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Is There a Healthy Vape?

This is a relevant question. Some poor-quality vapes or CBD vapes can be quite harmful. On the other hand, some cbd vapes claim some health benefits (claiming any health benefits from CBD is against UK law; we, as a website and a business, believe in CBD; however, we do not make any claims regarding the use of CBD). So, is there a healthy vape?

Well, yes, some vapes are quite healthy. But, it would be correct to say that there are relatively healthy vapes, and there are vapes that are more likely to cause side effects.

NHS UK says that vaping is one of the healthier options and a good way to quit smoking.[1]

It also says, “vaping produces far fewer toxins to smoking” and that “switching to smoking may significantly reduce the risk of cancer, lung disease, heart diseases, and stroke.”[1]

Well, it means that just any kind of vaping is safer than tobacco smoking. However, this does not mean that all vapes are safe. The most popular kinds of vapes are those that contain nicotine. They might be safer than tobacco or cigarette smoking but have many health harms.

Therefore, if you are looking for a healthy vape, it must be nicotine-free. In such cases, what are the options? Of course, there are nicotine-free vapes. Though such vapes are healthy, but why not consider vapes with some health effects? In such instances, perhaps the best choice is CBD vapes.

What Are Relatively Healthy Vapes

Many things make CBD vapes a healthy choice. Of course, there are vapes with other herbal extracts, too. However, CBD is good because it has numerous beneficial health effects at minute dosages.

Though CBD vaping may be new to humans, they have known about the health benefits of cannabis or hemp for a long. Humans have used this wonderful plant and its extracts for ages to overcome pain and suffering and enhance health.

There are a few things that make CBD vapes a healthy vape.

CBD Type & Quality

When choosing CBD vapes, quality is of paramount importance. Remember that there have been some reports of side effects of vaping. However, new studies show that side effects are not likely to occur due to CBD. Instead, they occur due to additives, heavy metals, contaminants, and pesticides. Therefore, always choose high-quality vapes to enjoy their health benefits.

Absence of Nicotine

Let’s be clear that nicotine is bad for health, just in any amount. CBD vapes are nicotine-free, and this makes them a healthier option. CBD has many health benefits, unlike nicotine, which can cause cancer, heart disease, and more.[2]


There are different types of CBD vapes: those made using CBD-isolate and stronger vapes using full spectrum CBD. Full-spectrum CBD also contains THC in minute amounts. However, all CBD vapes lack any significant psychoactive properties. CBD vapes do not cause a high. They do influence the workings of the brain, helping reduce stress and anxiety and may even help overcome pain.

Fewer Additives

When choosing a healthy vape, remember to choose something with fewer additives. As we already said, the greater the number of additives, the greater the risk. CBD is healthy, but additives are not essentially good. Thus, choose simpler CBD products, prefer well-known brands, and buy from reputable platforms.

Potential Health Benefits

People prefer CBD vaping, as they now realize that CBD is healthy. CBD is not just healthy; it has many beneficial health effects. It lowers inflammation, helps overcome pain, anxiety, and enhances mood.[2,3]

Of course, CBD vapes are not intended to treat disease conditions. Nonetheless, it is one of the good ways to enjoy CBD’s health benefits. It is also one of the preferred ways of enjoying CBD benefits by many people.

Additionally, it is worth remembering that vaping does have some benefits, like faster action and higher CBD bioavailability.

No Secondhand Smoke

CBD vapes are also healthy for people around them. There is no production of secondhand smoke, which can harm those near the vaper. Vaping produces vapour, not smoke, which may pose fewer risks to bystanders.

The Bottom Line

CBD vapes offer a healthier alternative to traditional tobacco smoking and even to nicotine vaping. There are many things that make CBD vapes a healthy option. CBD vapes tend to be free of contaminants. CBD is known to have many beneficial health effects. However, it’s important to ensure that you choose high-quality CBD products from reputable sources.


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Dr Preet Pal Singh Bhinder

This article was authored by: Dr. Preet Pal Singh Bhinder.

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