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Can You Use CBD While Pregnant?

No. Do not use CBD whilst pregnant or whilst trying to conceive. 

Since CBD is now legal to use, its popularity is increasing—moreover, the use of CBD and CBD vape pens is rising among females of childbearing age. Therefore, many want to know, “Can you use CBD while pregnant?” and What about using CBD vape pen and pregnancy? or "Is CBD Safe For Heart Patients?"

People who vape regularly develop a kind of habit. Therefore, they are quite likely to keep vaping even when pregnant. Hence, asking, can you vape CBD while pregnant and exploring the safety of CBD use and CBD vape in pregnancy is vital.

Cannabis Use and Pregnancy – What’s The Risk?

Researchers are worried that the use of cannabis is increasing. Of course, CBD vaping is quite a different thing; nonetheless, cannabidiol or CBD is one of the constituents of the cannabis plant, albeit being safe.

Although CBD is unlike cannabis and safe for prolonged use, its safety in pregnancy is not proven. Proving the safety of any substance in pregnancy is very challenging. This is because there is no ethical way to conduct clinical studies in pregnant women.

Studies in the UK show that cannabis use in the nation is rising. One-third of women of reproductive age abuse one or another substance. Moreover, unplanned pregnancies are more likely to occur in those who abuse substances. Further, studies show that about 11% report cannabis use in pregnancy, though researchers think that actual figures are twice or thrice higher. It means that as many as one-third of pregnant women might be exposed to cannabis.[1]

If up to one-third of pregnant women might be exposed to cannabis, concerns regarding CBD use in pregnancy are real. Fortunately, vaping is not as harmful as cannabis use. CBD vapes do not contain THC, a euphoria-causing substance, or contain it in very minute amounts.

At present, there are just no studies to say what are the real risks. US FDA, therefore, says that any CBD use must be avoided during pregnancy.[2]

Researchers also say that people must not use CBD or other cannabis extracts to treat nausea, vomiting, and pain in pregnancy.[3]

What Does the Science Say About CBD Vape Pen and Pregnancy?

US FDA says that people must avoid CBD in pregnancy, which also means CBD vape pens.[2] At present, science does not know much about the risks posed by CBD vape pens in pregnancy. 

There are no studies that could confirm that CBD is significantly harmful. On the other hand, no studies could confirm the safety. Therefore, in such cases, precaution is the best strategy. 

Moreover, it is worth understanding that CBD is not an essential nutrient or remedy without which one cannot live. Though CBD may help overcome some issues, there are always safer alternatives. For example, one can consider ginger tea for nausea.

However, this does not mean that concerns are baseless. There are multiple reasons for concern.

For example, it is known that CBD is a bioactive compound that can influence the function of various organs. CBD can alter brain connectivity patterns, resting state, and cognitive performance.[4]

Although these CBD influences on the brain might be helpful in adults, they are not good for fast-developing brains or organisms. These effects are not good for the foetal brain.

It means that using CBD during the early stages of pregnancy must result in some undesirable changes in the brain and even in some other organs.

Although, studies do not show that CBD increases the risk of congenital disabilities. However, it cannot be excluded entirely.

Chances are that using CBD during pregnancy may result in some subtle foetal brain changes. Although the adverse impact of such subtle changes might not be visible after birth, they might become apparent as a child grows. Of course, science is unclear about what these adverse changes could be. But, then, why take any risk?

Hence, the recommendation to avoid CBD vape use while pregnant has some scientific grounds. Of course, science still needs to understand many things. Therefore, it is recommended that one should avoid CBD vaping during all stages of pregnancy and also while breastfeeding.

In recent years, some debates have been about allowing CBD use in certain situations. However, most experts do not think allowing CBD use or vaping in pregnancy is a good idea.

The Bottom Line

Although CBD vaping is quite safe and even good for health, there are no reasons to vape when pregnant. If a woman gets pregnant, health experts recommend to discontinue CBD vaping.

If a pregnancy is unplanned, then discontinue CBD use as soon as you learn about your pregnancy.

Of course, there is nothing to worry about. CBD is not a toxic substance. Some unintentional exposure to CBD during pregnancy is not going to harm. However, avoid intentional regular use, like vaping CBD during pregnancy. Also, avoid CBD vaping while breastfeeding.


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