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CBD For OCD: Dosage, products, And effectiveness

OCD is an abbreviation for obsessive-compulsive disorder. The condition is pretty common, and yet it remains among the neglected mental health issues. It is also surprising to see that though there are many studies regarding CBD in anxiety, very few regarding OCD. However, there is a reason to believe that CBD would work for OCD.

The reason to believe that CBD can help with OCD is simple, OCD is an anxiety spectrum disorder. It means that those living with OCD would generally have other anxiety symptoms. Hence, what works for anxiety will naturally help with OCD. Moreover, medical treatment for anxiety and OCD is quite the same.

Understanding OCD

There are two words in the condition, obsessive and compulsive. People living with the condition are obsessed with doing something repetitively. Additionally, these individuals find it hard to control themselves due to a strong urge to do something repetitively. They experience compulsions.

Hence, individuals living with the condition show unusual fears and repeat actions. They might fear dirt or infection and be too obsessed with maintaining things to perfection. If they do not repeat specific actions, their mind is filled with horrific thoughts.

Some may even act improperly in public. Some individuals may even be obsessed with sex, online games, and much more. It means that conditions may even sometimes promote anti-social behaviour.

In most instances, the condition causes much trouble for the individual. These are generally intelligent people who struggle to overcome their obsessions and compulsions. Many of these individuals realise their problems. Thus, they keep checking things, follow strict routines, wash their hands, clean things repetitively, and have other issues.

The condition most likely occurs due to multiple reasons like genetics and past experiences. There is also a role of learned behaviour. This is important to understand as psychotherapy or cognitive behaviour therapy may help well with the condition. Natural remedies can also help with the condition.

Additionally, it is vital to realise that the condition rarely exists alone. It often coexists with other types of anxieties, phobias, and other issues. People living with the condition are more likely to experience panic attacks. Hence, they often benefit from practising mindfulness and supplements that help calm nerves.

CBD Oil for Anxiety And OCD

Of course, OCD is a mix of some brain changes, anxiety and learned behaviour. Though the condition sounds pretty benign, it may cause much distress. Considering that so many factors are involved in the disease development, it is vital to use multiple methods to manage the condition.(1)

There are a few things to focus on when considering CBD oil for OCD. First, remember that it is a learned behaviour, so try not to repeat certain actions. It may be difficult initially, but things would become easier slowly.

Understanding anxiety factor is another important thing. OCD rarely exists in isolation. Those living with the condition often have anxiety disorder. Thus, learn more about your anxieties and focus on overcoming them. Anxieties frequently lead to repetitive actions and worsening of OCD.

For example, a person may have fear or infections, causing a person to wash things, hands, and more.

Next, focus on staying calm. This is where CBD oil for anxiety and OCD may help. CBD is known to help stay calm, reduce anxiety, and enhance sleep quality. Thus, CBD may also help manage OCD, as it helps ease fears.

Combining these measures with other stress management methods, like meditation and mindfulness, is essential. These methods help people to learn about the triggers and thus prevent OCD.

What To Expect from CBD for OCD?

People often want to know how to use CBD oil for OCD or how long does CBD oil take to work. They also want to know the role of CBD pens.

Remember that CBD starts working quite quickly, though it may take longer to achieve peak effect. CBD works in multiple ways, and some of its effects can be experienced pretty rapidly.

Suppose one starts taking a few drops of CBD oil or inhaling CBD using pens. It will result in a quick anxiolytic effect. A person would experience its calming effect quite quickly, often in minutes.

However, one should keep using CBD. CBD has quite a long half-life, which is more than 24 hours. It means that on repetitive use, some CBD keeps accumulating in the body. This results in CBD’s peak effect between three to five days. It means that its maximum calming effect can be experienced in most instances after five days of regular use.

But that is not all. If one continues to use CBD for several weeks, it slowly starts modulating brain activity levels. CBD receptors are present in abundance in the brain, and they help rewire the brain and thus alter certain responses. These are the long-term effects of regular CBD use. It means that in the long term, it can help alter behaviour. Therefore, users can expect significant benefits within eight to twelve weeks of regular CBD use.

One of the good things about CBD is that FSA, UK, classifies it as a novel food. It means that CBD is fit for daily use indefinitely. So, those who have experienced some benefits can keep using CBD daily for months or even years, and it is safe. It is vital to have a long-term plan when trying to overcome anxiety and OCD.

The Bottom Line

OCD is a chronic health issue that often coexists with anxiety. It causes significant distress and disability. OCD may not kill, but in more severe cases, it may also harm physical health.

Overcoming OCD requires prolonged and consistent effort. It is challenging to overcome compulsive behaviour, which requires both short-term and long-term behavioural changes. CBD helps keep nerves calm, alleviate fear and obsession, and reduce compulsive behaviour.

When looking to use CBD oil for OCD, one should always have a long-term plan. It means combining lifestyle interventions with CBD. CBD used alone may be insufficient to overcome such complex issues. Still, it can make a significant difference in combination with other methods.


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