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How To Use CBD As a Muscle Relaxer

Key Takeaways

  • CBD is known to lower pain sensation, and it also helps manage stress and spasms.
  • One may use CBD balm topically, or CBD oil to help deal with stress and spasms.

There are many scenarios when one would like to use CBD oil as a muscle relaxant. Muscle spasms are present in most musculoskeletal pains. Thus, muscle spasms are present in low back pain, sports injuries, arthritis, and various other pains.

As a doctor, we often need to prescribe muscle relaxants with painkillers for musculoskeletal pain. However, these drugs also pose health risks, so we doctors are careful not to prescribe them too often. However, natural remedies may be a good option for many.

In many cases, painkillers just fail to help. Painkillers reduce pain sensation, but they are not good for relieving muscle spasms. Continued muscle spasm causes pain, and it may make things worse.

In fact, many pains start with muscle spasms. For example, it is now known that low back pain is more likely to occur in those living with anxiety or depression—emotional distress results in muscle contraction, causing pain and spasms.

Similarly, in arthritis, there is a local inflammation. However, in response to local inflammation, muscles become stiff. This results in reduced joint motion and continued distress. It means that taking something that reduces pain, inflammation, and spasms is essential when living with joint pain.

Muscle spasms are especially bad in certain sportspeople. Strains and strains cause muscle damage and increase muscle tension. Injured muscles cannot relax; thus, they are slow to recover and become a constant pain source.

Reducing Spasm – Using Muscle Relaxants

So, to reduce muscular aches, it is vital to counter muscle strain or spasms. This is important in a wide number of conditions.

One of the ways to reduce muscle spasms is using physiotherapy. Massage, stretching and exercise therapy may help improve blood flow and reduce muscle spasms. However, most people may benefit from using other ways of muscle relaxation.

One of the ways is using medications. However, many muscle pains tend to be chronic, and medications might cause many side effects. Therefore, it is always good to use natural remedies and physiotherapy to reduce muscle spasms.

Can CBD help relax muscles?

Yes, it can definitely help in more than one way. One of the most significant reasons for muscle tension is anxiety and stress. CBD is known to help counter anxiety and reduce stress. It helps relax nerves and the body. Thus, it is quite suitable for reducing spastic pains.(1)

Yet another way in which CBD may help is by enhancing sleep quality. Sleep is the best medicine when living with muscle strains and spasms. Sleep helps relax, and it also promotes tissue regeneration.

However, most importantly, studies show that CBD can directly help with muscle spasticity. This is related to certain CBD effects on the brain. For example, CBD is even approved as a medication for reducing muscle spasticity in those living with multiple sclerosis.(2) CBD is especially good when muscle spasms are due to nerve damage or specific brain changes.

Finally, CBD can also help reduce muscle spasms by reducing inflammation. Inflammation irritates muscles in conditions like arthritis, causing spasms of surrounding muscles. However, CBD can help reduce inflammation.

I would say that it is safe for use along with other measures and even commonly used painkillers. Since it is a Novel Food and not a medication, it is mild and helpful to many.

The Bottom Line

When experiencing muscle spasticity, it is a good idea to use CBD. One may consider using CBD muscle balm. Those who do not like using balm might also consider CBD vape pens, though it is not a very healthy option.

CBD oil is the right choice for workout-related body aches. CBD for workout may help in many ways.

When sports people use CBD, they might even see improved performance. How does CBD improve workout performance? Well, in more than one way. It helps reduce stress and inflammation and enhances recovery. It may help reduce workout-related pains. Thus, ultimately, it may help train better.

CBD is a good choice as a muscle relaxer. It can help counter muscle spasticity for various reasons, such as reducing muscular pains.


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