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Have You Tried CBD Oil for Treating Panic Attacks?

Key Takeaways

  • Anxiety and panic attacks are becoming increasingly common.
  • CBD helps relax so in turn may help calm nerves, thus less prone to panic, and is safe for prolonged use.
  • CBD oil is not a medication, so it may not help or cure severe panic attacks.

Modern life is quite stressful, and thus, emotional disorders like anxiety and panic attacks are on the rise. If such conditions are not managed on time, they might even develop into more severe mental health issues. However, it is often possible to calm nerves and prevent panic attacks using certain methods like breathing exercises. It may also be good to consider CBD oil for panic attacks.

Understanding Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Let us explore what is anxiety. Anxiety is a pretty common issue, and most people would experience it during their lives. Panic attacks often occur due to excessive anxiety. If anxiety is severe and starts disturbing a person to live a normal life, then it is called generalized anxiety disorder (GAD).(1)

Anxiety is an emotion, excessive worry, a kind of emotional reaction. However, it may also become a mental health issue. If one uses CBD early enough, one can control anxiety in its early stages and prevent becoming a mental health disease.

Many individuals living with anxiety experience panic attacks and phobias,  which are sudden emotional upsurge and reduced ability to think due to too much worry. Anxiety may occur due to some real troubles in life. However, quite often, it occurs due to perceived threats. Since anxiety reduces one’s ability to counter problems and find solutions and may even cause physical ailments like gut problems, it is vital to learn to stay calm. Hence, it is good to explore using CBD for anxiety.

CBD for Panic Attacks

So, is CBD oil good for anxiety or depression? Yes, it is good. Some of the most common reasons why people start using CBD are to reduce pain, anxiety, and depression and to improve sleep quality. CBD helps people relax and thus better face the adversities of life.

When we talk about CBD for panic attacks, anxiety, or depression, we do not essentially mean mental health issues. Anxiety becomes a mental health problem if one does not tackle it in its early stages. By preventing panic attacks, one can prevent anxiety disorder.

If one does not prevent these emotional outbursts of excessive worry or sadness, they might progress to disease. CBD is not a treatment, and CBD oil or CBD vape pens are not for treating diseases. However, they can help relax, reduce excessive worries, and manage day-to-day emotional swings and anxiety.

Does CBD work for anxiety and panic attacks?

Yes, it works. It is, of course, not for treating mental health issues like GAD. However, it can help with mild to moderate anxiety. If taken early, it may help abort panic attacks. This is because CBD helps keep nerves calm.

There are many studies regarding CBD’s use for managing anxiety. Thus, there is some sound evidence that CBD works. Various clinical trials in healthy adults show that it can help control day-to-day anxiety, reduce social anxiety, relax nerves, boost confidence, improve sleep quality, and reduce compulsive behaviour.(2)

One can use both CBD oils or CBD pens for anxiety. However, CBD oil is a healthier option. However, for those who vape, CBD vape pens may also be an option. Vapes are good in a way that they work very fast, though they might have some side effects.

Yet, another thing that many people want to know is how much CBD do I need to relax. Well, not much. When you take CBD, taking a higher dosage isn’t essentially going to work better. Important is to use CBD consistently. Small amounts of CBD keep accumulating in the body. Hence, those using CBD oil or pens regularly are more likely to experience its benefits. Taking higher dosages may not be a healthy way to enjoy CBD.

Food Standards Agency (FSA) says that one can safely use 10 mg of CBD daily for a long period of time. It means one can safely use a few drops of CBD oils regularly for weeks, months, or years. CBD is a Novel Food in the UK, which means that it is suitable for regular consumption.

As a physician, my take on this is simple: remember that CBD is good for regular use but is not a treatment. It is good for controlling panic attacks and anxiety, as there is clinical evidence. However, CBD oils are still not medications, and they only have mild anti-anxiety effects. Never consider CBD products as a replacement for treatment, and always seek medical help if panic attacks become all too common.

The Bottom Line

All people experience excessive worries now and then, and they are looking for safe ways to prevent panic attacks. CBD is a safe and natural solution. Of course, one should follow the guidelines and not abuse CBD products. Additionally, always buy high-quality and well-tested CBD products.


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Dr Preet Pal Singh Bhinder

This article was authored by: Dr. Preet Pal Singh Bhinder.

This article was peer-reviewed by Dr M Mansoor Siddique (PhD). Dr Siddique has over eight years of experience working with CBD and CBD products.

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