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Should I Increase My CBD Vape Strength?

CBD vape is a popular method for consuming CBD. The global CBD industry has achieved better than projected expectations. What started off being worth only a few hundred million just a few years ago has now cultivated into a multi-billion dollar global industry. CBD is extremely popular in the UK, and the industry here is on the path to being worth an estimated £1 billion by as early as 2025.

With more people trying and continuing to buy CBD each day, there are no signs of slowing down anytime soon for the CBD industry. Part of the success CBD has seen in the UK is due to its quality. UK CBD is known to be some of the best of the best when it comes to CBD and CBD products. The reason UK CBD is so good is that it has strict regulations it must comply with in order to be sold in the UK. All CBD and CBD products sold in the UK must only come from EU-approved cultivars of hemp containing 0.2% THC or less. According to the Misuse of Drugs Regulation 2001, the legal limit per closed container is 1mg of any controlled substance. This means that any CBD product containing more than one mg of THC within a single package is against the law. For this reason and others, multiple third-party independent lab testing is mandatory. Before CBD makes its way to shelves in the UK, it is tested by multiple labs. These labs look for impurities and test cannabinoid profiles. The results of these tests should be available for resellers and consumers.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is a phytocannabinoid produced by the cannabis plant. It is found in both medical/recreational cannabis and industrial hemp. The type of CBD sold legally around the world comes from industrial hemp. CBD was first discovered in 1940 by a British chemist named Robert S. Cahn. 2 years later, in 1942, an American chemist by the name of Roger Adams became the first person to isolate CBD, which coincidentally led to the discovery of THC. It was many years later, in the early 1990s, when Dr. Rafael Mechoulam, along with a team of researchers, would discover the endocannabinoid system as well as develop an understanding of what CBD actually was.

Today, CBD crops are cultivated, harvested, cured, and processed to become the many different CBD products consumers have come to love. All CBD is not the same, though. It is important to understand the three basic types of CBD.

  • CBD isolate is 99.9% pure CBD having all other cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and impurities removed, leaving behind nothing but CBD.
  • Broad-spectrum CBD contains everything found in cannabis except THC.
  • Full-spectrum CBD cartridges for vaping contain everything found in cannabis, including trace amounts of THC.

Products such as CBD e-liquid can be made from any of these three types of CBD. For those looking to experience the entourage effect, an action that occurs when cannabinoids work in conjunction together, you will want to go with a broad-spectrum or full-spectrum CBD product. If you want to avoid all other cannabinoids like THC, you will want to use a CBD isolate product.

What Type of CBD products Can I Buy?

CBD products can be made into all kinds of delicious snacks and treats. They can also be made into other products such as lotions, soaps, and more. There are many different ways you can consume CBD. Thanks to the versatility of CBD products, the chances are that there is a CBD product that is right for you. Let's take a look at some of the CBD products you can buy.

  • CBD vape juice/CBD e-liquid is available in a wide variety of different strengths and flavours.
  • CBD edibles come in all sorts of taste-bud-tantalising forms, such as CBD hard candies, CBD chocolates, CBD cookies, CBD brownies, and the ever-so-popular CBD gummies.
  • CBD topical products like CBD lotion, CBD cream, CBD balms, and CBD salves.

There are also products like CBD capsules and CBD bath bombs too! When it comes to what type of CBD you can buy, you are only limited by the type of CBD product that fits your lifestyle. With so many different types of CBD to choose from, there seems to be a CBD product out there for everyone.

How Much CBD Should I Use?

When using CBD, it is advisable to be mindful of your daily intake. CBD comes in a wide variety of different CBD strength in vape. You can find CBD products that start from 10 mg and ones that go all the way up to 1000 mg or more. Understanding how much CBD you're consuming is very important. Regulatory authorities in the UK recommend that healthy adults averaging 70 kg should only consume 70 mg of CBD each day, superseding the previous recommendation of not consuming more than 200 mg of CBD per day. With CBD products coming in a wide variety of different strengths and tasting as good as they do, you could easily find yourself consuming more than this.

CBD isn't exactly cheap. This is a very good reason why you won't want to waste it. There's no need to use more CBD than needed. When people first start consuming CBD, it is recommended or suggested that they start low and slow. You want to initially take the lowest amount of CBD possible to achieve the results you're looking for. For many people, this means starting with somewhere between 10 to 20 mg of CBD per day. As time progresses, you gradually increase your CBD intake until you have dialed in the amount that achieves the desired results you are after. Typically, within a few weeks’ time, most people can determine how much CBD they need to take. As mentioned, it's recommended that healthy adults don't consume more than 70 mg of CBD daily unless otherwise directed by their physician or other medical professionals.

How Do I Know When I Should Increase the Strength of My CBD Vape?

Once people start vaping CBD, they typically find out they love it. The average person consumes roughly 1 mg of CBD per puff from a 100 mg CBD cartridge or pod, averaging 100 puffs of CBD. These numbers can be lower or higher depending on how big of puff someone takes from their CBD vape device. Different people use CBD for different reasons. Whatever your reason for using CBD is, you know the results you're looking for. If you've been vaping CBD for several days or even a few weeks and are not noticing any kind of a difference, then it's time to change your daily intake of CBD. This can be done by simply consuming more of the CBD product you currently have or purchasing one that is stronger. Some CBD vape pens offer 1,000 mg of CBD with an astonishing 3500 puffs per vape pen. This means you would average around 3.5 mg of CBD with each puff instead of one mg of CBD like you would from a 100 mg CBD cartridge or pod. As you gradually increase your daily CBD intake up to the recommended maximum of 70 mg per day for healthy adults averaging a weight of 70 kg, you should begin to notice that your CBD vape starts to work better.

Chief Editor Casey A

This article is authored by Dr Casey Abrahamsmen. Dr Abrahamsmen is a board certified physician with over 13 years of experience in internal medicine and pain management. He practises Palliative care at a hospital in Venezuela and is a strong advocative for CBD and believes CBD has a major role to play towards healthy non addictive pain management habits. You can read more about Dr Abrahamsmen here.

This article was peer-reviewed by Dr M Mansoor Siddique (PhD). Dr Siddique has over eight years of experience working with CBD and CBD products.

Disclaimer: All of our products are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. It is recommended to check with doctor before starting a new dietary supplement program. All CBD products sold have less than 0.2% THC content and abide by both EU an UK law.



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