrams of CBD is safe and beneficial for health. Thus, for example, for severe anxiety or other mood issues, one may use 300 to 600 mg of CBD a day![3]

Well, if you see that smaller disposable vape pens have about 500 mg of CBD or 600 puffs. This means that CBD vaping is relatively safe.

However, it is worth noticing that those are recommendations for CBD only or pure CBD. However, CBD vapes also contain flavours and other additives. These flavours and additives, though quite safe, but may cause unpleasant feelings or even nausea when abused.

So, what do we make out of all this information? It means that, in theory, most people will be able to tolerate even 500 puffs a day, or even much more. However, vaping so much is not recommended.

Moreover, people vape daily, and if they vape too much daily, this may cause some unknown side effects.

Hence, it is always good to vape in moderation and avoid exceeding 100 puffs a day limit. Of course, CBD is safe, even if you vape much more, but do not do that too frequently. Just remember that abusing anything is terrible.

There is a difference between vaping too much now and then and doing it regularly and habitually. If you habitually vape too much or more than 100 puffs a day, it may increase your risk of emotional disorders. You may even form a wrong kind of habit. This is not an addiction, but it is still a bad habit.

If you are finding it difficult to stay within limits, you must seek medical help, as it may indicate some health issues, high stress levels, or even severe emotional disorders.

The Bottom Line

CBD vaping is a safe and enjoyable activity. However, if you want to enjoy CBD vaping for a long, then do it in moderate amounts. Nevertheless, it is good to know how much vaping is too much in one day. Fortunately, studies show that CBD is safe even in massive amounts, and even a few hundred CBD puffs would not cause overdose. Though FSA's previous recommendation is not to exceed 70 mg a day, and their current recommendation is not to exceed 10mg if you are consuming CBD regularly, studies also show that dosages like 300 or even 600 mg of CBD are quite safe as a one off. Nonetheless, avoid vaping too much and too frequently. So, avoid more than 100 puffs a day, and in extreme cases, avoid going above 200 puffs a day.


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