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Is Vaping a Depressant?

Legal vapes do not cause a high or euphoria. Nevertheless, people use them due to their impact on mood and brain. Most vapes do influence the brain’s working in one way or another. Hence, it is okay to ask, “Is vaping a depressant.”

The two most common vape types are nicotine-containing vapes and CBD vapes. Both are known to interfere with the workings of the brain, though in very different ways. Hence, both of them influence mood. However, none of them seem to cause mood disorders.

When it comes to depression, it is the most common mental health issue. Office of National Statistics, UK, says that at any given time, one in six adults are experiencing mild to moderate symptoms of depression.[1]

The prevalence of depression has been increasing at an alarming rate. It is difficult to believe that just about fifty years ago, depression was among the rare mental health issues. High rates of depression have something to do with the modern lifestyle. Hence, it is vital to stay alert and avoid substances that act as depressants.

Some people feel dizzy after vaping nicotine. Many people report changes in mood after CBD vaping. CBD is known to enhance sleep quality. So, are CBD vape pens a depressant?

Vaping and Depression

Before we go deep into the topic, let’s answer the main question: is vaping a depressant? No, there are no legal vapes that cause depression or act as depressants. In fact, people vape just because it helps enhance mood and instead helps prevent depression.

Just take an example of the most common vape types: nicotine-containing vapes. Although, nicotine is unhealthy and has numerous ill effects on health, including increased cancer risk. But it does not cause depression. On the contrary, people smoke or vape nicotine due to its stimulating effect and ability to enhance mood.

Vaping CBD is quite a healthy activity. CBD is very different from nicotine. It is much safer and, in moderate amounts, does not cause any severe health issues. That is why CBD is regarded as a Novel Food in the UK, good for consumption in moderation.[2]

Of course, vaping CBD is different. It works faster and is more likely to influence the brain’s working. Nevertheless, studies show that CBD is neither a stimulant nor a depressant. It is a non-psychoactive compound.

In fact, CBD has a much more pleasant effect on the brain and mood. It is known to reduce inflammation and protect brain cells. CBD helps people relax, overcome pains, and enhance sleep quality. It also helps calm nerves.

There is increasing evidence that CBD may be good for managing depression. Yes, people often use CBD to manage mood disorders. People commonly use CBD to manage their symptoms of anxiety and depression.[3] Therefore, depression is one of the most common reasons to use CBD. Most of those who vape CBD report reduced depression.

Of course, CBD vape is not a medication and is not intended to treat depression. But, people can use CBD vaping as one of the supportive remedies.

Moreover, it is worth understanding that treating depression is very challenging. Though there are tens, if not hundreds, of drugs to treat depression, none seems to work well. Treating depression is still a challenge for doctors. Further, anti-depressants cause numerous side effects.

Hence, it is no surprise that those who experience depression are always looking for alternate ways to help themselves. To a degree, this is the right approach. After all, medical literature does support the use of lifestyle interventions for managing depression.

Further, it is worth understanding that vaping may help overcome depression in some other less-discussed ways. For example, vaping helps people forget about their troubles temporarily and is non addictive. It may also help people socialize and appreciate the moment.

Even vape flavours may also help overcome depression by enhancing mood. Moreover, vapes do not contain regular flavours. Instead, they often contain terpenes. Terpenes are natural aromatic compounds and antioxidants, and they help enhance mood. Terpenoids are used in aromatherapy to improve mood.[4]

We are by no means proposing that people should use vaping to enhance their mood. If someone is experiencing depression, it is always a good idea to seek medical help. Moreover, it is worth remembering that depression is a severe ailment.

The Bottom Line

It would be safe to say that no kind of vape causes depression. In fact, most vapes are somewhat helpful for those living with depression. Though nicotine harms health, it can still help enhance mood and prevent depression. CBD vapes are even better, as they are safer and help reduce the risk of mood disorders significantly.

Prolonged use of CBD may even help reduce inflammation and protect brain cells. However, those looking to use vaping for mood disorders must remember that vapes are not medications. Additionally, they must understand that CBD vaping may help even in small dosages. Vaping at higher dosages isn’t essentially better.


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