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Why Do People Start Vaping?

It is recommended that if you do not vape, then you better not start. However, there could be some scenarios when vaping could even be recommended for health reasons. There could be multiple reasons why do people begin vaping, and let us explore some of them.

Quitting Smoking

It is among the good reasons to start vaping, and even experts recommend using this method to quit tobacco smoking. Although might have some adverse health Benefits of CBD Vaping, it is safer than smoking. Even the NHS says vaping could be a good tool to quit smoking [1].

Unlike smoking, vaping does not produce so many known and unknown toxic chemicals and gases. Though vapes containing nicotine are also available for quitting smoking, it is better to use vape juices that are nicotine-free, as they are a healthier option.

Thus, for example, one of the excellent ways to quit smoking could be CBD vape pens, as they may help to relax and reduce the urge to smoke.

Overcoming Stress

Most people experience stress during the day, as life is quite hectic these days. It is among the significant reasons why many start smoking and get used to it.

Vaping is a much healthier way to reduce stress. However, vaping CBD may have even higher benefits, as it is known to relieve stress and mild anxiety. It has a calming impact on the nerves. As demand rises, so does curiosity about CBD oil prices.

There is another reason for stress relief too. Vape juices have wonderful flavours and are pleasant activity, and they might contain other natural compounds like terpenes known to help reduce stress.

Convenience & Social Appeal

Of course, vaping is quite comfortable. Vape devices are easy to carry and do not produce lingering odours like cigarette smoke. Not only that, vape pens last for quite a long – for most people, they last several weeks. Thus, all one has to do is press the button and enjoy. but what if Vape Pen Not Working After Charging. Younger adults are also attracted to it due to the emerging “vape culture”.

Above are just a few reasons why people start vaping. There are many other reasons, like curiosity, flavour variety, perceived safety, and many more.


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Dr Preet Pal Singh Bhinder

This article was authored by: Dr. Preet Pal Singh Bhinder.

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