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Difference Between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil

Although both hemp oil and CBD are extracted from the hemp plant, a cannabis variety naturally low in euphoria-causing THC, many people would be amazed to learn that hemp oil and CBD oil are two very different products. In fact, these are entirely different products.

It is vital to understand the difference between the two since many manufacturers are selling hemp oil as a CBD oil. After all, CBD rich hemp oil vape is also derived from cannabis plants, and thus, sellers can print images of cannabis plants on hemp oil containers.

What is Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil is an oil derived from hemp seeds or seeds of legally grown cannabis plants. Hemp seeds are naturally free of CBD or THC. It means that hemp oil does not contain any relevant amounts of CBD or THC.

Studies show that hemp oils are among the healthy oils. Hemp seed's total oil content is about 50%, whereas about one-fifth of these are healthy omega-3 fatty acids. It means that hemp oil is among the healthy oils. Nonetheless, it is CBD and THC-free, generally recognized as safe (GRAS), and is not a regulated product. One can sell or buy hemp oil in almost any nation. There are very few nations that discourage its sale. After all, it is just a healthy edible oil like olive oil or flaxseed oil.[1]

Investigations show that hemp oil may contain traces of CBD or THC. However, this is due to contamination when harvesting or processing hemp seeds. Thus, even if hemp oil has CBD or THC, its amount is minute or in traces.[2]

Understanding CBD Oil

CBD oil, on the other hand, is a very different product. It may or may not contain hemp seed oil, as manufacturers are free to use just any other edible oil as a carrier oil. Thus, most manufacturers prefer MCT oil as a carrier oil due to its better digestibility.

Organic natural CBD oil pen is made by adding CBD extract (isolate or full-spectrum) to just any edible or carrier oil. In this case, active ingredients like CBD, THC and other minor cannabinoids are extracted from hemp leaves, flowers, or stalks (but not seeds, which are CBD-free).

To conclude, though both hemp oil and CBD oil are products related to the hemp plant (cannabis plant), they are entirely different products. Hemp oil is extracted from hemp seeds that are naturally CBD-free. CBD oil contains cannabinoids extracted from hemp flowers, leaves, or stalks.


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