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How CBD Oil Can Help With ADHD

Key Takeaways

  • CBD oil cannot cure the condition but may help improve living with ADHD.
  • ADHD is diagnosed in children, and one should only use CBD in this age group after consulting a doctor.

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a condition that is frequently diagnosed in school-going children or adolescents. It is not a condition that may kill or reduce lifespan. However, it may cause disability since those living with the condition find it difficult to perform well at school. Poor school performance and lack of friends may have long-term negative consequences.

Before we dive deep into the topic, some may ask why consider CBD oil for ADHD. Well, there are a few reasons for considering CBD for ADHD. Firstly, most of those diagnosed with ADHD are children; thus, they need something safe and natural. Secondly, the condition is difficult to treat with medications. Finally, chemical drugs may have unforeseen consequences for young brains.

Exploring CBD Oil for ADHD

ADHD is quite challenging to diagnose, and it may go undiagnosed in many cases. Quite often, the condition is diagnosed when parents seek medical help for their child due to a child’s behavioural issues or poor school performance.

ADHD can be seen as a kind of neurological issue. Hence, medications cannot cure the condition. CBD is also not a cure for the condition, but it could be a safe way to manage the condition. Moreover, many children would outgrow to become healthy adults. Hence, in many cases, help is needed to reduce the severity of the condition.

Kids affected by the condition would show signs like lack of attention, concentration (hyperactivity), impulsivity, and, thus, difficulty controlling. Children with the condition may perform poorly at school, might not listen to caregivers, have difficulty organizing tasks, be readily distracted, and have issues in daily activities.(1)

So, the condition may cause much distress, especially for the caregivers. In the long run, the condition harms the children, as poor performance at school may have negative implications for the rest of their lives.

Here, it is vital to understand that kids living with the condition are intelligent. They have learning abilities. The problem is the lack of concentration and hyperactivity. Such children tend to be talkative; they have issues focusing on things. It means that even a small help can be transformative for such kids.

There are few chemical drugs that are FDA-approved (UK MHRA) for managing the condition. However, none of those drugs are proven to work.

CBD oil for ADHD is a good choice. It helps relax but still does not cause sedation. It may reduce hyperactivity and enhance focus. Moreover, CBD oil is a Novel Food and thus may be used in specific conditions in adolescents. Of course, one should not use CBD without consulting a doctor.(2)

Remember that CBD may still cause some harm, or it may interact with certain medications. Therefore, when using CBD in adolescents, one should not use it without consulting doctors.

Choosing CBD oil for ADHD

So, CBD could be a consideration for ADHD. Hence, the question arises: which CBD oil is best for ADHD? When it comes to choosing CBD oil for ADHD, it is always good to start with CBD oil that contains CBD isolate. This is CBD in its purest form; hence, it is also one of the safest ways to enjoy its benefits.

Of course, CBD oils sold without a prescription are all safe. Hence, if CBD isolate does not work, one might consider broad-spectrum or full-spectrum. Broad-spectrum CBD is more potent as it contains many other minor cannabinoids apart from CBD. Full-spectrum is the most potent form, and it contains THC in small and permitted amounts.

CBD oils that contain minor cannabinoids or THC in small amounts may be more effective in some cases. These CBD oils are more potent due to the entourage effect. However, using a CBD vape pen is recommended only if a person experiencing ADHD is above the age of 18.

The Bottom Line

ADHD is one of the common neurological disorders. There are very few medications that may help with the condition. There is some evidence that CBD may help, as it can reduce hyperactivity and thus improve concentration.

It is my strong advice to remember that CBD cannot cure ADHD. In fact, there is no medicine that can completely cure the condition. CBD may provide some symptomatic relief and help live a better life with ADHD.

ADHD is generally diagnosed in school-going children. Using Novel Foods is allowed in the population groups, but one should use it with caution and after consulting a healthcare provider. CBD have some benefits over chemical drugs, as it is unlikely to cause any harm in the long run when used responsibly.


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Dr Preet Pal Singh Bhinder

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