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CBD For Multiple Sclerosis: Efficacy & Best Products

Natural remedies are commonly used to manage chronic health issues, as they are lifelong and difficult to treat. Modern medicine is helpless against some health issues like multiple sclerosis (MS). There is little chance that modern medicine will be able to find MS treatment in the near future since the disease mechanism remains poorly understood. CBD cannot cure MS; using CBD oil for MS may help alleviate some pain and suffering due to the disease conditions.

Science knows few things about MS, but it does not fully know why these issues occur. It is mainly an autoimmune condition. A condition in which the body’s immunity starts attacking its own body cells. In the case of MS, immunity starts attacking the outer sheath of nerve cells called myelin sheath.

Myelin sheath is mainly made of fatty tissues and enhances nerve conduction. It means that MS disrupts nerve conduction throughout the body, including in the brain.

The disease severity differs significantly among individuals. In some, it is a mild illness. However, in others, it is severe, causing much disability. It may even make individuals bedridden and completely dependent on others.

In some, physical signs predominate, while in others, neurological. So, many lose their ability to balance, speak, write, walk, and more. It causes significant muscle spasticity, too. The condition is quite painful, and nothing seems to help in many instances.(1)

In severe cases, paralysis may occur. Other severe issues could be bladder problems, inability to walk, bone problems, and breathing issues. How long would one survive depends on the severity of the condition, which varies among individuals.

The condition is pretty hopeless for most since it is a lifelong problem, and there is no cure for the condition in sight. So, exploring natural remedies that might provide any relief, even if minute, is worth exploring.

CBD Oil For MS

If you are considering using CBD oil for MS, that is the right decision. There is some sound scientific evidence that it may help relieve spasticity and pain and improve quality of life. It is unclear whether it can modulate disease progress, but some data suggests that it may be entirely possible.

There are many reasons why researchers started considering CBD for MS. They knew that CBD is well tolerated and safe, and yet it has many health effects. Moreover, it is no secret that cannabis has a long history of use in traditional medicine to overcome pain and spasticity. For example, medical marijuana is known to help patients living with severe cancer pain or reduce Parkinson-related tremor.

Of course, it is unwise to compare CBD products with medical marijuana, as both are very different. CBD is much milder, but it is far safer, and one can use it without a medical prescription.

CBD Oil is Quite Good for MS

MS presentation varies among different individuals. What is good about CBD is its broad spectrum of activity.

It means that CBD can help relieve many symptoms of the condition. However, it seems that CBD is especially good for reducing neuropathic pains, tremors, and spasticity associated with the condition. The MUSEC trial done in the UK found it good for stiffness, muscle spasms and pain. It also improves the sleep quality of people living with MS.(2)

It is important to know that there is even CBD-based medication approved for treating MS-related pain and spasticity in the UK. This medication is called Sativex. It is an oromucosal spray containing both CBD and THC in almost equal amounts.(3)

Of course, it would be unwise to compare CBD oil with Sativex, as that contains both CBD and THC in equal amounts. Whereas full spectrum CBD oil commonly sold contains CBD in lower dosages and THC only in minute amounts, with total THC less than 1 mg per pack, which is the legal limit.

Despite the differences in medical CBD oil for MS and commonly sold CBD, it would be correct to say that CBD works. Medical CBD has stronger effects, whereas commonly sold CBD oil is much milder. But, then, CBD oil is much safer and fit for daily use.

Further, it would be unwise to neglect other benefits of persistent CBD use. MS patients may also benefit due to CBD’s ability to lower anxiety, and inflammation, stabilize mood, and much more.(4)

One more area that is worth exploring is CBD’s influence on immunity. Many animal studies show that CBD can modulate immunity. CBD can reduce inflammation and suppress autoimmune responses. Hence, it is quite possible that it may slow down MS’s progress.(5)

It is essential to know that doctors mostly use immunomodulatory drugs in managing MS patients. Hence, adding CBD to the treatment may have additional benefits. Although CBD is not tested for such use in clinics, this does not mean it cannot help.

How To Use CBD Oil In MS?

So, till now, we have learned that CBD works in MS. It is good for managing various MS symptoms. It cannot cure MS but can reduce suffering. It may even have some role in slowing down its progress, but more clinical studies are needed to understand that.

People often ask how to use CBD oil for pain in MS. Well, our recommendation is to use full-spectrum CBD. This is because studies show that in MS, CBD works better when used along with THC. Full-spectrum CBD, unlike CBD-based drugs, contains only minute amounts of THC, but then it contains many minor cannabinoids. Hence, sometimes, full-spectrum CBD oil may be quite good at managing MS symptoms.

Another reason for using full-spectrum CBD could be due to its ability to modulate immunity. Sure, researchers are still unsure whether CBD really slows MS progress or not. But, it is worth trying as animal studies confirm its benefits in inflammation and autoimmune conditions. Moreover, CBD oil and CBD vape pen are safe for regular use, and using them does not require any prescription.

Although we do not recommend people to start vaping. However, those who smoke or already vape may find CBD vaping a better and more enjoyable way to enjoy CBD’s health benefits.


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Dr Preet Pal Singh Bhinder

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