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CBD For Insomnia: Can It Help

Sleep issues are more common than many realise. Disturbed sleep is as bad for health as a lack of exercise or obesity. However, most people are not doing enough to have a good night’s sleep. Studies suggest that one-third of people experience severe sleep issues. Many are living with insomnia. So, it is good to look at CBD oil for sleep.

On average, an adult must sleep seven hours a day. Young adults often sleep for fewer hours due to gadget use, jobs, anxiety, and other reasons. However, slowly, they develop a more severe sleep disorder called insomnia.

With older adults, there is a different kind of problem. They need to sleep even more than young adults. But sleep quality worsens with ageing for many reasons. As the brain ages, it becomes more difficult to maintain sleep, and sleep quality worsens. Further, in older adults, chronic health issues cause pain and sleep disturbances. For example, many older men might have prostate issues.

Insomnia means both the inability to fall asleep and the inability to maintain sleep.

It is vital to realize the health risks posed by sleep issues. Poor sleep can increase the risk of metabolic disorders, blood pressure, heart disease and more. Lack of sleep means greater anxiety, higher sympathetic activity, and poor recovery.

Why To Take CBD for Sleep or Insomnia?

There are many sedatives or prescription drugs to manage sleep issues, so why not use those prescription sleep pills? Although these pills help, they have one very significant issue that your doctor won’t tell.

Those who use sleep pills know that although these pills help fall asleep, one does not wake up feeling refreshed the next day. Instead, one feels fatigued and experiences headaches. This is because sedatives disrupt sleep patterns or sleep architecture.

Human sleep is made of multiple phases. It begins with light sleep, slowly progressing to deep sleep, and then to a dreamy state. These phases are repeated multiple times during the night. However, sedatives disrupt these cycles. This results in poor sleep quality.

Another issue with sedatives is that they are often addictive. Moreover, people develop tolerance towards them, thus requiring higher dosages for continuous use.

Simply said, sleep pills or sedatives are not an answer to this chronic problem. One should better consider lifestyle interventions and natural methods like CBD oil for sleep to manage insomnia.

CBD Oil for Sleep Reviews

Studies show that one of the most common reasons why people use CBD oil is to improve sleep quality. Other reasons are stress and anxiety management. Moreover, it is no secret that anxiety can cause sleeplessness.(1)

The good thing about CBD oil for sleep is that it works gently. It is not a strong sedative. It causes mild sleepiness, too, if a person already wants to sleep. For example, suppose one uses CBD during the day. In that case, it does not cause any sleepiness, and it is even safe to drive after taking CBD in the recommended dosages.

It also means that CBD does not alter sleep architecture, which results in more refreshing sleep. People who use CBD for sleep issues wake up feeling much better the next day.

When to take CBD oil for sleep? The best time is to take it few hours before going to bed. As daytime anxiety can cause sleeplessness.

Whether you use CBD oil for restless leg syndrome or CBD vape pens, remember to use CBD regularly. It improves sleep quality gradually in a few weeks. For example, in one of the studies of 72 adults, most participants reported better sleep and reduced anxiety after one month of constant CBD use.(2)

Tens of studies confirm that CBD improves sleep quality without causing sedation. Hence, one of the systemic reviews, a special kind of study that combines data from multiple studies, found that after looking at thirty-four clinical trials, researchers found that there is enough evidence to say that CBD can help with insomnia. Further, it appears that full-spectrum CBD containing THC maybe even better.(3)

The Bottom Line

Sleep disorders like insomnia are present in common. However, unlike other painful conditions, people tend to neglect the condition, not realizing the long-term threat posed by insufficient sleep. Poor sleep quality increases the risk of most chronic health issues.

However, managing sleep problems is not that easy. Using sedatives to manage sleep issues is not a good decision due to their toxicity and inability to improve sleep quality. It is insufficient to sleep for a specific number of hours. It is equally vital that sleep quality is good. Natural remedies like CBD have an edge over chemical drugs in a way that they are gentler and do not disrupt sleep quality.

Therefore, the best way to manage insomnia is to switch to lifestyle interventions. Some good ways are engaging in exercises, practising mindfulness, and practising sleep hygiene, such as reducing gadget use. Additionally, adding CBD to the daily regime may also help. Finally, remember that CBD starts acting within a few hours, but it takes much longer to improve sleep quality fully.


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Dr Preet Pal Singh Bhinder

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This article was peer-reviewed by Dr M Mansoor Siddique (PhD). Dr Siddique has over eight years of experience working with CBD and CBD products.

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