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Therapeutic Potential Of CBD For Eczema and Skin Health

Eczema of atopic dermatitis is a pretty common skin disorder. It affects about one-third of children, but most would outgrow it. Nonetheless, this skin condition affects about 10% of adults. These are massive numbers. Hence, it is good to explore the therapeutic potential of CBD for eczema and skin health.

In this article, we will mainly focus on eczema and the possible role of CBD in some other common skin issues.

Eczema, or atopic dermatitis, is an allergic disorder. However, things are not as simple. Most skin conditions, including eczema, are quite complex. Thus, for example, studies suggest that eczema risk is higher in some individuals due to certain genetic defects causing a “leaky” skin barrier.(1)

Apart from issues with skin barrier dysfunction, much more is happening in eczema and other skin issues. For example, people are more likely to develop skin rashes during periods of stress. This highlights the role of the nervous system in skin health.

Additionally, there is no doubt that skin issues like atopic dermatitis occur due to faulty immune responses. These are not classical allergic disorders; hence, usual anti-allergy medications like antihistamines do not help in eczema and many other similar conditions.

In many skin issues, there is more severe immune dysfunction, including higher cytokine production. There is also dysfunction of immune cells and various immunoglobulins.

CBD for Eczema and Skin Health

There was a reason for discussing the causes of eczema so that readers understand that skin disorders like atopic dermatitis are not just allergic reactions. There are genetic factors, stress, immune dysfunction and more. Such multifaceted conditions are difficult to manage with a single drug.

All this means that those with eczema must think about many things. For example, they need to think about allergies, stress management, and correcting immunity.

So, now one can understand how, why, and where CBD fit into eczema management.

CBD is quite good for improving skin barrier function. Compromised skin barrier function is the prime cause of eczema. It is vital to understand that human skin also has endocannabinoid receptors.

CBD is among the potent antioxidants. It helps reduce skin inflammation. It also promotes the growth of keratinocytes. Further, CBD reduces local irritation, and due to its immunomodulatory action, it also suppresses local inflammatory responses.(2)

CBD can also help counter certain allergic responses. It may suppress macrophages and reduce histamine release.

Those living with eczema and other skin issues have another significant issue: pruritis or itchy skin. This not only reduces the quality of life but also damages the upper layer of the skin. CBD helps enhance quality of life by reducing itchiness.

CBD is good for the skin as it promotes wound healing. This may have a role in various skin issues. For example, eczema tends to flare sometimes. However, once the flare is over, CBD promotes faster healing.

Eczema flares often occur during periods of stress and anxiety. CBD is one of the good natural remedies for countering anxiety.

Some other poorly known factors contribute to skin eruptions, like certain nerve factors. CBD acts both on the brain and peripheral nerves, and thus, it may help counter these issues.

CBD is also good for reducing sebum production. It is proven to work against acne. It seems to calm down hyperactive sebaceous glands. It may also help with oily skin.(3)

Finally, use CBD oil for sleep, as nothing is better than sleep to reduce stress and promote skin regeneration. It is known that people who rest well also look better.

The Bottom Line

It is good to use CBD oil for eczema due to many reasons. Use CBD for depression, sleep, and calm your body and mind. When using CBD, it is vital to realize the relationship between general well-being and skin health. To enjoy CBD’s health benefits, one may use DBD oil, or may even consider CBD vape pens.

CBD might help boost skin health in two conceivable ways. Firstly, it has a direct positive impact on skin barrier function. This is mainly due to reduced inflammation, allergy, and immune modulation. Moreover, CBD appears to boost tissue regeneration.

Secondly, CBD helps by boosting overall health and wellness. After all, there is a direct relationship between physical health and skin health. Moreover, it appears that stress and anxiety can have an adverse impact on skin health, and CBD helps lower stress.

Further, it is vital to understand that CBD promotes sleep, which may also contribute to skin health. Those who sleep well are more likely to have better skin.

Flares are often characteristic of skin issues like eczema and many other skin disorders. Therefore, when using CBD for skin health, prolonged use is essential. CBD had little role in the acute exacerbation of skin issues. However, if one continues to use CBD for a long, it may make a significant difference.

Finally, do not forget that CBD oil is also rich in terpenes. So, many of its health benefits are not just due to CBD. So, keep using CBD oil for a long to experience its skin health benefits.


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Dr Preet Pal Singh Bhinder

This article was authored by: Dr. Preet Pal Singh Bhinder.

This article was peer-reviewed by Dr M Mansoor Siddique (PhD). Dr Siddique has over eight years of experience working with CBD and CBD products.

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