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Is CBD Safe For Heart Patients?

In the UK, less than 10% of people vape, and only a fraction of them use CBD vapes.[1] Of course, CBD products are available in many forms, like CBD oil, gummies, and edibles, but we are more interested in CBD vapes. CBD use is on the rise, including CBD vaping, due to its various health effects. At the same time, heart diseases are pretty common. Thus, people must know, “Is CBD safe for heart patients?” and "Can CBD help treat PTSD?"

To begin with, there is good news. CBD is relatively safe for the heart. It does not cause any severe heart health issues. Even more, it may benefit heart health. Nonetheless, though a robust organ, it becomes quite sensitive to different substances when ailing. Thus, one should use CBD products without consulting a physician, especially when living with heart disease.

Understanding Heart Diseases

To fully appreciate the role of CBD in heart disorders, it is vital to understand that despite some decline in heart diseases in recent years in most European nations and the US and UK, they still remain the leading cause of death.[2]

Heart disease not only kills, it is also among the leading causes of morbidity. What is worrisome is that heart disease is becoming common even in young adults. These are people who are more likely to use Refillable CBD Vape Pens.

Heart disease is not a single health disorder. There are many heart diseases. The leading cause of death is ischemic heart disease, which results due to blockage of arteries supplying blood to the heart.

However, ischemic heart disease occurs due to certain factors. It results from obesity, dietary issues, a sedentary lifestyle, inflammation, high blood pressure, stress, high blood cholesterol levels, and so on. There are multiple factors contributing to the risk of heart diseases like ischemic heart disease.

It means that heart disease is challenging to prevent. One needs to make significant changes in life, like starting exercise, dietary changes, quitting smoking, using supplements, and more.

One of the biggest contributors to heart disease is high blood pressure. It causes atherosclerosis. It also increases stress on the cardiovascular system. High blood pressure may not kill instantly, but over the years, it significantly increases the risk of heart attack.

On the positive side, heart disease is still among the preventable health issues. One can, at least, prevent heart issues from occurring at a young age.

CBD and Heart Patients

There are many reasons why we think that CBD is generally safe for heart patients. There are many clinical studies suggesting that not only is CBD safe for the heart but also CBD make you feel more relaxing, it may even benefit heart health.

Just consider the fact that chronic inflammation and oxidative stress are among the leading causes of heart disease. Studies show that CBD is quite good for controlling chronic inflammation. Clinical studies suggest that CBD can lower oxidative stress. Hence, over the long run, CBD may reduce the risk of heart disease.[3]

After oxidative stress and inflammation, another significant contributor to heart disease is high blood pressure. CBD is known to lower blood pressure and also reduce stress. Studies show that even a single CBD dose may significantly lower blood pressure.[4]

Here, it is vital to understand that studies CBD lowers blood pressure or inflammation at much higher dosages than generally used or present in CBD edibles and CBD vapes. This means that these commonly used CBD items would only have limited influence on oxidative stress or blood pressure. For example, a clinical trial regarding the influence of a single dose of CBD on the blood pressure of healthy people used a 600 mg dosage.[4] To compare, smaller vape pens containing 2 ml of CBD vape juice have 500 mg CBD and last for 600 puffs.

It means that when vaping, there would not be much influence on the heart due to low CBD dosage. This is good news for vapers. After all, people do not vape for heart health or lowering blood pressure. These findings further show that CBD vaping may have either no influence on the working or heart or may have a small positive influence.

Therefore, it would be right to conclude that CBD is safe for heart disease. However, as we already said, there are many kinds of heart diseases. Hence, if someone is living with heart disease, it is essential to consult a physician before taking any health supplement, CBD products, or CBD vaping.

The Bottom Line

To conclude, heart disease is a severe health condition and is the leading cause of death globally. Although heart diseases are quite common, they are also among the preventable health issues. Dietary changes, exercises, and health supplements may all help lower the risk of heart issues.

Studies suggest that, overall, CBD have a beneficial impact on heart health. CBD helps lower inflammation and oxidative stress. Not only that, but CBD also helps lower blood pressure and mental stress. It means that CBD is safe for heart patients. With that said, it is still advisable to use CBD products like CBD vapes only after consulting a doctor when living with heart disease.


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