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Can You Vape CBD Oil And Drive?

Anyone who vapes CBD knows that it does not cause high or euphoria. People report enhanced focus after vaping. Thus, when people ask, “Can you use vape CBD oil whilst driving?” or "Is CBD safe to Vape?" their interest is not just about CBD’s impact on driving, but they also want to understand the legality of their action.

People want to understand if driving is safe and if you can legally drive on CBD vape. Well, the reply to both these questions is “Yes.” It is safe to drive while vaping CBD oil. It is also legal to drive while vaping CBD oil.

There are many nations where CBD oil and CBD vaping is legal now. And none of the countries where CBD is legal prohibits driving while vaping.

Why are so many people asking these questions if CBD vaping is legal and safe while driving? It seems that despite much information on the internet, many people are still unsure of the differences between CBD products and cannabis. Most know that driving after smoking weed is not a good idea.

One Can Drive on CBD Vape

Some nations and a few US states have also legalised recreational marijuana use. However, it is worth understanding that smoking weed/marijuana while driving is illegal and unsafe. Cannabis and CBD are technically different products.

Cannabis/marijuana is rich in THC, a substance known to cause high and significantly alter coordination. However, legally sold vape oils, CBD vape pens, do not contain THC, or they contain it in minute and legally allowed amounts. Legally sold full spectrum vape juice with CBD and have no THC or minute amounts and thus does not cause high or alter coordination.

People who vape CBD oil report reduced stress, relaxing effects, and even enhanced focus. Thus, there is no evidence that CBD Vape can adversely impact driving capabilities.

Cannabis is altogether a different thing. It is long known that cannabis can cause significant changes in the brain, perception, and coordination. Therefore, even if recreational cannabis use is legal in any state or nation, driving after cannabis use is illegal.[1]

When we say that it is safe and legal to drive and you can vape CBD oil and drive, this statement is not based only on legal understandings. There is sound clinical evidence that CBD use does not alter driving skills adversely.

Researchers have done many clinical studies in controlled conditions. They did not find any evidence that CBD could have any negative impact on driving skills in any way.

Thus, for example, in one of the studies done in 2022, researchers enrolled 17 young and healthy adults. These adults were orally given 15, 300, or 1500 mg of CBD. The study found that even after ingesting CBD in massive dosages, it did not result in intoxication, and it did not impair driving performance.[2]

Here, it is vital to understand that researchers in the above study used massive dosages. Food Standards Agency (FSA) does not recommend consuming more than 70 mg of CBD oil (equal to about 100 CBD vape oil puffs).[3] However, researchers in the study above even tested mega dosages like 300 and 1500 mg and still found that CBD is safe for driving.

The above findings just show that CBD is not likely to cause high or intoxication even if you accidentally overdose on it. Therefore, one can safely drive after CBD ingestion or vaping CBD oil.

CBD vs Cannabis, Understanding the Difference

To fully understand why CBD is so safe and does not cause any issues when driving, one must realise that though CBD is derived from cannabis, it is just one of the ingredients in the plant. Hence, cannabis and CBD are two very different things. This is the reason why many nations have now allowed selling CBD products, but sales of cannabis still remain controlled or even illegal in most countries.

CBD (cannabidiol) is just one of the more than 100 cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant. Though the cannabis plant has so many cannabinoids, it contains two major cannabinoids: CBD and THC. These two cannabinoids have very different properties and modes of action.

Out of these two major cannabinoids, CBD has a mild effect on the endocannabinoid system (ECS), resulting in many health benefits. However, THC significantly affects specific receptors in the human brain, causing high euphoria and intoxication.

Thus, THC, the main cannabinoid in cannabis, causes intoxication and compromised coordination. If any cannabis extract is THC-free or contains it in minute amounts (less than 0.02%), then that extract does cause intoxication. All CBD vapes, oils, and disposable CBD vape pens are either THC-free or contain it in small amounts, as legally permitted.

Interestingly, it seems that at small amounts, though THC does not cause any intoxication, it can still have health effects and benefits due to the entourage effect. THC in minute amounts can modulate the working of CBD, resulting in some unique health effects.

The entourage effect is different from synergy. It does not only mean that two substances may add to certain health effects of each other. In fact, the entourage effect may result in completely unique health effects. It means that even by adding THC in minute amounts in CBD products, one can produce CBD vape oils with some impressive health effects.

The Bottom Line

To sum up, driving and vaping CBD oil is absolutely fine, safe, and legal. CBD Vape Cartridges does alter your senses in any significant manner and, thus, does not alter your ability to drive. It should not be confused with cannabis, which is altogether different.

In some nations, recreational cannabis is legal, but driving after smoking weed is illegal. This is because a compound or cannabinoid in cannabis called THC is a strong, mind-altering substance.

Of course, some vape CBD oils might also contain THC, but they contain in small and safe amounts. THC can still exert certain health effects in smaller amounts, but it cannot cause intoxication.

CBD vaping is healthy and can even help reduce anxiety and enhance focus. We suggest to use cheap dry herb vaporizer. However, always use CBD products responsibly, and never overdose them. Though they are not likely to cause euphoria, but overdosing may cause nausea and other issues.


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