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How CBD Oil Can Help with Dementia

Key Takeaways

  • Dementia is not just about forgetfulness but also about disturbed sleep, anxiety, and mood issues.
  • CBD has antioxidant properties that can help improve sleep and anxiety. It is a helpful tool in managing the condition, but not a cure.

CBD certainly have a place in managing dementia and other neurodegenerative disorders, especially considering that it is among the leading causes of death and disability in the UK. However, before we discuss its possible benefits, it is vital to understand that CBD cannot cure dementia.

Dementia is a late-stage disease and condition diagnosed when a significant number of brain cells have been lost. There is no way CBD can help regenerate a massive number of lost brain cells. However, it can help ease certain dementia symptoms.

Dementia and CBD

As already said, do not expect CBD to cure full-fledged dementia. However, researchers are exploring using CBD for dementia prevention. However, one of the biggest issues in using CBD for dementia prevention is that the condition starts several years before its diagnosis.

Dementia largely remains undiagnosed in its early stages. There are no reliable lab tests to confirm dementia in its early stages.

Nevertheless, researchers say that if one consumes CBD regularly, it might have a role in preventing dementia. However, any such prevention effort must start much before the diagnosis. One may consider CBD as a preventive measure. It may help reduce dementia risk by boosting brain health and enhancing brain plasticity due to its antioxidant effect.

How does CBD oil help someone with dementia? Well, dementia is not just about memory issues. It is also about body aches, disturbed sleep, anxiety, behavioural issues, and many other problems. What CBD can do is help you stay calm and relaxed. It may reduce anxiety in those living with dementia. It may also help by enhancing sleep quality.(1,2)

So, there is a role of CBD in managing dementia, but expectations must be realistic. Do not view it as a cure or remedy but rather as a helpful tool. Dementia can improve the lives of those living with dementia.

Of course, some researchers think that CBD might have a role in slowing down its progress. However, this is pretty challenging to prove. At present, there is no sound study to confirm that CBD may significantly slow down dementia. However, considering its safety and health benefits, using CBD still makes sense.

How To Take CBD Oil for Dementia

It is a good idea to recommend CBD to dementia patients since it will still ease their lives. People often ask what CBD oil is best for dementia.

If someone living with dementia needs to use CBD, much would depend on the severity of the condition and experience using CBD. For milder dementia cases, it is good to start with CBD oil that contains isolate. This is among the safest options but is also less effective.

However, if a person living with dementia has more severe behavioural issues, trouble sleeping, shows aggression and other problems, it is better to use broad or full-spectrum CBD.

There are some studies regarding CBD oil use in brain disorders. For example, there is even a clinically approved drug for use in multiple sclerosis patients with spasticity that contains CBD. Based on the data on using CBD in multiple sclerosis patients, it would be right to say that full-spectrum CBD would be a good choice. Such a product contains THC in small and legally permitted amounts, and this can considerably increase its health benefits.(3) Since most of those diagnosed with dementia have severe symptoms, even vape pens might be an option, but CBD oil is a healthier way to enjoy CBD.

My Personal Take

In my opinion there is a place for considering CBD for easing the lives of those living with dementia. CBD is not a cure, but it can help counter dementia symptoms and also help with dementia-related behavioural issues.


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