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Is CBD Vaping Better Than Nicotine

Native Americans have been smoking tobacco for thousands of years. The Discovery of America resulted in the spread of tobacco smoking to the rest of the world.[1] It quickly became popular all over the world. Humans have also smoked weed for a long. So, is CBD vape pens better than nicotine vapes?

By the 20th century, science started realising that tobacco’s mind-altering effects were due to its content of nicotine. Further, science realised that tobacco smoke has many toxins and causes lung cancer and many other ailments. Thus, health experts started recommending to quit smoking. Nicotine free vaping is one of the good and healthier ways to quit smoking. Studies show that nicotine vaping is better than chewables to quit smoking.[2]

Although nicotine vaping is quite safe, it is not entirely safe. It still has many adverse effects.

Similarly, smoking weed/marijuana/cannabis is quite harmful – it’s an activity that is still largely illegal, except in a few nations where recreational cannabis use is legal. However, CBD, though extracted from cannabis, is quite a different thing. It is safe, does not cause euphoria, and has many health benefits. Thus, CBD vaping is popular and legal in the UK, the US, and most EU nations.

CBD Vape vs. Nicotine Vape

There is little doubt that CBD is a much safer thing compared to nicotine. CBD has many health benefits and some mild to moderate side effects. Therefore, it is now regarded as Novel Food in the UK.

Nicotine, on the other hand, is quite different. It is vital to understand that there is practically no health benefit of nicotine, and it causes numerous side effects. It considerably reduces lifespan and may cause severe ailments.

It is vital to realize that nicotine is not just about lung cancer. Nicotine is a cancerogenic substance even when ingested. It promotes the growth of gastrointestinal cancers, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, and other cancer types.[3]

The list of nicotine’s toxic effects does not end here. It is known to harm blood vessels and cause peripheral vascular disease and peripheral ulcers. It considerably increases the risk of heart attack and stroke. Nicotine causes numerous respiratory problems, increasing the risk of COPD, bronchitis, and even asthma. It causes gastric ulcers and heartburn. It is known to suppress immunity. Nicotine is significantly bad for kidney health and can also harm the reproductive system, and the list goes on. In short, nicotine is a very toxic substance.[3]

However, nicotine vaping is still much safer than tobacco smoking. Tobacco smoke produces numerous toxins.

CBD, on the other hand, is quite a beneficial and safe compound. It is proven to help overcome pain, depression, and anxiety and even help enhance the feeling of well-being. There are even CBD-based medications for treating resistant epilepsy in children.[4,5]

Of course, there are some ill effects of CBD, too. CBD causes a decline in blood pressure and is bad for hormonal health. It may even cause gastrointestinal distress. However, it is worth noticing that none of these side effects occur at commonly consumed or vaped dosages. These effects occur at much higher dosages, like a few thousand milligrams. Hence, it would be correct to say that CBD’s adverse effects are considerably exaggerated.[6]

Is CBD Vaping Better than Nicotine

Yes, definitely. There is no doubt that CBD vaping is better than nicotine. Nicotine has no known health benefits, and CBD has many beneficial health effects. Not only that, CBD vape juices contain CBD in small amounts, which is quite safe and Vape smell much less. CBD causes side effects at much higher dosages than usually present in vaping juices.

Many health organizations indeed recommend nicotine vaping instead of tobacco smoking. However, that recommendation is based on the simple logic that if one has to choose between the two, one should go forward with a safer option.

Therefore, if someone smokes tobacco, they better switch to nicotine vaping.
However, using the above logic, it is also correct to suggest that if you vape nicotine, then you better switch to CBD vaping.

It is important to understand that nicotine vaping is still harmful. Hence, it is not a good idea to continue nicotine vaping for long.

It is true that there are some reports of lung disorders related to vaping, but that is applicable to both nicotine and CBD vaping. New studies show that those issues were not associated with nicotine or CBD but rather were due to some contaminants, additives, and flavours.[7]

Modern nicotine and CBD vapes are indeed much safer than they used to be a few years back. Nowadays, vaping-related lung disorders are rarely reported.

The Bottom Line

So, it is vital to understand that vaping is quite a safe activity. Any vaping may cause some lung inflammation. However, severe lung disease is rare and more likely to occur due to additives and impurities present in poor-quality vaping e-juices.

When comparing nicotine and CBD vaping, CBD vapes are much safer than nicotine vapes. Nicotine vaping is one of the effective ways to give up tobacco smoking. However, this does not mean that nicotine vaping is safe. Nicotine is quite harmful to health, even in low dosages.

CBD, on the other hand, is proven to have numerous beneficial health effects. It is particularly good for reducing stress and anxiety, enhancing sleep quality, CBD Give you energy and lowering inflammation. Of course, people do not essentially vape for its health benefits. Nonetheless, it is worth knowing that the benefits of CBD vaping are many.

Thus, the recommendation is simple. If you do not vape, then you better not start, as any kind of vaping is bad for lung health. However, if one has to choose between CBD vaping and nicotine, then CBD vaping is a relatively healthier option.


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