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Pros and Cons of Vaping

Number of people vaping is rising in the UK. Although only a small number of young adults vape regularly, close to one-tenth of young adults may vape occasionally.[1] Vaping may help quit smoking. It is an appealing activity. This article explores the pros and cons of CBD oil disposable vape.

Like any other activity, vaping is both good and not-so-good. If you do not smoke or vape, we do not encourage you to do that. Despite all its pros, vaping is not a healthy habit to begin with.

Pros of Vaping

There are reasons why vaping has become so popular, particularly among youth. It is an enjoyable, appealing, and relatively affordable hobby. It helps people relax.

Of course, it is among the good ways to quit smoking. Even NHS recommends switching to vaping instead of smoking. Though vaping may not be entirely safe, it is multiple times safer than smoking cigarettes.[2] Vaping is a good way to quit smoking and is better than chewable nicotine.

But vaping has many other advantages like it is cheaper than smoking. Moreover, vaping does not expose others to harmful smoke. At present, there is limited evidence that passive vaping may harm health in any way.

Vaping is also quite discreet. One can carry a vape pen and have a puff or two whenever feeling stressed. Vaping is also enjoyed in the company of friends. One cannot neglect the psychological benefits of vaping. Just almost any kind of vaping reduces stress and helps people interact with others and socialize more.

Convenience is another reason why people love vaping. A vaping pen is easy to carry. Unlike smoking, one does not need to light a vape pen. Instead, all one has to do is press a button and enjoy vaping.

There are different kinds of vape liquids. Perhaps the two most common types of vape liquids are nicotine and CBD. Nicotine vapes are good for quitting smoking, with no known beneficial health effects.

CBD vaping differs. Though it might also have some harm, it also has many beneficial health effects. CBD vaping and anxiety is especially good for stress and anxiety reduction and perhaps may have a role in countering mild depression.[3] Of course, CBD vapes are not intended to treat any health issues. They are primarily for relaxation. even many want to know that, Can you overdose CBD vape oil?

One also cannot neglect the fact that CBD vapes come in numerous flavours. Despite the lack of studies on the topic, it is no secret that flavours help elevate mood. Moreover, not all flavours are synthetic. CBD products often use terpenes to enhance flavour. Terpenes are natural antioxidants.

Lastly, and most importantly, vaping helps quickly deliver various natural compounds. Thus, it is one of the fastest ways to experience CBD health effects. After vaping, CBD enters the body almost instantly. Not only that, vaping also means high bioavailability of natural ingredients.

Of course, when discussing pros, it is worth understanding that one should invest in high-quality vapes. Such vapes are lab-tested and contain ingredients as mentioned on the label. Indeed, the benefits of different vape pens also differ, as not all vapes are similar.

Cons of Vape Pens

Anything in excess is bad for health. This is also true for vaping. Although vaping is not addictive, it may be habit-forming. People get used to vaping and often start vaping too frequently. Therefore, people who vape must understand this issue.

Not all vapes are equally good. One is more likely to become dependent on nicotine vapes than on other kinds of vapes. Thus, for example, CBD does not cause any type of addiction and is quite good in that way.

It is also worth understanding that though any industry is regulated, there are many untested vapes in the market. These vapes may contain substances that are not very good for health. Some vape pens may contain very high THC amounts; others may use unhealthy oils and flavouring agents. It is possible to counter these issues by buying high-quality vape pens only.

There are a few other cons of vapes, as they are not entirely environmentally friendly. They might contain plastic parts. All vapes contain batteries that are not good for the environment too. Moreover, people are increasingly using disposable vapes, which may have a more significant environmental impact.

There is also some concern that vapes may encourage smoking. Vapes are indeed really good tools for quitting smoking. However, that is only true for those addicted to smoking. On the contrary, some people may start vaping, though they might have never smoked, and a small number of them may even begin tobacco smoking.

The Bottom Line

Vaping has its pros and cons. It is vital to vape responsibly. If one does not vape, it is better not to get started. For those who vape or are looking to quit smoking, investing in high-quality vapes is a good idea, as they are relatively safer.


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