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CBD For Depression: Benefits And Usage

Why consider CBD for depression? Well, it is the most prevalent mental health disorder globally. Not only that, it is quite a severe issue and among the leading causes of suicides. Thus, for example, studies show that 1 in 5 adults in the UK experienced some depression during the last three months.(1)

But worries do not end here. Number of people experiencing depression is rising. The condition used to be a rare health condition just a few decades back. Modern lifestyle and environmental changes are causing this epidemic.

Another issue is that despite the existence of so many drugs or antidepressants, they are not very effective in managing depression. Thus, for example, one of the most authoritative studies published in 2010 in the journal JAMA says antidepressants are of little value in mild to moderate depression.(2)

About 70% of all those experiencing depression have mild to moderate depression, and one-third have severe depression. It means that medications are of little help in about 70% of the cases. Even worse, these drugs are very toxic. Hence, for most people experiencing depression, it is better to explore other options like lifestyle interventions and health supplements.

Understanding Depression

Before we continue our topic of CBD oil for depression or topics like whether it is vaping a depressant, let’s understand some basics.

Understanding depression is vital, as it also kills. Many people living with depression do not know that they are living with the condition. Thus, many fail to seek medical attention or take early measures.

Depression is about losing interest in daily activities. People living with depression stop enjoying life and activities they used to enjoy. Not only that, but they also lose the purpose of life, become sad, and stop socializing. In severe cases, they start developing suicidal thoughts.

Depression also causes some physical signs and symptoms like appetite changes, fatigue, issues learning and concentrating. Depression also causes changes in sleep patterns. A person living with depression would generally sleep excessively.

CBD Oil for Depression

CBD oil has now become a popular remedy for mild mental health issues. Of course, we do not recommend CBD for severe or clinically diagnosed depression. People must seek medical attention for severe depression, as it is a life-threatening condition.

However, people can explore lifestyle interventions, including CBD, for milder day-to-day depression. Moreover, NHS UK also says that for milder depression, people may benefit from lifestyle interventions like exercise and psychotherapy.(3)

When considering CBD oil for depression, always combine it with other treatment methods. One should manage depression with exercise, practising mindfulness, and seeking expert help.

Of course, using natural remedies is one of the options for managing depression without resorting to toxic drug therapy. Studies show that CBD use for managing depression is increasing. One of the Polish exploratory studies found that almost 50% of those with mild depression reported using CBD, and many also reported benefiting from its use.(4)

Researchers also warn that even doctors must be aware of the topic. Many individuals seeking medical help are already using some herbals or CBD. For example, many may be using medications and CBD together, like sertraline and CBD oil.

These are still early days, but much research is happening on the topic. It means that researchers are studying CBD for depression. At least, early findings are very encouraging. Early studies suggest that CBD can be helpful to those living with mild depression.

Thus, studies in animals show that it helps reduce depression in a dose-dependent manner. Further, CBD is quite complex, and it not only affects the endocannabinoid system but may influence the brain’s serotonin levels. CBD is good for brain health or neuroplasticity. Which means that CBD encourages brain changes. It also means that people using CBD may become more receptive to psychotherapy and other lifestyle interventions.(5)

So, what do we make out of this information? Does CBD oil for depression work? Well, studies show that it is beneficial. It is not a magical solution but a helpful tool. It is one of the ways to counter depression. CBD works best when combined with other health measures.

How to Take CBD Oil for Depression

Depression is a chronic issue, thus it is vital to know how to take CBD oil for depression. Sure, one can take a few drops of CBD oil sublingually to get rid of acute stress. Those who vape may consider CBD vapes. However, it is vital to realize that depression is not an acute condition and requires prolonged care. People ask is vaping a depressant? No, it is anti-depressant.

This means that people must use CBD oil regularly if they expect to experience any benefit. Most CBD oils that are approved for sale in the UK are fit for daily or regular use. However, FSA recommends people avoid taking more than 10 mg CBD a day, which is not a very high CBD dosage.

Nonetheless, even a small dose of CBD is quite helpful. If a person takes CBD regularly, it will accumulate in the body for a few days, usually achieving a peak effect in about five days. That is why it is so important to use CBD daily and regularly.

Once the person has achieved the peak effect, it is vital to maintain that effect. For this, one must use CBD daily in the small dosages as recommended by FSA. Using CBD in those dosages would ensure that one experiences health benefits without any harm.

Further, daily use will ensure that the person does not experience depression episodes. When it comes to using CBD effectively for depression, the focus must be on prevention. It is always good to use lifestyle interventions and supplements during the early phases of the condition. In the later stages, one would benefit more from medical drugs.

The Bottom Line

Of course, CBD oil for depression or vaping CBD oil for depression are not clinically approved remedies. CBD oil is not meant to treat severe depression. However, CBD is still one of the helpful tools. One can use CBD along with various other lifestyle measures to prevent depression.

If you have depression symptoms, start making lifestyle changes early. So, start exercising, practising mindfulness, meditating, and attending yoga classes. Also, carry out dietary changes with a focus on increased vitamin intake. Further, start taking CBD oil as a supportive measure. By using multiple methods, one can beat this dangerous mental health issue.


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Dr Preet Pal Singh Bhinder

This article was authored by: Dr. Preet Pal Singh Bhinder.

This article was peer-reviewed by Dr M Mansoor Siddique (PhD). Dr Siddique has over eight years of experience working with CBD and CBD products.

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