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CBD Vape Side Effects

Before we discover all the possible side effects of CBD vaping, it is vital to understand that is quite safe. It rarely causes any side effects. Using vape pens with CBD and their side effects are more likely to occur due to contaminated e-juices, poor-quality products, or due to overdosing/abuse.

Although individual sensitivities exist, CBD is exceptionally safe even at massive dosages. Thus, for example, the Food Standards Agency (UK) says 70 mg of CBD is relatively safe. Which roughly translates to about 100 puffs a day.[1]

It means that if someone buys a 600-puff disposable CBD pen (600-puff disposable CBD pen) and finishes it in a few days/less than a week, it is still not likely to cause any side effects. Vape pen with a refillable cartridge is a good choice for those people who takes vaping seriously.

These are not just assumptions. CBD is proven to be safe by science. There are now medications that contain CBD. These medications have CBD in much higher concentrations, and yet they are well-tolerated and help treat health conditions.[2]

Of course, CBD vapes are not medications. They are not for treating health conditions. They are primarily for recreation and relaxation. Additionally, vaping is different from oral ingestion. Vaping does have some unique pros and cons. For example, CBD vape is more likely to cause lung inflammation.

Below Are Some Possible Side Effects of CBD Vape

We repeat once again that CBD is safe when used responsibly. It rarely causes any side effects. Nonetheless, the risks are worth knowing, even if they are minimal.

Lung Disease

Vaping too much or using poor-quality vapes or e-liquids can cause lung inflammation. Vaping poor-quality products might even damage the lungs, causing E-cigarette or Vaping Use-Associated Lung Injury (EVALI). EVALI is a severe health condition.

However, to date, only a few cases of EVALI have been reported in the UK. It means that this condition, though severe, is quite rare. Studies in the US show that these lung issues do not occur due to CBD. Instead, EVALI occurs due to contaminants and certain synthetic flavours. Additionally, vitamin E is also known to cause EVALI.[3]

Since now science knows much about this severe ailment, this has helped reduce its risk. All high-quality CBD vape pens in the UK are tested by labs to ensure they are free of harmful contaminants. Therefore, always choose high-quality CBD vapes to stay safe.

Dry Mouth & Dizziness

Such issues are not rare and may occur for many reasons. However, the most common cause is individual sensitivities. Therefore, it is always a good idea to start CBD vaping slowly. Additionally, start CBD vaping with cannabidiol powders. Avoid broad-spectrum or full-spectrum CBD vape pens if you are a beginner they also can use Vape Pen With Refillable Cartridge.

One can do a few other things to minimize the risk of such effects. It is a good idea to keep oneself hydrated. If you experience dizziness, reduce vaping.

Diarrhoea, Nausea, & Gut Health Issues

There are few online reports mentioning that CBD vape may cause diarrhoea and other gut problems. However, it is worth noticing that such issues only occur at extremely high CBD dosages.

For example, in clinical studies of the drug Epidyolex (drug containing CBD), researchers found that diarrhoea was only likely to occur after a single dose of 6000 mg or more. However, when vaping, overdosing in such a way is not possible. For example, most disposable vape pens contain 500 mg (600 puffs) to 2000 mg (3000 puffs). Moreover, when vaping, e-liquids do not enter the gut.[2]

Thus, these side effects will only likely occur after ingesting mega CBD dosages. Such side effects are least likely to occur due to CBD vaping.

Low Blood Pressure

CBD is known to cause a decline in blood pressure. However, any such reduction is mild, and thus, it is not likely to cause any health issues. Moreover, one-third of adults live with high blood pressure these days. It means that for some people, this effect may be desirable.

Nonetheless, if you are taking medications to lower blood pressure, it is worth knowing that CBD vaping may also cause a drop in blood pressure, light-headedness, and some other issues.

Psychiatric Effects

Although CBD vaping does not cause high, it does have different effects on the working of the brain. It helps people relax, lowers anxiety, and more. However, this also means that it may cause mood changes in some people. Such issues are more likely to occur in those taking medications or sensitive to CBD. Further, studies show that such effects are more likely to occur in those with mental health issues.

Appetite Changes

CBD vape is good for metabolic health and does not cause obesity. However, its impact on appetite is quite unpredictable. Many people report appetite changes after CBD vaping. CBD vape may cause an increase in appetite in some individuals and may suppress appetite in others.


It is an uncommon issue, yet a possibility. Some people are prone to headaches. However, the chances of headaches with CBD vape are slim, but still possible in some rare instances.


CBD has a relaxing effect. Therefore, some people may experience it as fatigue. Such effects are more likely to occur on significant overdosing, or beginners might experience such issues.

If you are a beginner and experience this issue, it is not a cause of worry. Remember to increase CBD vaping slowly, and remember that your body will get used to it over time.

Allergic Reactions

Again, this is one of the infrequent problems. Here, it is vital to understand that CBD is not likely to cause allergic reactions. However, CBD vape also has other ingredients, terpenes, flavours, and other minor natural compounds.

The Bottom Line

It's essential to start with a low dose of CBD when vaping and gradually increase it to find the right dosage for your needs while minimizing the risk of side effects. Though CBD vaping does not cause many side effects, it is good to know about all Pros and Cons of Vaping.

Additionally, consult with a healthcare professional before using CBD, especially if you have any underlying health conditions or are taking other medications. Be cautious about the quality and source of CBD products to ensure you are using a safe and reliable product.


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