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Can You Take Vapes Abroad?

Vaping is now a popular recreational activity with perceived health benefits. It is relatively safe. Though it is not recommended to vape too much, those who vape do it regularly. It also means that they take their vapes wherever they go. Hence the question, “Can you take CBD infused vape abroad.” and “Can one puff of vape harm you?”

There are many ways of travelling, but air travel remains the most popular choice. However, security measures at airports are also very strict. Generally, travelling abroad by other means like car or train is relatively simpler.

When it comes to vapes, rules and regulations would depend on many factors like the place of destination and mode of travelling. In this article, we will mainly look at air travel. Moreover, people often ask if can you take vape on plane.

There are too many things to know before travelling abroad with vapes. Here, we explore the most important things worth knowing to make your journey safe and predictable.

Understanding Airline Regulations

Before diving into country-specific rules, it’s crucial to grasp general airline regulations concerning vapes.

  • Carry-On Only: Most airlines insist that vapes be placed in your carry-on bag or hand luggage. The reason? Safety. Lithium batteries in vape devices can pose a fire risk in the cargo hold. So, take a vape pen on plane with you.
  • E-Liquid Restrictions: Remember the 100ml liquid rule? It applies to e-liquids, too. Ensure your e-juice bottles comply with airline limits for carry-on liquids. Generally, this is not a problem, as most bottles are smaller than that. However, do not carry multiple bottles. If you carry too much, it may not be easy to justify that you carry all the stuff for personal use, not for reselling.
  • Battery Precautions: Remove batteries from devices if possible, and store them in a clear plastic bag. This helps prevent accidental activation or short-circuiting. These precautions are also for your safety, too.

Thus, the reply to can you bring a CBD pen on a plane is yes.

Destination Matters: Country-Specific Rules

Now, let us dive into the nuances of specific countries and answer, “Can I take vape abroad.” and does CBD feel like alcohol? Vaping regulations can vary wildly from one nation to the next. In some nations, CBD is legal, and even recreational use of marijuana is legal. However, in many countries, CBD is still an illegal product, possession of which carries severe penalties and prolonged imprisonment.

  • United States: Vaping is largely accepted, but rules can differ by state. Airline regulations are strict, so ensure you pack according to guidelines.
  • Australia: While vaping is legal, selling e-liquids containing nicotine is prohibited in some regions. It’s wise to bring your e-liquids if you’re travelling Down Under.
  • Thailand: Here’s a curveball. Vaping is entirely illegal in Thailand. Tourists have faced hefty fines or even jail time. Leave your vape gear at home if Thailand’s on your itinerary [1].
  • Japan: Vaping is allowed, but e-liquids containing nicotine are a no-go. Non-nicotine e-liquids, however, are available for purchase. Similarly, Japan has zero tolerance towards THC [2].
  • India: With a blanket ban on e-cigarettes and vapes since 2019, India is another destination where it’s best to leave your vape at home.
  • UAE & Middle East: Tobacco smoking is generally accepted in these countries, but not in public places. Additionally, Middle Eastern nations do not differentiate between CBD products and marijuana. It means possessing a CBD vape pen carries several years of imprisonment.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. Always research your destination in-depth before travelling. The above are just a few examples to demonstrate how regulations differ significantly among nations. In some countries, vapes containing CBD and nicotine disposable vape are acceptable. In others, it is non-acceptable, and then there are nations where possessing CBD or even nicotine vape pens may result in imprisonment.

Navigating Customs: Avoiding Unpleasant Surprises

You’ve checked airline regulations and confirmed vaping is allowed in your destination country. Great! But there’s another gatekeeper to consider: customs. Here are some tips:

  • Declaration: If asked, be upfront about your vaping equipment and e-liquids.
  • Limit Quantities: Carrying bulk amounts may raise suspicions. Only bring what you’ll use during your trip. You must have a justifiable amount. Larger amounts are subject to customs clearance, and hiding large amounts may result in severe penalties, even in nations where CBD is legal or nicotine vapes are acceptable.
  • Local Laws: Some countries levy taxes on vape products. Be prepared for potential additional costs at customs.

Vaping Etiquette Abroad

Just because you can vape somewhere doesn’t mean you should do it everywhere. Adhering to local norms is respectful and ensures a harmonious travel experience.

  • Public Spaces: Even if vaping is legal, some countries or cities restrict it in public areas. Always check local regulations. Many nations have dedicated spaces for smoking and vaping.
  • Indoor Vaping: Never assume it’s okay to vape indoors, especially in hotels or restaurants. Always seek permission first. Again, it is common for restaurants to have separate smoking areas. Do not vape in non-smoking areas, as vaping is often regarded as an activity similar to smoking, though it is an entirely different thing.
  • Stealth Vaping: While it might seem harmless, stealth vaping can come off as disrespectful in areas where it’s prohibited.

General Tips for Vape Travel

Below are some additional tips to ensure you can enjoy vaping without disruption when travelling.

  • Backup is Best: Bring extra coils, batteries, and e-liquids. Not every country will have your preferred supplies.
  • Storage: Invest in a quality travel case to store your vape gear. This not only organizes but also protects your equipment.
  • Charging: Different countries have different power outlets. Don’t forget a universal adapter for your charger.


Travelling with vapes doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With thorough research, proper preparation, and a dose of cultural awareness, you can enjoy your vape while respecting local norms. Always stay updated on airline and international vaping regulations. Changes can occur frequently, and being informed ensures a smooth journey for you and your trusty vape. Safe travels, and happy vaping! Even, if you are beginners, you can read about discover CBD vaping: A guide for beginners


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