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CBD Vape And Alcohol

Alcohol is one of the most commonly consumed and readily available mind-altering substances. More importantly, it is entirely legal to consume alcohol in the UK. Alcohol consumption in various forms has been part of certain cultures. 

Although alcohol consumption is not healthy, there is a reason why people love it. It helps people relax and socialize. Alcohol is also addictive. Therefore, many people abuse alcohol. However, consuming alcohol in small amounts may be safe, but not in large amounts or too frequently.

In the UK, more than 80% of adults consume alcohol now and then, and about 50% of adults drink alcohol at least once a week. Perhaps about 10% or more abuse alcohol. Alcohol use is also on the rise in young adults and even adolescents. Thus, one-fourth of young adults drink significant amounts of alcohol.[1]

When it comes to vaping, things differ. It is not that common. Nevertheless, the number of people who vape is rising in the UK. On the other hand, the number of people who smoke tobacco is declining. Studies estimate that about 6-8% of young adults vape regularly in the UK.

It means that it is pretty likely that most who vape may mix alcohol with vaping. However, there are some gaps in data, too. It is unclear how many of those who vape prefer CBD vapes. Not all who vape prefer CBD, with many preferring nicotine, though nicotine is much more harmful.

Nonetheless, it is clear that CBD vaping is on the rise due to its better safety compared to nicotine vaping and its perceived health benefits. Therefore, many adults might likely consume alcohol and vape CBD, too. 

Alcohol And Health

Before we discuss how CBD and alcohol mix together, it is vital to understand that alcohol consumption is so common and socially accepted in the UK that it has many health harms. Some experts think that even small amounts of alcohol are bad for health, and its health benefits are exaggerated.

Studies suggest that alcohol consumption is associated with more than 60 medical conditions, some of which are severe. Thus, it causes disease of the stomach, liver, blood pressure, depression, and more. Each year, about one million adults are admitted to hospitals in England alone due to high alcohol consumption. Alcohol also results in many deaths and significantly reduced lifespan.[1]

So, yes, alcohol is quite harmful to health. The truth is that it is safe in very small amounts and when consumed infrequently. However, in practice, very few people consume alcohol within recommended limits. Therefore, it is no surprise that each year, thousands seek treatment for alcohol addiction in various clinics.

CBD and Health

Though CBD has been illegal for most of the 20th century and has been legalized in the early 21st century, it is amazingly safe. Not only that, it may even help in certain health conditions. Some CBD-based drugs are now approved for treating certain medical conditions like resistant epilepsy in children.[2]

It is difficult to believe that CBD has been an illegal drug for so many years, despite being so safe and having medicinal properties. CBD is much safer than alcohol. It does not cause addiction, and people do not abuse CBD. It does not cause high. It is even safe and legal to drive and vape CBD!

CBD has been illegal in the UK due to specific confusion. For a long, various agencies just refused to understand that cannabis/marijuana and CBD are two very different things.

Cannabis causes high due to its content of THC. CBD products are either THC-free or CBD vapes contain THC in very small and legally permitted amounts. In such small amounts, THC does not cause harm, and it adds to the health benefits of CBD.

CBD Vape and Alcohol

Since now it is clear that among CBD and alcohol, it is alcohol that is harmful, let’s explore if it is safe to vape CBD and drink alcohol.

Some of the studies done in the mid-20th century suggested that combining CBD and alcohol is not a good idea. However, those studies were biased. New studies do not show any significant harm in combining alcohol and vaping CBD in moderate amounts.

CBD does not cause a high or, sedation or euphoria. Therefore, if one vapes CBD and consumes alcohol, it will not make a significant difference.

Interestingly, some new studies suggest that combining alcohol and CBD vaping may be a good idea. It appears that CBD is a 5-HT1A receptor agonist. Thus, it can reduce liver and brain damage caused by alcohol consumption.[3]

CBD also reduces oxidative stress caused by alcohol abuse.

However, suppose one ingests too much CBD or vapes CBD excessively and consumes alcohol in higher amounts. In that case, it may result in higher impairments of motor function or movements and reduced physical performance. Additionally, CBD also lowers blood pressure.[3]

Those who love CBD vaping or alcohol will likely combine these activities frequently. However, researchers warn that the long-term adverse effects of combining the two are unclear.

The Bottom Line

Alcohol is widely consumed in the UK, whereas CBD vaping is popular among young adults and specific population groups. Nonetheless, there are significant chances that many individuals might consume alcohol and vape CBD.

Early studies suggest combining CBD vape with alcohol is safe if done moderately. However, if one consumes alcohol excessively and vapes too much, it may result in a more significant impairment of movements.

In practice, it means that it is completely safe if you have a glass or two of wine and a few puffs of CBD vape. However, if you abuse alcohol and CBD, then things may differ. Additionally, combining CBD and alcohol often may result in lesser-known side effects.

It is vital to understand that people are not likely to abuse or overdose on CBD. However, they are quite likely to consume alcohol excessively. Therefore, to enjoy these substances safely, it is vital to limit alcohol intake and stop abusing it. Having a few puffs of CBD along with alcoholic drinks is not likely to harm health.


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Dr Preet Pal Singh Bhinder

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