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Can You Fly With A CBD Pen?

When we ask can you fly with a CBD pen vape, there are two things to understand. First are the legal norms related to electronic devices – as the vape pen is a kind of electronic device. Second are the laws regarding CBD and cannabis at large. Therefore, much would also depend on where you are travelling, is the flight domestic or international.

Flying With A CBD Pen – Laws Regarding Vape Pen

First, you must understand that a vape pen is a battery-operated electronic device. It means that even if the pen is empty, there are still some rules and regulations to follow when transporting these devices.

Most transportation safety regulations, whether local, UK or international, do not allow carrying battery-operated devices in check-in luggage due to a risk of explosion. Therefore, always carry a vape pen in carry-on luggage.

So, How to make CBD oil and, can I take disposable vape in hand luggage? Yes, you should always carry it in hand luggage. It is the best way to travel with CBD pen [1].

Secondly, it is vital to understand that all the rules regarding smoking are also applicable to vaping, especially when flying. It means that vaping is prohibited in public spaces at airports and is not allowed in aeroplanes. One can only vape at specially dedicated spaces or smoking areas at airports.

Needless to say, do not vape even in the aeroplane toilet, as they are equipped with smoking alarms that might be initiated even with vapes.

Flying With A CBD Pen – Law Regarding CBD Products

Understanding this second part of the law is more challenging. CBD products legally bought in the UK, like that from CBD Oil King, are legal to carry or fly within the UK. So, if you are taking a domestic flight, there would not be any issues. Moreover, airport security staff is now becoming increasingly aware of regulations regarding CBD.

However, if you are travelling internationally, things might be much more complicated. Much would also depend on the laws and regulations in the country of destination. Please keep in mind that CBD is not legal in all nations. We recommend learning more about the local laws in the land of destination before flying with a CBD vape.

Remember that things are not as easy as they may sound. For example, Japan regards all CBD products as cannabis extracts. Similarly, if you are travelling to the Middle East, you better avoid flying with a CBD. In some of these nations, it may result in imprisonment for several years, if a person is found possessing CBD vape pen [2].

CBD is legal in the US. However, knowing about the local laws in the destination state is still a good idea. Rules in the US are quite complicated, and attitudes towards CBD differ between states.

As already said, always learn about the local laws when travelling. For example, CBD is legal in the EU. However, not all EU member states have implemented those laws. Laws especially differ among EU states regarding THC content [3]. Therefore, it would be safer to fly with a THC-free vape.

We recommend greater caution when travelling to Asian nations. As in some countries, punishment for possessing cannabis extracts like CBD can be pretty harsh. So, study laws at the destination port well before flying with CBD.

The Bottom Line

Can I bring a CBD vape pen on an airplane. Yes, you can fly with CBD, but with multiple limitations. If you are flying with a CBD pen in the UK, and the pen was legally bought in the UK, it is legal and allowed. However, it is mandatory to carry battery-operated devices in carry-on luggage.

However, if you are flying to other parts of the world, do your research. Avoid travelling with a CBD pen to places outside the EU zone and the US (like Japan, South Asia, the Middle East, and so on). Remember that even within the EU zone, laws regarding THC content vary, so practice some caution and better avoid flying with full spectrum CBD pen. Instead, consider CBD isolate-based products.

Finally, a disclaimer- CBD distillate for vape or CBD pens laws are changing fast. Therefore, this article must not be regarded as legal advice. Hence, ensuring personal safety and complying with the laws/rules & regulations is the sole responsibility of the person.


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