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How Many Puffs of Vape a Day Is Safe?

CBD vaping is quite enjoyable. Those who vape regularly often carry their CBD vape pens along with themselves. Most people vape when they take a break or even feel stressed out. It is sometimes possible to vape too much in a day, particularly if a day is full of stressful events. Before we look into how many vape puffs a day are safe, let us first explore what is CBD vape.

Understanding CBD Vape

CBD vapes logically contain CBD. However, there is more to these vape pens. For example, vapes made of CBD isolate mainly contain a single cannabinoid, which is CBD (cannabidiol). However, full-spectrum vapes differ, as they contain many other minor cannabinoids in smaller amounts, and they also contain THC in minute and legally permitted amounts.

THC is a substance known to cause high. However, in legal CBD vapes, its amount is quite small, generally in a few micrograms. Such a small amount may add to its health benefits and effects. However, it would not cause a high.

Nonetheless, keep in mind that full-spectrum CBD vapes are more likely to cause side effects at higher dosages than those made of CBD isolate.

CBD juices are mainly made by dissolving CBD extract in sugar alcohols like PG (Propylene glycol) and VG (Vegetable glycerine). These two sugar alcohols are mainly responsible for producing the vapour. However, they might cause some side effects if they are overheated. Overheating would result in a burning of these substances.

Another vital component of any vape juice is flavour. These days, CBD vapes come in many flavours, like banana, melon, raspberry, and many more. These flavours are not entirely safe and may cause some trouble.

How Many Puffs of Vape a Day is Safe?

Now, coming back to our main subject about how many puffs of vaping a day is safe. Well, for that, we must first consider the Food Standards Agency’s (FSA’s) recommendation. FSA recommends limiting daily CBD intake to 10 mg.[1]

Now let’s do some maths. The most common vapes are 500 mg in 600 puffs and 2000 mg in 3000 puffs. Though each puff contains about 0.7 to 0.8 mg of CBD, but less than half would make it to the body. So, as one can see, about 30-40 puffs would be sufficient to deliver 10 mg of CBD.

Does that mean 30-40 puffs a day is safe? Well, surely. Since 30-40 puffs of CBD vape may contain barely 10 mg of CBD. Hence, we can confidently say that to enjoy CBD vaping daily, one can vape 40 puffs or a little more a day. This statement also considers the fact that this will also ensure that one does not expose lungs to too many vapours and flavouring agents.

At the same time, we would also like to say that CBD is amazingly well tolerated. For example, studies done by pharmaceutical companies regarding CBD’s safety tested much higher dosages, like 6000 mg a day, and they found that though such dosages did cause side effects, but they were not life-threatening. Thus, they concluded that one may develop severe complications only if one continues to abuse CBD at those extremely high dosages.[2]

So, what do the above findings mean? It means that CBD has a very wide safety window. Though 70 mg is safe for almost all people, but even dosages like 6000 mg would not kill a person or cause severe issues unless one consumes that kind of dosage daily.

Keeping in mind that even the bigger vapes rarely have CBD more than 2000 mg or, in extreme cases, 3000 mg, it would be correct to say that overdosing on CBD vape is rarely possible. It also means that though 40 puffs a day is a healthy limit, casually exceeding that limit would still be safe.

Of course, we do not recommend exceeding that limit by any means. Particularly, avoid abusing CBD vape frequently. Remember that there is a difference between a single dose and multiple exposures. Thus, for example, if you keep vaping regularly, some CBD may accumulate in your body.

Additionally, the 40 puffs recommendation is based on the observation that it is safe for even those who are relatively sensitive to CBD. These recommendations are based on the latest FSA advisory based on solid data confirming CBD’s long-term safety at these dosages.

Finally, there are a few other recommendations, like Best CBD Vapes For Stress Relief and always listening to your body signals. Some people are very sensitive to CBD. Always buy high-quality CBD vapes, as most side effects are due to contaminations or impurities and not due to CBD.


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